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Campus & Community Involvement

TIMING * FUNDING * WORKSHEET * LOCATION * PROMOTION A guide for programming at Trinity University, published by Campus & Community Involvement. CCI is your resource for campus programming! Contact us at x7547 for assistance.

TIMING First, decide how big your program will be (small, large-scale, or campus wide). Then

step through the planning phases in the appropriate column. Each phase corresponds to decisions and actions on the worksheet inside. For example, for a $7,000 campus-wide program, you’ll probably need to start your long-range planning at least three months in advance.


Campus Wide Event (150+ people)

Large Event (~75 people)

Small Program (~30 people)

1. Begin Long-Range

Three months before

Two months before

One month before

Two months before

One month before

Two weeks before

Week before the event

Week of the event

Two days before

Within one week

Within two days

Next day

2. Mid-Range 3. Short-Range 4. Wrap-Up


Some resources to consider: ELIGIBILITY




Student Government (ASR)

Any student, group of Any amount. students, or student organization

Other Units

University Departments (e.g. Athletics, Admissions, Career Services, etc.) Student Organizations (e.g. TDC, TUVAC, SPB, Greek Council, Ambassadors, etc.)

Organizational Options

Fundraising Ideas, Membership Dues, Dine Donations, etc.

Must benefit the student population at large. Anything funded by ASR must follow University rules & regulations.

Note: This chart is provided for information purposes only. Organizations/Departments set their own policies.

Processing begins by submitting a funding request to ASR. Funding requests are available on the ASR website.

Post for your organization and fill it in as you go:

PROMOTION (see chart on reverse)  Trinitonian Ads (x8555)  Deliver 80 fliers to Res. Life in the Witt Center

CONTRACTS  Look carefully at the riders (the extra requirements on the contract).  Are co-sponsorships settled? Who gets first-billing?  Allow time for the necessary paperwork for payment—at least ten days.  Must be signed by University official if it includes any University funds.

(Be careful! Don’t commit until you are sure!)  Contact the agent in consultation with CCI staff.  Ask about dates and travel options.  Does the agent have promo materials? Restrictions? (posters, press release, etc.)


LOCATION (see chart on reverse)  Consider projected attendance based on other similar programs.  Think about atmosphere and decorations.  Make the T-Space reservation. See tips on reverse.  Are sound and computer/projector built in, or will you need to request?

(Give yourself enough time! See timing chart on reverse.)  Check the campus calendar (T-Space).  Consider what is happening in San Antonio at the time.


BUDGET  Develop your budget.  Consider co-sponsoring. Save money and increase attendance!  Don’t forget hidden costs: sound, refreshments, background checks, etc.  Consider funding sources (see chart on reverse). Remember deadlines!  Do you need an on-campus organization account?

RESEARCH  What programs are other schools finding success with?  Check-out the performers’ promotional DVDs.  Will the performer be in our area anyway?

NEEDS ASSESSMENT  What type of program would our constituents enjoy?  Is this event similar to others that already occur?



L O N G — R A N G E





ORGANIZATION(S): _____________________ EVENT: ___________________ DATE: _________ TIME: _______


setup. Discuss setup / tear down. Use volunteers to cut costs. Assign a volunteer to be the stage manager for the day of the event. Determine volunteer responsibilities and schedule. Transportation—Airline? Car rental? TUPD? Student volunteers? Begin to draft a minute-by-minute schedule for the day.

FOLLOW UP  Send thank you’s to performers, volunteers, sponsors, advisors, etc.  Process the receipts. (Submit to ASR if necessary.)  File everything for future use!  Evaluate the program. Save and report the data.  Begin to plan your next event!

THE BIG DAY  Pick up cashbox / TigerBucks machine.  Start on time! Be professional!  Begin to collect data for your evaluation. Attendance? Reactions?  Have fun and enjoy the show!  Deposit money in the business office.

CONFIRMATION  Outline event timeline and determine who will speak if necessary.  Finalize minute by minute schedule.  Determine speakers and script if necessary.  Make final arrangements for payment.  Call to confirm: facility, hotel, transportation, catering, security, etc.

CASH BOX  Request cash box from CCI.  Will you need cash for change?  Arrange for storage and security of the money.  Reserve TigerBucks machine (org. acct. # required)

SPECIAL ARRANGEMENTS  Security, Trinity University Police Department (x7070)  Will alcohol be present at your event? See Risk Management section .

