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I am a MDes Product Design student from Coventry University who is looking for a chance to work in the industry. I have worked on a selection of contrasting projects with a variety of clients that have helped construct me into the designer that I am. I hope that you enjoy looking through this selection of work as much as I have enjoyed making it. I hope to hear from you,

Jamie Goddard


Shower Stool


Hand Blender


Rain Water Management


Airline Travel Suitcase


PLA Pacifier


Urban Allotment

‘Redesigning the shower stool as a better disability aid’

“Using existing parts, designing a hand blender for a specific target market”

“Rethinking the conventional water butt for better use’

“Understanding the issues with long haul travel in order to design a multi-purpose suitcase for frequent flyers”

“Using PLA, the concept of the project was to design a product for a baby”

“An ongoing project exploring the possibility of an allotment in an urban space”


1 Shower Stool


DWELLBEING introduced a project about disability aids that commonly exists in homes in the UK. Many provide basic functionality but otherwise do not fulfil other important purposes. 4


Shower Stool Initial Problem

Unappealing aesthetic, an eyesore in modern bathrooms

End Goal Precarious for disabled users and larger users who struggle with balance.

Doesn’t offer any support in order to get on and off the stool. Very uncomfortable for longer periods of time

To design a fundamentally simple shower stool for a disabled user. The shower stool must be designed for everyday use and have an aesthetic that fits into modern bathrooms.

Doesn’t support causal use for a family household.



Shower Stool User testing

The stool doesn’t support the user when they are reaching for the shower head. The stool becomes unstable.

The stool is uncomfortable and doesn’t give the user confidence. The plastic can be cleaned easily and the stool top swivels.

The buttons to adjust the height on the stool works for the product. Something missing is a tray or a middle support to keep the stool sturdy.

The feet of the stool are made of rubber and have to be placed in a specific way to be flat.

The stool needs to be redesigned to be first and most importantly, become more stable. Thinking about what a user will be doing on the stool such as reaching for the shower head is useful in seeing how the stool needs to evolve for



Shower Stool

‘Redesigning the shower stool as a better disability aid’



Shower Stool Exploded view

Handles on top of the frame allow the user to push themselves of the chair and lowering themselves on the chair with ease.

The handle of the stool have been improved further with rubber grips.

The stool top sits snug on the frame. It is made of a waterproof material that can be washed easily. It offers more comfort and allows the user to reach for the shower easier.

A tray has been added underneath the stool. It acts as firstly somewhere shower gels, shampoos and shower products can be placed upon whilst also acting as a way to support the stool. It can slide out with ease.

The feet on the stool have been replaced by semisphere type components that are made out of a textured rubber.



Shower Stool Final outcome


2 Hand Blender


Taking an existing hand blender and redesigning the casing to make it an all round better product.



Hand Blender Persona

Christopher Legend

The hand blender must have a simplistic modern design to fit in with the kitchen in the new house. The hand blender must fit the conventions of a kitchen utensil, being easy to clean, durable and safe to use.

“As a result of a promotion, Christopher and his young family have just moved south towards Cornwall into their new house. The house has been a dream for Christopher as it is modern and sophisticatedly decorated. Christopher wants to buy products for the house that will be beautiful yet functional.�

The hand blender must show why it is worth the money that it will be sold for. Value is important to Christopher. Must be enjoyable to use and to have on show in the kitchen.



Hand Blender

Inside of the existing hand blender

Two simplistic buttons for on/ off and a speed alternator. Keeping the product simplistic is a must.

The case opening is made for a wire. Having a wire that comes out of the back of the blender is key for safety.

The internal chip of the hand blender is thin but has a distinct shape that will need large casing.

This section is to protect the heat sync whilst also stabilising the hand blender for a more comfortable grip.

The heat sync is a large component. The casing will have to protect the user from electrical shocks and from the product getting to hot.

The component here connects the bottom section of the blender. It must be able to detatch easily. It has two fastening parts to keep the casing together.



Hand Blender

Sketch development



Hand Blender Exploded view

The rubber grip is textured and covers the main section of the hand blender for unbeatable grip and confidence in the product. The main casing is made of PVC. It has a distinct shine on the surface and looks durable. The casing has a groove either side for assembly.

The secondary section is connected with an added component that ensure the blender is whole when complete, yet easy to ‘snap’ off.

Two buttons, one that turns the product on and off and the second controlling speed.

The heat sync is contained inside of the casing securely Although there is a part to grip, looking at how users operate the hand blender, shown that they sometimes grip the bottom for added security. The secondary section is made of extruded stainless steel. It is durable and trustworthy.

The secondary section is made of stainless steel. It has a high gloss finish and has an extremely modern feeling attached to it’s design.



Hand Blender Final outcome


3 Rain Water Management


This brief was given by ALUMASC who are specialists in rain water management. The goal was to design a product that could be used to water the garden whilst also used to clean cars and windows. 18


Rain Water Management Insights and opportunities

To start of the process, in a group, we worked collaboratively looking for different insights and trends in the market. The goal was to find design opportunities that could be brought forward with the coming meetings with Alumasc.

