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Canon 35mm cameras come in different types of models. If you are planning to buy a camera then here is a brief history of the Canon 35mm cameras and their fundamental functions. Canon EF 35mm Single Lens reflex (SLR): This manually focused 35mm single lens reflex camera was manufactured by the Canon Company in the 1970s. This camera was well-suited with the Canon FD mount lenses. This camera was designed and built in the fashion of an electronic version of the brand's top line F-1 camera. This is the reason why EF shares the same rugged outward appearance and hard metal exterior like the F-1. The Canon camera 35mm was known to contain a silicon photocell light meter which was used to measure light in a central emphasis. With this camera, you could easily operate the Variable Aperture (AP) mode or full manual mode. This allows the photographer to control both the speed of the shutter as well as the aperture. When it is used in the automatic mode, the photographer can lock the present aperture value, and then recompose the image if required. The Canon 35mm camera EF type could also be used with the older R-mount and FL-mount camera lenses. The EF model used a very unique shutter that makes it stand apart from the Canon camera 35mm SLRs. It utilized a copal square vertical travel blade with a focal plane shutter. This helped to control the long exposure electronically. The shorter exposures were controlled in a mechanical way. This helped in conserving the battery power and allowed people to shoot pictures even with the dead batteries. The features of EF canon camera 35mm also include a self-timer and stop-down metering mode. In order to get better results, it is recommended that you use the stop-down metering mode with the older Canon FL lenses. The mirror can also be locked up for long exposures in order to avoid the camera shake. You can easily purchase Canon camera 35mm online from the several photography stores that offer the product on sale. You can also compare the prices in different websites before making your purchase. Alternatively, you can visit any of the land-run photography stores where you can feel and see the product before paying for it.

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==== ==== Best Sellers in Cameras!!!! ==== ====

Canon 35mm Cameras Explained  

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