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Acai berry looks like a purple pearl that somewhat resembles fruits like grapes or blueberries. Acai juice from these berries should be 100% pure. Only then can they benefit you in several ways. It is proven that this juice can provide all the nutrients and goodness of the fruits that would be picked up from a decent meal. It is a magical fruit that helps protect us from almost every communicable disease as well as other harmful diseases. The only thing that it does not provide is calories, saturated fats or proteins that you consume from meals. Acai juice also does not have any side effects if they are pure and do not contain added preservatives and sugar. This juice, when added to your diet provides energy and fitness. But yes, there are obvious differences between acai puree and its juice. Acai puree is far more superior to the juice. The puree contains all the benefits of the acai berry. The juice tastes good and quenches your thirst but still the puree is far better than acai juice. Here you will get to know about the fillers used customarily in making acai juices that actually bulk up the product. Fillers are added to the acai berry juice because they are cheaper and less thick in comparison to the acai berry pulp. Acai juice, which have similar benefits to the pulp, must be totally natural, tasty, contain all the natural bio-activity from the fruit, no addition water, no additional suspension agents, no corn syrup or sugar, they should not be reconstituted from power, no fats, no artificial sweeteners, no added flavor, no added color, must be gluten free, GMO free, monosodium glutamate free, should be 100% vegetarian, flash pasteurization must be adopted for the safety of the nutrients, must be low in cards and at the same time must provide 100% guaranteed satisfaction. The fillers that are added in the juice are briefly described below: 1. Fruit juices: there are several products of acai available in the market and of these products there are some that contain a blend of juices along with acai. Such products are tasty in comparison to the original acai berry juice but at the same time it reduces the total amount of acai that must be present in the juice. Such products are not what we actually require from the product and are not the product that is of the utmost value. From the information available on the internet it can be clearly seen that preparing the juice is a very big process and it contains various steps to retain the nutrients, as a result the total cost of pure acai berry juice shoots up. Whereas, other fruit juices are cheaper and can be prepared easily so the manufactures mix them together with the juice. As a result we get the juice of acai that is not 100% pure and at the same time have limited nutrients. 2. Green Tea: some manufacturers mix green tea with the juice of acai and boost the 100% purity of the juice. We all know that green tea is good for your health but when we require juice of acai it means we need a proper, 100% pure and natural thing. Green tea can lessen the effect of actual acai berries.

3. Hypromellose: You may wonder what it actually means; hypromellose is a preservative that is present in almost all foods. This substance allows a time delayed release of nutrients into the body. The presence of hypromellose in acai berry juice reduces the amount of acai that must be present in the product. It decreases the value of the product and increases the profit margins of the company that manufactures the acai products containing this preservative. All these things must be avoided if you really want 100% pure acai berry juice. You must know about all of the products that are launched in the market and read the label thoroughly before purchasing the product. Not only for the acai juice, you must do this for everything you wish to purchase. Remember always that the purity depends on how much acai you are getting from the product. Bigger never signifies that it is better and the cheaper hardly ever means that the product is better. Acai is expensive but that does not mean that you should purchase just any acai product. Only buy as much as you need. Never purchase a liquid acai berry juice that is stored in plastic bottles. Try to purchase the products that are stored only in glass bottles.

In recent years it has become widely known that acai juice is a product that is advantageous to us providing nutritional benefits that surpass that of most other food sources. It is very important though that you do adequate research and ensure that you are getting high quality products, otherwise you will not gain the nutritional benefits. Purity is of the utmost importance. Only the finest acai juice can be found at After a painstaking search now you can order online and have the finest quality products delivered right to your front doorstep. Make sure you try pure acai juice today! It is delicious and great for you too!

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==== ==== Diet & Nutrition!!!! ==== ====

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