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Jamie Hancock PRo WindsuRfeR PoRtfolio


19/08/2011 11:27

Jamie Hancock


16th September 1984


As British Indoor Champion, BWA Champion, and the youngest UK competitor on PWA World Tour – Jamie Hancock represents the most promising new talent on the international windsurfing scene. As a brand ambassador and sponsored athlete, he represents an unparalleled opportunity to access the youth and action-sports markets. Born and raised near Portsmouth on the uk south coast, Jamie has worked hard to become one of the most successful, publicised, and recognised windsurfers in the world. as a professional athlete, Jamie’s dedication, professionalism, and natural talent have also propelled him to the highest levels of competition. this has been recognised by the Professional Windsurfers association, who in 2010 named him ‘PWa Rookie of Year’, a coveted title that has never before been awarded to a British athlete…


Jamie Hancock PRo WindsuRfeR PoRtfolio

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19/08/2011 11:27

Photo By Joe Bloggs Š Location far far away

Jamie Jamie Hancock Hancock PRo PRo WindsuRfeR WindsuRfeR PoRtfolio PoRtfolio

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19/08/2011 11:27

Windsurfing began as an obsession in my mid teens...


When I wasn’t windsurfing myself, I was watching windsurfing. When I wasn’t watching windsurfing, it was all I could think about. I was addicted to every aspect of the sport, the action, the lifestyle, and just the sheer beauty of it. Being a professional windsurfer was a pipe dream, but when you look down that pipe and can only focus on one thing, it’s only a matter of time before you get it!

Jamie Hancock PRo WindsuRfeR PoRtfolio

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19/08/2011 11:27

it is mY GReat HonoR to infoRm You tHat tHe sailoRs on tHe PWa manaGement BoaRd HaVe elected You tHe 2010 PWA MEN’S ROOKIE OF THE YEAR. YouR Results in tHe WaVe disciPline of tHe PWa touR illustRate not onlY tHe dedication and tHe commitment needed to comPete at tHe HiGHest leVel of men’s WindsuRfinG, But also tHe GReat Potential You HaVe in tHe sPoRt. JimmY diaZ - PWa PResident

” Jamie Hancock PRo WindsuRfeR PoRtfolio

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19/08/2011 11:27


Jamie Hancock PRo WindsuRfeR PoRtfolio

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19/08/2011 11:27

British Wavesailing Champion

18th overall PWA world tour Tiree Wave Classic Champion






Ireland Champion UK Indoor Jump Champion at London boatshow

PWA Rookie of the Year. His first year on the World Professional Windsurfing Tour and a recipient of an accolade that many of the sports best have received on their way to claiming world titles. With the contest scene comes the associated worlds media focus that will be firmly on Jamie because of his incredible 2010 season.

Named rookie of the year for the PWA world tour

Competition can be a tiresome process. There’s a lot of waiting around for wind and waves but when everything comes together and you’re doing well, there’s nothing like it. If you want to be the best in the World then the PWA competition scene is the place to prove it. I want to be World Champion and the way I see it, there are 17 more people to go until I get there… I can’t wait for next season to start!

Jamie Hancock PRo WindsuRfeR PoRtfolio

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19/08/2011 11:28

I have always been fascinated by windsurfing films.


The blend of action, music and lifestyle used to have me hooked. I originally had no experience in video editing, not even the software, nothing, only fixed ideas on what I liked and exactly how I wanted windsurfing to be portrayed. umi is a company that I have been a part of for a long time that began through friendship and a shared vision of windsurfing. Now we are the largest and most respected windsurfing media house of our sport who regularly work with world champions of past and present.

Jamie Hancock PRo WindsuRfeR PoRtfolio

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19/08/2011 11:28

Jamie Hancock PRo WindsuRfeR PoRtfolio

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19/08/2011 11:28


As with all of the action sports travel comes as part and parcel of being one of the best. Offering massive scope for the story that makes Jamie’s life so aspirational, taking in some of the worlds great windsurfing locations and discovering new ones. This not only gives the photos, video and content that any brand can associate with to better sell their story but also gives Jamie the experience in the broadest range of conditions to further enhancing his sailing.

Travel is addictive! It’s also essential to ensure that I train in as broad a range of conditions as possible. Travel isn’t all about the training though, I love experiencing new places and cultures. On many of my trips, I am also accompanied by a photographer and videographer. Documenting my travel for lifestyle features helps me to attain a lot of coverage that I get on websites and the magazines.

