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How To Use Hardware and Software Reverb

How To Use Hardware and Software Reverb

If you are into home recording or music production, you know what Reverb is. You don’t need me to tell you, nor can ANYONE tell you some specific setting that will make your music sound better. While their are guidelines, and being educated about the different types to understand their uses in a traditional sense WILL help you develop a frame of reference and allow you to be more creative.

From state of art Convolution Reverb plugins with high quality impulses that can very accurately MODEL some of the most sonically amazing acoustic spaces on the planet, to the familiar metallic-reflective sound of the tried and true Plate Reverb, to the vintage classic-and guitarists often favored Spring Reverb, the fact is they are a GREAT tool to have in your arsenal of effects to enhance and spice up your music. Now, if using Reverb as an audio effect is new and unfamiliar to you, or you could use a touch up, here are some of the best articles i’ve found online on How To Use Hardware and Software Reverb. *No sense in rewriting something that someone else already contributed. b/

Now, as you know, or will soon find out, actually tinkering with the knobs and is the best way to find the perfect setting, as it’s all relative.


What kind of Reverb do you find yourself using most often, and why?

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How To Use Hardware and Software Reverb  
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