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The Twisting Challenge: The Rip Stick

What is Rip Stick?? Hey there, have you ever heard of the word Rip Stick?? No??? Well you are going to find out. The rip stick is the coolest and the most challenging activity ever made on the planet Earth. This odd item; it is kind of like a skateboard, but the only different thing is that the rip stick has only has two wheels. The rip stick is much more complicated than the skateboard because you need a lot of balance. However the cool thing of the rip stick is that once you get the hang of it you can go super-fast, and it is sooooo fun to feel the wind blowing threw your face, it is a beautiful sensation. It also gives you a feeling that you are flying. Another epic fact about the rip stick is that you can do some epic tricks! You will find out of later which ones there are. But once you do the tricks perfectly it makes you look really cool because it seems sooooo hard to the people that see you riding, that they think you are a professional. If you have a rip stick grabs it and start practicing and become the best and eventually you will become the best.

The movement that you are supposed to do when you are riding.

Are You the Challenge Taker?? Hey you, yea you the one reading this article, I will teach you some tips to ride your rip stick; yes the one that is all alone at your house, so grab it and let’s get started. Perhaps one day you will take my place. Tip # 1 The most important thing you must know is don’t give up, that is your key. Keep it in mind. Tip #2 Once you are ready to start riding you must be warring a helmet, knee pads and elbow pads just in case if you fall.

Tip #3 To start riding you need to put your left foot first on the referred of the Rip Stick. Then you push 3 times with your right foot and then the right foot hops on the tail of the Rip Stick. If it doesn’t work try with the other foot. Tip # 4 If you want to learn how to get a better balance you need to put your hands in a right angle or in shape of a upper case “L”. Tip #5 The balance is basic on this sport. You better have a good balance or else you will have tuff time learning. Tip # 6 Then once you get the hang of it you try again and again. Until you are Victorious.

Trikes Are Tight Dall!! Listen to this it is epic! Now on this instant you will learn to do trikes on your own Rip Sticks. Come on what are we waiting for? Trikes 1# A cool trike is when you duck down and grab the handle of the Rip Stick. This is one of the easiest tricks. But the key on this one is balance. If you have a good balance this trick is for you. 2# You can also do this one;* you put the referred on the air while you are riding*. This one is tuff but it is just practice. 3 # And the hardest trick for me is when you jump on top of the side walk. You need to jump and then land on the side walk. It is tuff right??? 4 # Or you can just jump, it is fun!!! If you liked what you read about the awesome Rip Stick, what are you waiting for and go buy your own Rip Stick. And learn from the best.

This is the trick #2. You are supposed to do this movement while you are riding.

Glossary *You put the front of the rip stick in the air.* Referred: Referred is the front of the Rip Stick.

Tail: The tail is the back of the rip stick Right angle: Right angle is an angle that looks like an L Balance: Balance is when your inner you is all calmed down and your body is even.

By: Charo

The mighty rip stick waiting for you to buy it.


Are You the Challenge Taker?? Hey there, have you ever heard of the word Rip Stick?? No??? Well you are going to find out. The Twisting Chal...