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Internet Article Marketing – Not Just For Geeks

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Is Internet Article Marketing Just for Pen Pushing Geeks Who Like to Write on the Editorial Page? Internet article marketing is an eye-catching niche where any piece of writing with targeted keywords is posted on a variety of online directories or websites. Blogging has especially been adopted as a way to get massive exposure on the internet. This strategy of marketing is now emerging as a prominent and powerful promotional tool when compared to other promotional media. Internet Article Marketing and Keywords Keywords are the most decisive factor as to whether success or failure is the destination of an internet marketing business. A marketer must select those keywords that will work for their business and choose keywords on purpose, rather than taking a shot in the dark and hoping for a good outcome. The keywords should be “user friendly” even for a beginner so the use of contextual citations is a good strategy to use in order to explain your niche’s specific terms on your article page and not lose the reader because they don’t understand specific industry terminology; for instance terms like, “contextual citations”. To market a written piece in the most productive possible way, the use of relevant keywords are vital because it not only eases the work of online visitors but also improves the visibility of the site across the internet. For those who are totally new to internet article marketing, it is


advisable to avoid the promotion of their website through duplicate or copied content without giving credit. Copying texts for your piece from other sources without disclosing the appropriate acknowledgements, is a cheap cyber crime that may ruin your business reputation.

Be Original and Get Promoted In online marketing, the article content should be high quality, give value to the reader at whatever level your writing for and must be

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original and plagiarism free. Original content is just easier to syndicate and the result will be a successful promotion campaign. It’s vital to write every day in order to progress towards weekly or monthly marketing goals. For the better promotion of an article, it must be posted or submitted to highly regarded online content directories. Authority article directories are always teeming with massive amounts of traffic and there’s no shortage of publishers on the authority sites looking for quality content that’s relevant to their “niche site”. There stands a good chance your article will be selected to be published on other sites providing you’ve written quality content and done proper keyword research. You can also seek the door of some social networking groups and forums in order to give your articles exposure. Sharing written content leads to an increase in number of viewers and helps the marketer to take advantage of attention on social media platforms. This advertising strategy results in the creation of additional links, which can be easily inserted into high traffic websites.

Seek the Search Engines You also can create inbound links and promote content through the search engines in order to improve the search engine results of your written piece. Awareness towards a particular brand and making it easy for people to find, is the success of any online business. Internet article marketing via the search engines becomes easy with promoting informative written pieces.


The author resource box is also an essential component in internet article marketing and needs to be created with interesting and helpful information. This will be at the bottom of the article and is reserved for the author to tell readers who they are and what their resources, products and services are all about. Give a call to action so an interested reader can get more information about the subject and provide links to the content rich pages. Internet article marketing is a money generating profession. It’s not a totally “free” strategy though. In the cases where someone may want to distribute articles for enjoyment, there’s virtually no cost involved but most, if not all, of the processes will have to be done by hand. If your intent is to improve your monthly income then a modest investment will have to made to automate a lot of the process to ensure success with internet article marketing. -Jamie LeBlanc -”Gone Jobless”

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Internet Article Marketing

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Internet Article Marketing – Not Just For Geeks  
Internet Article Marketing – Not Just For Geeks