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The new Maradona: Leo Messi Leo Messi is not my favorite player, but I know how he became famous. Messi became famous even though he had to move from Argentina to Spain to train and get over a medical condition.

Messi Beginning Leo Messi’s parents’ names are Jorge and Celia. He has two brothers: Rodrigo and Matias. Leo’s Messi’s first team was in Newels Old Boys. They say he was the best player on that team, which I believe. His dad was the coach of his team which is interesting in the age of 8 that’s when they knew he had the medical problem called somatotorpin which didn’t let him grow. In 2000 at the age of 13 he went to Spain to play on a team and to get the medical treatment so he did. The treatment cost $ 900 every month the only team that could afford it was Barcelona. so the tried him out and he was good. so they they brought him on the team and he played for Barcelona and then they paid for the treatments.

Messi we know now After that he became a better player because they gave him the treatment. He was playing at under 14s when they started giving him the treatment. He became better and started becoming a better shooter when he was on the team. His first mach was in 2006 against espanoly. They won 2-1 he scored a goal and that’s when he got award for the youngest player to score a goal. They say he has been training with maradona and they say he is will catching up to him in a couple of years.

He has too many award and I am not going to type all of them all because it well take a lot of space. He has won 2 ballon de oro in 2008 and 2009. He has won 2 times in a row the best player in 2009 and 2010. He all so won the golden ball for the best goal and the golden olike I said the youngest player to score a goal.

Messi’s life was just like yours. But he followed his dream to become the best soccer player in the world He made his dream come true by practicing every day and playing against very good teams even though he had to move from Argentina to Spain and have a medical condition.

Did you know? Did you know that Messi holds 2 passports, one Argentinean and a Spanish and? He got the Spanish passport in September 2005? Did you know that Messi has scored more than Ronald. Did you know Messi’s Jorge works at a factory while his mum Celia works at a part time cleaner? Did you know that messi was promoted to the national team Spain but he didn’t accept he wanted to wear a blue jersey of Argentina?

Did you know Messi first played in the national team Argentina team in 2006?