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Canon cameras have built themselves a niche as a preferred brand for both the casual and professional shooter alike. When the company introduced the first 35mm camera in the 1930s, it was originally branded as "Kwanon," which was a name derived from Buddhist bodhisattva Guan Yin, known in Japan as Kannon. Throughout the years, the name Canon has been widely-recognized, not only as a synonym for excellence in photography, but also for videography. The company has in fact pioneered in several groundbreaking innovations, such as introducing the world's first zoom lens camcorder in 1959. In 1965, Canon also developed the Canon Pellix, a single lens reflex (SLR) camera that had a fixed, semi-transparent mirror that allowed exposure through the mirror, reducing camera shake and temporary "blackout" in the viewfinder whenever the mirror flipped up to expose the film. As early as 1976, Canon already launched the AE-1, a camera that had an embedded microprocessor, a first in the world of photography. Later in 1987, Canon would introduce its line of auto focus cameras bearing the name EOS, or electro-optical system. Eos was also the name of the Titan goddess of dawn in Greek mythology. Five years later, Canon would introduce the first-ever eye-controlled auto focus camera in the EOS 5, which enabled the user to control auto focusing by looking at five focus points in the viewfinder. The norm for other autofocus cameras at that time was that the autofocus mechanism would focus only on the object at the center of the frame. Also in the 1980s, Canon launched its digital camera line with the RC-701. The full roster of digital cameras was developed by Canon starting in 1995 with the EOS DC3, which was a modified Canon EOS-1N professional-grade film camera with a Kodak digital back attached to it. That camera, however, did not have a liquid crystal display screen. Soon after, Canon introduced several digital compact cameras bearing the brand names IXUS and PowerShot. Today, Canon cameras are given high praise both by amateur and professional photographers. Canon's digital compact cameras are among the best-selling brands worldwide, while its EOS digital SLR cameras have moved into the forefront of the market for digital SLR cameras. Canon has been the symbol for quality and reliability in photography. Canon has been the dependable companion of photographers in chronicling history in the making, sporting events, birthday parties, weddings and other noteworthy occasions.

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==== ==== Best Sellers in Cameras!!!! ==== ====

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