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If you have searched for an online business at all, you came across some of the thousands of affiliate programs available to you.  What are affiliate programs?  How do they work?  Can you really make money with them?  These are three of the most asked questions about affiliate programs, and here are some simple answers to them. What are affiliate programs? Affiliate programs are partnerships between someone with a product to sell to a customer he doesn't have, and someone looking to sell a product he doesn't have to a customer he does have.  The classic example of this is Amazon.  Although everyone has heard of Amazon, they still cannot reach everyone from their own website.  You sign up as an affiliate with them, put their link on your web page, email, newsletter, etc., and when someone gets to Amazon through one of these links, you will get a percentage of what the person buys.  You can find affiliate programs for almost any niche or product out there.  It even has gone second generation, so to speak, in that you can even become an affiliate of a program that promotes affiliate links.  The advantage to you is that you don't have to make your own product to sell.  You don't even have to handle it.  You point someone to it, and if they buy it, the seller pays you a commission.  How do they work? Affiliate programs can either be handled through the company who has the product, or through a third party such as Clickbank.  When you sign up as an affiliate, you will get some kind of ID or user name to attach to where the product is located.  If, for instance, you sign up as an affiliate with "Joe Blow's Best Website Builder And Hosting Company," and are given the ID of 2381774, you might end up with a link to promote that looks something like [].  Not the easiest thing to promote, as you certainly can't just tell someone to go there to see this great product.  However, when you do get someone to [] and they purchase the $179 package, you will generally have made around $80.  (Note:  if you are going to promote affiliate programs at all, you would do well to go to a place like ViralURL to get a link shortener. Your long URL might then look like Can I make money with them? Yes, if you work at it.  There are no programs out there where you just sign up and start raking in the money.  (Some sites will claim they can do that, but think about it for a second. )  A strategy that has worked well for me is to make a site that is a resource site for people building online businesses.  Instead of trying to promote one product or service with each

URL, I put them on one site and then link to the affiliate sites.  Even for a very beginner, this can create several small streams of income, which in time will turn into significant streams.  Overall, affiliate programs are an easy way to turn on the money spout.  However, there is one big word of caution.  Do not let yourself get involved in too many too quickly.  The result will be that you don't work any of them very well, and none of them produce for you very well.

Jack Beddall is an experienced Internet Marketer who specializes in resources for the eentrepreneur. You can visit two of his sites at Successville News and TheOnlineResourceSite [].

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==== ==== Biz Opps, Work at Home, CLICK HERE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ==== ====

Getting Started With Affiliate Programs  

Biz Opps, Work at Home, CLICK HERE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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