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1. Write an ebook and sell it Obviously this is the ultimate method of making money - your own book in digital downloadable format. There are many excellent courses on the Internet showing you how to write your own ebook. The major advantage is you can have an army of affiliates promoting it for you. The downside is writing it. 2. Create an OPC ebook OPC means Other People's Content, and it's about the fastest way to get an ebook on the market. Instead of taking months to write a book, you can have one ready in a few hours. The strategy is simple: Create a book from a collection of existing articles where the authors have granted reprint permission. (You can get tens of thousands of these articles from 'article banks' - just type "article bank" or "article directory" into Google and take your choice. Give the ebook a snappy title, market it to the right target group, and hey presto you're in business. You make your money either by selling the ebook, or from commissions via affiliate links within the ebook, or both. TIP - It may be worthwhile sending an email to the author of each article, letting them know what you're doing and getting their agreement. This avoids any misunderstandings later. 3. Write a downloadable tips guide Short, practical easy-to-follow information will always be in demand. Write a series of quick tips related to your business. Then compile them into Adobe PDF format so the reader can have a handy reference guide on her desktop. Include a link to your website or an affiliate link to someone else's.

4. Offer a transcript from an interview This is a great strategy for promoting affiliate programs. Why not interview one of your merchant partners? Interview them over the phone, record it and get it transcribed into a PDF ebook. If the merchant doesn't agree to a phone interview, then ask if they'll do an email interview instead. Use the interview ebook to build credibility for both you and the merchant, and to pre-sell the product to your prospects. 5. Create an online business card Who says business cards have to be printed on stiff card? Why not have a downloadable one. HINT - Give it a bit of a creative twist. Something that will get people talking and passing on to other targeted people. 6. Create a downloadable newsletter "Start a newsletter." This idea is old hat to anyone who's been marketing online for more than a week, but it's worth considering anyway. Unlike an email newsletter, PDF files have a much longer shelf life on the average customer's computer. If you haven't got a newsletter then consider starting one. Weekly, monthly, quarterly. Whatever. Just give visitors something to remember you. 7. Make your company brochure downloadable. Time is everything nowadays. Don't let your prospect have to wait for a brochure in the mail. Don't let them leave your website empty-handed either. Let them download your brochure. Make it printable, too. (Who knows, they might pass it around. Or take it to meetings.) 8. Create success stories related to your business Think outside the "sell, sell, sell" box. Take a more journalistic approach to promoting your

business. Give readers what they want. Good stories. Everyone loves to hear happy stories, especially inspirational ones. This could even become a regular newsletter. (Do the words "sponsored by" trigger any ideas...?) 9. Create a viral ebook for your affiliates If you're a merchant who runs an affiliate program, you can almost always create some kind of information product targeted towards your customers' needs. Anyone selling golf clubs, for example, could write a "top 10 putting tips" mini-guide in Adobe PDF format. Then let your affiliates brand it with their affiliate link and promote it to their lists. 10. Create a downloadable free resource Heard about the mega-popular crafts website? The company offer free downloadable crafts patterns in PDF format. Of course the site also sells the materials needed to make the thing. (Pretty 'crafty', huh?)

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10 Wise Ways To Make Money With Adobe PDF  

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