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I have taken virtual environment as one of my environment course. This subject got me to start developing ideas through 3D computer modelling. First I had to make a muck-up model with clay and bringing that clay model photos to Google SketchUp to develop into 3D model. This process was very interesting for me, how physical model can be re-formed in complex 3D modelling, Furthermore made into real size physical model with paper by unfolding 3D model. This was my first experience on computational design.

“We should work for simple, good, undecorated things, but things which are in harmony with the human being and organically suited to the little man in the street.” Alvar Aalto

My concept of the design was “fluid wind” where I have gained this idea from combining both movement of water and wind. Then I used cloth to put over that ribs that I have created a form which i was satisfied with. Then this from became my initial design of the whole project, which i developed this into physical clay model then sketchup model, which then became ac-



State of Art Project

D avid Fisher

Rotating Tower

A ndo Tadao

Church of the Light

Church of the light is one of my favourite architecture building by Ando Tadao. He uses the light as a one of the key element for his architecture which he uses to dontrast between light and solid. he often uses concrete as main material. This architecture radically rethinks the ideas of light and its material. just by its lighting contrast inside the building creates enormous different feels. His architecture isn’t very dynamic, but it does blend well with its environments around and it works as functional architecture, which in this case, Church of the Light has made people rethink, how natural lighting can drastically affect felling of the space.

This building is called Rotating Tower: it was name as “Rotating” tower because every single floor would be capable of rotating around a central axis, it will be continually in motion. it also prvide residents choose the views that they want to see. apparently the architect has said this building is highly resistive to earthquake due to each floor rotating independently. interestingly independent movements of each floor could create many different ways to look at this building, sometimes it would look unorganised, other times it turns into flowing sculture looking structure. this building is also very sustainable that, it will be powered entirely by sun and wind energy.

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