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Having pure acai delivered right to your doorstep can be challenging. There's no way the acai fruit can survive after 24 hours of its picking, so the only way to munch on fresh acai berries is to fly to Brazil where it is grown. Where fresh fruits and vegetables are unavailable, their juices are a welcome substitute. Unlike powdered juice, freshly squeezed pulp extracts from grapes, oranges, apples, and tomatoes can provide you with almost the same amount of nutrients as they were in their natural state. Demand for acai has grown rapidly in the US since famous TV host Oprah Winfrey featured the berry on her highly rated show. Oprah endorsed a book written by Dr. Nicholas Perricone, the famous dermatologist who proclaimed the acai as the number one super food on the planet. Following up on the huge success of acai juice drinks, distributors are now bringing acai to your homes through jam preserves. Although not as pure as acai juice, acai preserves can deliver the weight loss and anti-aging benefits that this wonder fruit is known for. Manufacturers maintain that acai preserves contain around 99% of pure acai fruit. Spread them like jam on bread and pancakes and enjoy the delicious taste of fruit combined with chocolate syrup, without the negative side effects of sugar. More synthetic forms of acai such as capsules and snack bars cannot provide the same amount of nutrients that juices or preserves could as many of the nutrients in acai are wasted in the manufacturing process. If you can't fly to Brazil to get a hold of fresh acai berries, there's always the Internet. Hundreds of acai juice products are available for the picking. The crucial part is choosing the right one.

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==== ==== Diet & Nutrition!!!! ==== ====

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