EVENT VOLUNTEERS  Assign a volunteer coordinator and recruit reliable help.  Hold a pre-event meeting to set expectations, go over schedules, etc.

FOOD  On campus events may only be catered by ARAMARK.  Special considerations: food allergies, vegetarian options, etc.  Call ARAMARK to place an order (x8416).

   



LOGISTICS  Meet with the facility manager if in Laurie Auditorium. Diagram the room

 For a printed banner for Coates or Mabee, email file to  Door prizes, T-shirts, special ‘sneak preview’ events? Be creative!  Don’t forget to give your sponsor/umbrella organization credit.



All spaces are available for reservation on T-Space at


Choose among the many on-campus venues for your event:

Note: The capacities listed are estimates that vary according to the set-up; NR: Not Reservable

T-SPACE TIPS     

dent organizations can post flyers on tack strips surrounding the calendar. STUDENT-RUN CAMPUS MEDIA: Complete a Request for Media Coverage station, KRTU, has a large off-campus listening audience.

66 30 30 100 32 8 200 ~60 99 2700 100+ 182 35 40 30 30 50+ 30 25 80 30-60 50 39-50

TRINITONIAN ADVERTISING: Contact or 999-8555 for rates and to reserve ad space. TIGERTV: Free video messaging. TU LEADERTALK: Join the listserv of student leaders of student orgs. Subscribe by emailing “” LOCAL MEDIA: If the general public is invited to an event, consider contacting local TV stations, radio stations, the Express-News or the Current. LEEROY: Distributed by the Office of University Communications via email. Electronic submission forms are available via Tiger’s Lair (Trinity Forms> “Submit an Event to LeeRoy”) or by clicking on the submission link in any LeeRoy issue. BANNER PRINTER: In Coates University Center, Suite 122 a digital banner machine is available for student organization special events. See Student Organization Handbook for details. HANG BANNERS: Banners can be placed on the railing of the second floor of Mabee and in the main lobby of CUC. Student organizations are responsible for removing outdated banners. CAMPUS MAILBOXES & U.S. POSTAL SERVICES: While the Mail Center does not distribute flyers to student mailboxes they can help with U.S. Postal Service mailings. Call 999-7220 or go to the Mail Center for more information. BE ON TV: The CUC broadcasts announcements on the TV above the Info Desk. Design a PowerPoint slide and email it to 3 business days prior to the desired post date.

Outdoor Heidi Lawn Esplanade McClean Roof Coates Plaza Murchison Tower Courtyard Miller Fountain Storch Courtyard Ruth Taylor Courtyard Upper Campus Jogging Trail Magic Stones

Events are considered for posting on a first-come, first-serve basis. Stu-

(form online) and submit to selected student media. Trinity’s jazz music

Indoor Waxahachie Woodlawn Tehuacana Skyline* Underwood* Lennox Fiesta Room Tiger’s Den NH040 Laurie Great Hall Chapman Auditorium Lightner Tea Room Heidi Lounge Prassel Game Room Prassel Atrium Parker Reception Hall/Room Witt Center 106 (classroom) Witt Center 200 (couches) Holt Center Dining Room Holt Center rooms Holt Center Lawn Bell Center (classrooms)

Here’s where and how (be creative!):

100 150 90 35 30 30 NR 35 NR 25

BULLETIN BOARDS AND CAMPUS KIOSKS: Review the University Posting and Promotions Policy for information about on-campus bulletin boards and kiosks. SOCIAL MEDIA: Don’t forget to promote with Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, blogging, etc.


Traveling? Complete online travel form, send list of participants to, and have participants sign release agreement.


Having alcohol at your event? Complete an Alcohol Use Permit and contact CCI to set up an appointment at least 5 class days in advance (10 days if on campus).


More info online in Student Organization Handbook.

Submit your T-SPACE Room/Event Request 7-10 class days prior to the event Always select student organization in both the TYPE & ORGANIZATION fields on T-Space. Not doing so will cause confirmation delays. Check out the T-SPACE ‘location’ tab first! This lets you review room features, as well as locations that are already booked. Include what you want/need for a successful event in the comments section (trash cans, electrical needs, special set-up). CLT (AT&T Center for Learning & Technology) requires consultation for use of some electronic equipment; organizations must pick up equipment for use after-hours.

NOTE: Some University events may have priority for facilities and equipment.

The Event: Program Planning Guide  

This guide will help your student organization effectively plan for an event.

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