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Acai (spoken: ah-sigh-ee) is a power fruit found in the Amazon Rainforest. Also known as one of the worlds super foods, Acai contains the highest amount of antioxidants of any fruit that is readily available. It grows on the Acai Palm and is a berry shaped fruit that grows in clusters similar to grapes. While it may seem to be a new hot fad, acai juice has proven to be beneficial in many ways. It's biggest claim is that it promotes circulation in the body, giving the users increased energy and a reduction in inflammation, therefore decreasing joint, muscle, and bone pain. There have been many other claims pronouncing the products abilities to cleanse and detoxify, promotion of healthy vision, skin, weight maintenance and loss, abilities to improve sexual function and lower cholesterol levels, possibility of fighting off free radicals and combat premature aging, along with many other claims. The Acai Drink appears at first sight to be a cure all, truly amazing product, but with all products that get popular quickly, you get the scammers that want to just cash in. Acai is proven to be truly beneficial, however, not if it has not been obtained and is not distributed properly, which is to distribute acai juice in its purest form, liquid. Acai juice that has been dried into a powder and diluted heavily with water is not even close to being as nutritious as true and pure acai juice. While it is hard to determine the difference if you have never before taken it, it should be a thick liquid, not watery. When looking to buy it, if their advertising 100 percent acai, buyer beware, these companies can claim that it is 100 percent , because there is no other product in their juice. That in no way means that it is in a pure form, which is the most beneficial.

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==== ==== Diet & Nutrition!!!! ==== ====

Is Acai Juice Really Beneficial