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How to Sell Anything How to sell anything There really is a blueprint that is used in marketing that will give you the ability to sell anything. In fact the formula that I’m about to uncover for you is so simple, you’ll convince yourself you thought of it on your own by the time your done reading this article! That’s okay! Because if the truth be known the secret information I’m going to reveal is something that I learned and now I’m passing on to you. How to sell anything is quite simple, once you understand the steps that all the top income earners use. It doesn’t matter what product is being sold because the formula never changes. If you stick to the agenda and do exactly what the best online marketers have done to produce six figure monthly incomes, you’ll know “how to sell anything”!

The first step of this formula is critical If you overlook this step you’ll be finished before you even get started! You may be able to assemble a group of people to present your business to but they won’t necessarily be listening to the information no matter how well it’s presented. About 8 years ago when I was, for the first time, introduced to network marketing I was so caught up in my busy life, that my complete focus was on my daily routine. I recall looking at a juice company and thinking “yeah, this is interesting but”. Honestly, I don’t know all the reasons why I didn’t get involved because I was hungry for a better way to make money. One thing I know for sure, I was stuck in my life and I was resistant to listening to a solution to my cash flow problems. I believe many good people suffer from what I refer to as being “stuck in a stare”!


Getting “stuck in a stare” is something we’ve all experienced Think about the last time you were driving your car. At some point during the drive, more than likely, your mind wandered and you weren’t totally aware of everything that was going on around you, am I right? I know for a fact that you’ve had this happen to you! Right now you’re probably thinking about that time you went from point A to point B without remembering how you got there, scary isn’t it! You were on autopilot, you were stuck in a stare. This is a common occurrence when you’re driving your vehicle. By mounting flashing lights on passenger vehicles, manufacturers have come up with an ingenuous way to “break attention” and “snap” drivers out of their stares.

Think about it Why do emergency vehicles have flashing lights on the top, sides and along with an ear piercing siren? Also passenger vehicles have flashing signal lights, hazard lights, brake lights and a loud horn! These are all designed to effectively “snap” drivers out of their “stares” and pay attention to what’s going on around them!

This is not unlike the challenge that we have in marketing People are distracted by their busy lives. Hundreds, maybe even thousands of marketing messages are thrown at people every day and to a large degree they resist the urge to buy. So how do you sell something to a person who is constantly deleting marketing messages from their brains? How do you get someone to stop, look and listen to your message and buy stuff from you? In order to know how to sell anything it’s imperative that you learn how to “break- attention” with your audience and get them to focus on what your presenting. I promise you, that if you apply this critical first step and do it right, you can put more money into


your bank account and help other people do the same thing.

-Jamie LeBlanc “Jobless Marketer”

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How to Sell Anything

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How to Sell Anything  
How to Sell Anything