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The Mona Vie acai juice is one of the most controversial brands of acai berry supplements to date. It has been the subject of criticism because of the issues that surround the Mona Vie company as well as the way that it is being marketed. Furthermore, you will not usually find Mona vie acai juice on the shelves of local grocery stores because like the Amway and Avon products because it is sold only by registered members of the company. Mona Vie acai juice products have a distinct appearance. Unlike other acai juice products which are usually sold in plastic packages, these juice drinks are sold in dark wine bottles which adds a certain "class" to their products. Together with that image comes a very classy price ranging from around 40 dollars per bottle. But why are these acai juice drinks so popular even with an expensive range of prices? It is because the fruit where these juices were derived from is an exotic fruit which can only be found in the jungles of Central and South America. This is why most of the food supplement companies justify their price ranges with the rich amounts of nutrients that this fruit offers which includes high amounts of antioxidants, essential fatty acids,dietary fiber, amino acids, and trace amounts of vitamins and minerals. The different nutrient content of the said fruit offer a range of health benefits such as the maintenance of body cells, regulation of metabolic processes, regulation of blood cholesterol and insulin levels, increased energy, and an increased source of high density lipoproteins or the "good cholesterol". With all these health benefits, many people are willing to pay the hefty prices just to avail of the advantages. But whether the prices are justified or not, smart consumers should know when they are getting their money's worth.

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==== ==== Diet & Nutrition!!!! ==== ====

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