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By: Jamie and Sarah

By: Jamie and Sarah

This is Jane Perkson, Jane is five years old and goes to kindergarten. Jane has a brother, mommy, and daddy. There are four people in Jane’s family. 2

This is Bobby, Mommy, and Daddy. Bobby is Jane’s little brother. Bobby is three years old and goes to pre-school. Mommy and Daddy are both Bobby and Jane’s parents. 3

Today Mommy, Daddy, Jane, and Bobby are going to the zoo. The zoo is a place where a lot of different animals live. Giraffes, Elephants, and Zebras all live in the zoo. 4

Each family member has a favorite animal that they cant wait to see at the zoo! Jane’s favorite animal is a Turtle, Bobby’s favorite animal is a Cheetah, Mommy’s favorite animal is a Parrot, and Daddy’s favorite animal is a bear! 5

REVIEW 1.1 What is Jane’s favorite zoo animal?

A. Turtle B. Bear C. Zebra D. Fish

Check Answer


At 12:00 Mommy, Daddy, Jane, and Bobby got in the car and left for the zoo. It will take them 30 minutes to get to the zoo. “Make sure your seatbelts are fastened tight!� Mommy said. 7

“Remember when we read the book about the zoo! There was flying monkeys and swimming giraffes!” said Bobby. “I don’t think we will see those today at the zoo, that is an imaginary story!” Explained Daddy.” 8

The sun was shinning bright and the Perkson family was as happy as ever. Today was a perfect day for the zoo! 9

During the car ride the Perkson’s passed many different things. One thing they passed was a hospital. “ A hospital is where people go when they get sick!” Jane explained. “That is Correct!” Daddy said. 10

“How much longer?!” Bobby cried. “Were almost there, only ten minutes to go!” Mommy shouted excitingly. Jane and Bobby were so excited to see all the different animals. 11

In those ten minutes Mommy made sure she had all the things she needed for the family at the zoo. She checked to see if she had the sunscreen, camera, and tickets to enter! 12

Before the Perkson family knew it they were pulling up to the big zoo gates! What a wonderful day it is going to be! 13

This is the zoo! What animal will we see first? 14

This is the first animal! Jane says, “Wow, a rhino how cool!” Is Jane right when she called it a rhino? NO! This is an elephant!


This is a rhino! “Oh how cool!” Bobby blurted out.


“Wow, these are really cool fish!” yelled Bobby to Jane. Is Bobby right when he called it a fish? NO! This is a snake. 17


What is this a picture of?

A. Snake B. Pig C. Bear D. Fish

Check Answer


This is a fish! Jane asked mommy, “Can fish live with a monkey?” Do you think fish can live with monkeys? NO!


Fish live in water, but monkeys live on the ground and in trees.


Bobby yelled to daddy, “Wow I bet these giraffes can fly so high!” Do giraffes really fly? NO! 21

They walk and run on the ground like rhinos and elephants. Â These animals all live in the same areas in the wild.


Jane asked daddy and mommy, “So if rhinos live on the ground, they live with fish, too?” Do you agree with Jane? 23

No!” exclaimed Bobby, “they don’t live with each other!”


Now Bobby and Jane have seen all of the animals! Thanks for helping them learn about what is real and imaginary! 25

Into The Zoo!  

An educational story about an exciting family that takes a trip to the zoo! This story is used as a learning device for children in kinderga...

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