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Classification scheme: physics

QC1-75 QC5 QC7-9 QC16.A-Z QC20 QC81-114

General physics Dictionaries and encyclopaedias History of physics Biographies of individuals A-Z Mathematical physics Weights and measures

QC120-168.86 QC133-137.5 QC136 QC138-168.86 QC150-168.86 QC157 QC161-167 QC166 QC168-168.86

Descriptive and experimental mechanics Dynamics Vibration Fluids, fluid mechanics Fluid dynamics Waves Gases Vacuum Gas dynamics

QC170-197 QC173-QC197 QC173.4.C65 QC173.4.S94 QC173.5-173.65 QC173.59.S65 QC173.65 QC173.7 QC173.96-174.52 QC174.17.P7 QC174.17.S9 QC174.2-174.26 QC174.45 QC174.8-175.47 QC175 QC176 - 179 QC178

Atomic physics Constitution and properties of matter Condensed matter Surfaces Relativity physics Space and time Special relativity Field theory Quantum theory Problem of many bodies Symmetry and supergravity Wave mechanics Quantum field theory Statistical physics Kinetic theory of gases Solid state physics Gravitation

QC221-246 QC244

Acoustics Ultrasonics

QC251-338.5 QC278 QC310.15-319 QC311.5 QC320-338.5

Heat Low temperature Thermodynamics Statistical thermodynamics Heat transfer

QC350-467 QC446.2-446.3 QC450-467 QC454.A8 QC454.E4 QC454.M3 QC454.M6 QC454.R36 QC454.V5 QC457 QC459

Optics, light Nonlinear optics, quantum optics Spectroscopy Atomic spectroscopy Electron spectroscopy Mass spectroscopy Molecular spectroscopy Raman spectroscopy Vibrational spectra Infra-red spectrum Ultra-violet spectrum

QC474-496.9 QC481 QC482.D5 QC485 QC491 QC495

Radiation physics X-rays Diffraction Cosmic ray physics Mรถssbauer effect Colour

QC501-766 QC501-721 QC570-597 QC584-597 QC610.9-611.8

Electricity and magnetism Electricity Electrostatics Dielectrics Semiconductor physics

QC621.S8 QC631 QC660.5-700 QC665.E4 QC669-675.8 QC676-678.6 QC679-689 QC701-715.4 QC717.6-718.8 QC750-766 QC762

Superconductivity Electrodynamics Electric oscillations, electric waves Electromagnetic fields Electromagnetic theory Radio waves Quantum electrodynamics Electric discharge Plasma physics, ionized gases Magnetism Nuclear magnetic resonance

QC770-798 QC793-793.5 QC793.3.F5 QC793.3.H5 QC793.3.S9 QC794.6.S3 QC794.6.S85 QC794.95-798

Nuclear and particle physics, atomic energy, radioactivity Elementary particle physics Field theories High energy physics Symmetry Scattering String models Radioactivity and radioactive substances





QC851-999 QC980-989 QC981.8.C5

Meteorology Climatology and weather Climate change

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Physics Clasification  

physics classification

Physics Clasification  

physics classification