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Girls group

about town was a styling brief in conjunction with Debenhams Preston. Each member of the group was assigned a job role which consisted of Project Director, Model Scout, Location Scout, Photoshoot liaison, Art Director, Clothing Manager, Stylist, Hair and makeup artist, Researcher and Graphics. Although everyone was appointed research and graphics, my role within the group was stylist. It was my job to find trends and inspiration for the shoot and also to style and assist on shoot days.I was really happy with my role as Im always searching social networking and fashion forecasting websites for my own style inspiration.On the days of shooting I was on hand to help with any stlying errors. Once models were dressed I was there to tweak and add acceossories and be on constant watch for any part of the garment that was out of place whilst pictiures were being taken. I worked alongside the Art director and Clothing Manager to ensure the look and feel of the shoot was exactly what we had intended.

council housed and violent

Council Housed and Violent was a diversity brief in conjunction with iD magazine. I chose to take my shoot in the direction of socio economics, and portray the chav stereotype. Throughout the project I researched photographers who had used film.I did this as I wanted my shoot to have a 90s feel without heavily editing my images. The end product was a zine so I also had to research layouts, to help me with this, I visted a zine fair in Manchester and got some great ideas. As it was a styling brief, the trends and locations were the most important.I chose four trends to try and stick too throughout the shoot, one being The New casuals, secondly The sweatpant, which was a crucial trend, thirdly Vests&Tanks and lastly Minmal Varsity. I sourced clothes from cheaper high street shops as the chav stereotype wouldnt shop in the upper high street. I found three locations in Preston that I had seen young people hang out previously and then chose to do the shoot in Preston bus station as it was quite dated and would fit perfectly in with my 90s theme. I used a Canon Rebel 3000 35mm film camera.

Polyvore Stylefinder is an Idea my peer and I came up with for our online development brief. Polyvore is already an existing app, but we added a function that would allow you to take streetstyle pictures with the app and then locate the exact garment, accessory or bag in their catalogue.You could then purchase the desired items through a safe checkout. Polyvore at the moment is an app where you can create collages of anything fashion related.We also redesigned the app and added the option to share your findingsand other social networking sites. We felt this would be a great addition to the app and hopefully gain more people people to download the app if it were to be an actual function.

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