The meetings with Alumasc gave insight in where they wanted the products to go. They wanted a functional rain water collection type product that could be used outside; but not limited to just watering the garden. It was important to define who the product was for.



Rain Water Management Persona

Mark Gregory

A product that is environmentally friendly and recycles rain water Orientated around the family. Everyone can use the product.

A functional product that can be used on various areas of his house. Mark is someone who is considered a handy man. He is very much about his family and the home that he lives in. Mark is someone who enjoys being outside in the garden.

Washing Cars

Watering Plants

A product made for homes, something with simplistic design A product that in the long run, will save money and be cost efficient

Cleaning Windows



Rain Water Management Sketch development



Rain Water Management Functions examples of the product

Collect rain water from the retrofitted downpipe. Fill the main tank with rain water, filtered inside for cleanliness. Control the amount of rain water using a plum-bob. Take a capsule and fill it with the desired amount of rain water. Use in the rain water gun on the garden, to clean windows or clean the car.



Rain Water Management Exploded view

The backpack, capsules and rain water gun are custom made to fit in the storage unit.

Retrofitted to the downpipe from the roof collecting rain water. Wood finished cabinet to store the capsules, back pack and rain water gun. If the tank needs to be manually filled, the unit is connected to an internal water pipe.

Simplistic clear doors made out of PVC

The storage tank for 200l of rain water.

In case of an excess of rain, an overflow pipe is fitted.

A tap in order to obtain controlled amounts of rain water.

A plum-bob that controls the water level. It closes the internal pipe valve when it is full.



Rain Water Management Final outcome


4 Airline Travel Case


With consultation from JPA Design, the goal was to investigate a problem with long haul flights and design a product to help amend the issue.



Airline Travel Case

Insights and opportunities

The process began with looking into key issues in long haul flights, specifically the millennial. The idea was formulated to define a new class called the ‘Network Class’

Alongside JPA Design, ideas were formulated, especially around the issue of hand luggage as well as the before and after parts of flying.



Airline Travel Case Persona

Network Class (A380)

Alex Zheng A product that is something that is unique and makes a statement A product that helps with organisation; designed for use on planes Alex Zheng works across the world to attend business meetings and as a result, flies a lot. Alex wishes that flying could be more seamless and less stressful. He enjoys his job as he gets to see much more of the world than many people that are the same age as him.




Network class is a yearly subscription based service where the airline sends the costumer a product that they will use for their future hand luggage needs. As long as they are a member, they will get unlimited flights.

Simplistic design that is intuitive to use. Network Class

Is multi-functional. A product that can be adapted for different environments

Economy Class



Airline Travel Case Sketch development



Airline Travel Case

Handle wrapped with a satisfying grip

Exploded view (Hand Luggage Bag)

Attachable straps, turning the unit into a rucksack Hard resin body with a high gloss finish and durable properties

Special compartment designed for a laptop to be, firstly protected and secondly used upon. Resin doors which contain the main part of the unit for storage

Stainless steel telescopic legs that can be hidden in the casing Large wheels which enable the unit to be pulled easily on all terrain



Airline Travel Case

Exploded view (Airline seat)

Winged lumbar support designed with the idea of leaning and sleeping in.

Fire regulated foam with extra padding for a comfortable seating experience

Adjustable head rest with a mesh overlay that allows the cushion to breath

Aluminium frame coated with a matte spray to reduce glare. Sturdy and above all fire regulated. Adjustable arm rest with slight padding on top for comfort.

Three seat brackets securing the chair to the fusalage of the A380



Airline Travel Case Function process

Pack with all the items needed for the journey Board the plane, with the hand luggage bag Sit take your seat in the Network Class Mount the bag onto the clips Work by opening the top compartment Rest by folding away the bag and relaxing



Airline Travel Case Final outcome


5 PLA Pacifier


With the consideration of the properties of PLA, the goal was to design a product for a baby.



PLA Pacifier

The concept of the project was to see how PLA could be used effectively to manufacture a baby product. With research, babies pacifiers seemed to be the perfect fit. To diversify from traditional pacifiers, I looked at pacifiers that could have an end that could be frozen to reduce teething.

Needs for a

Baby Product Easy to Use


Easy to Clean

Very Durable

Properties of


ÂŁ Biodegradable


Shiny Finish

Sweet to taste



PLA Pacifier



PLA Pacifier


6 Urban Allotments

“An ongoing project exploring the possibility of an allotment in an urban space�


“An exciting ongoing project that I am sure is going to be my best yet. I have explored the issue of the decline of allotments and looked to see if there is a solution to help rejuvenate them. Whilst researching, I found it interesting that urban environments do not really have the many green spaces. Green spaces have many benefits- physically, mentally and economically.�



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Jamie Goddard| Portfolio 2017