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Digital cameras allow a user to experiment freely with a whole lot of features. They use memory cards, thus a user wastes less time in changing the film of the camera etc. The main advantage is the fact that a lot of images can be stored on them. More image storage means more images can be lost!! Accidental deletion could leave a person heartbroken and wishing that he/she never used a digicam in the first place!!! Where technology gives us a curse, it also gives a boon: use an image recovery software to recover lost photos. Just imagine, you just bought a new Canon 50D, you then click photos of your loved ones on a special occasion. When you try to load the pictures on your computer, you get a message saying your card is empty!!! You would be scandalized at this point, not to forget how confusing it can be when you know you have taken tons of photos and not 1 is on the card! One reason for this could have been that, unknown to you, the camera was in the "Shoot Without a Card" Mode. When they were first launched, these cameras needed a memory card to even be tested. Canon came out with a solution to this funny problem-Shoot Without a Card" Mode. With canon cameras you can now test the camera without a memory card inserted. This means you can shoot pictures just as you would with a card and then view them just like it would with the card inserted. So after reading that anyone would think, "great so I don't need to buy a memory card for my camera right??" Wrong!! The camera does all it's other functions normally in this mode, except one-saving your pictures!!! The problem is not with which pictures are being saved and which aren't, the problem is that no pictures get saved and added to it is the fact that most users are not even aware of why this happens. The other reason for this problem is that, there may have been some problem in the connection between the card and the computer. In this case, instead of straightaway losing hope, try using an image recovery software and recover lost photos. The software scans the card and salvages all the photos on it. Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery is an example of the above type of software. It is available in two versions, Full and Trial. You can use the trial to check which deleted photos can be recovered and then the full version to actually recover them. The software supports JPEG, GIF, TIFF, AVI etc file formats.

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==== ==== Best Sellers in Cameras!!!! ==== ====

How to Recover Lost Images From Canon Cameras