Jamie Hancock PRo WindsuRfeR PoRtfolio

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19/08/2011 11:28

WOrLD TOUr eVenTS inTernATiOnAL eVenTS




Tenerife GrAn CAnAriA


ireLAnD & UK eVenTS



reUniOn iSLAnD

Jamie Hancock PRo WindsuRfeR PoRtfolio

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19/08/2011 11:28


Jamie has become one of the best windsurfers in the world more through sheer talent and determination than the training facilities that he’s got to hand in the UK. While his freeriding/training make up some of the most enjoyable time he spends on the water, in order to continue at this high level and establish himself even further as one of the most dominating forces on the world windsurfing circuit, he needs the facilities, conditions and general water time that his competition takes for granted.

training sounds like hard work but it’s actually the most fun part! it’s also crucial prerequisite for doing well in competition. You can get some great conditions in the uk but they can be quite inconsistent especially in the wintertime. many of the top international guys grew up in places like Hawaii and south america. these kinds of places provide a perfect training ground year round and training there can make a massive difference to my performance in competition.

Jamie Hancock PRo WindsuRfeR PoRtfolio

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19/08/2011 11:28

Jamie Hancock PRo WindsuRfeR PoRtfolio

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19/08/2011 11:28


Training, travel and being one of the best are the basic ingredients for what makes the right kind of media coverage. Each of these areas can then be tailored to offer as specific or generic a story that is needed to suit the message. In most cases the message is simply one of an incredible athlete doing incredible things and Jamie has massive experience in working with all types of media that has raised one of the biggest profiles in windsurfing through his time in the sport.

Getting the right kind of media coverage takes a lot of work. My relationship with the guys at umi started as a childhood friendship and a shared vision of windsurfing and I’ve been lucky enough to work with them over the past few years. They’ve grown to become one of the largest and most respected media houses in our sport working with World champions past and present. Good coverage is one of the best ways to stay in the public consciousness and justify my sponsors investment in me.

Jamie Hancock PRo WindsuRfeR PoRtfolio

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19/08/2011 11:28

Jamie Hancock PRo WindsuRfeR PoRtfolio

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19/08/2011 11:30


The equipment used in windsurfing is as technical and bespoke to the individual athlete as required in any sport. Association with this is an association with the very best in sporting technology. Windsurfing equipment offers excessive branding space from which to engrain this association and with one of the biggest profiles in the sport Jamie offers the best possible platform for this promotion.

All of my boards are built by a custom shaper to suit my personal weight and individual style. My fins are made specifically to work with the shape of my boards. They are all made from molded resin developed for lighter weight riders with maximum flex for snappier and sharper turns. All in all, it’s high tech stuff, I have worked hard towards ensuring that all my equipment is tailored to my requirements so that it allows me to push it as hard as I can every time I’m on the water. Having the best equipment is key to everything!

Jamie Hancock PRo WindsuRfeR PoRtfolio

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19/08/2011 11:31

My equipment is as specialized as it gets… My sails are designed in accordance to the stiffness of my reduced diameter masts. They are all four-batten design and very low aspect. This keeps them feeling soft and responsive and really helps with getting big airs and rotating jumps.

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Jamie Hancock PRo WindsuRfeR PoRtfolio


19/08/2011 11:31

EXTREME Strong wind, big waves

UNIQUE IMAGES Beautiful images from around the globe


Dream locations and discovering culture



Wavesailing requires mental and physical strength


Powered by just the wind and the sun, windsurfing has the ultimate green credentials


This season will see me travel to UK, Canary Islands, Germany, Denmark, Cabo Verde, South Africa

Jamie Hancock PRo WindsuRfeR PoRtfolio

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19/08/2011 11:31

Jamie’s jumping is off the scale. He just goes so much higher than everyone else. He looks like he has been lifted by the hand of god.

” Photo By Joe Bloggs © Location far far away

Jamie Hancock PRo WindsuRfeR PoRtfolio

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19/08/2011 11:31

For more information e-mail Jamie directly on

Brandwave Marketing Ltd 107 Grove Road, Chichester, West Sussex, PO19 8AR studio: +44 1243 550008 email: web:

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19/08/2011 11:31

2012 Portfolio  

Jamie Hancock windsurfing rider portfolio

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