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Text being analysed: BBC Sport / Parkour academy thriving in Westminster Source of text: Date of broadcast: Thursday, 3 September 2009 Description of text The documentary is talking about why Parkour has been so successful with the youth in Westminster. The angle that the documentary has is how Parkour is benefitting the children taking part in it. There are facts give from Westminster cancel about how crime has dropped since Parkour was introduced. There is also opinion given by the coaches and participants about why they are there and what Parkour is doing for them. The location of this documentary is in Westminster in a school sports hall

Potential Audience For Text The potential age for this documentary is(13 – 17) the lower range of my target audience as it is about how Westminster council is making Parkour compulsory for PE lessons and after school activity as Parkour promotes for a healthy life and living. However it does talk about what the benefits for everyone is. The documentary will mainly appeal to the male sex however Parkour is something both male and female can participate in as seen in this documentary. The ethnicity of the people who would be interested in this documentary will vary and Parkour is a predominantly white sport however in this documentary the are different ethnicities taking part therefor it may attracted more views from different ethnicities.

Key Influences On Your Idea From this documentary I will take how they have used the vox pops to get a lot of people view across I will also use the genre of music choice as it gave the footage a boost. The up tempo music seemed to engage me more where I fill if the music had been slower I wouldn’t have been as interested in the documentary. I’m going to get expert opinions for my documentary to back up point that I’m trying to put across to my audience.

Use Of Camera

During the documentary there are lots of different camera shots for example the shot to the right were the boys are doing handstands the camera is upside down to give the effect that the boys are standing up and then flip the camera back over to show they are doing hand stands. They have also used close up when interviewing the participants or wen doing a vox pop. These were effective as you could focus completely on them as you weren't able to be distracted by other people in background. There are also lots of different camera angles used In the documentary to give it life so it isn't boring it also gives the documentary a cinematic effect.

Use of editing

Use of sound During the documentary there is a sound track playing which is up beat and fast this makes the footage seem faster and more action pack. There are voice over on top of the soundtrack and the footage which works well as the dialog matches the footage.

Though the whole documentary there aren't many actual editing effects I has been kept quite simple all there are is cutaways which work well to show what is happening during the documentary. The pace of the documentary stays the same throughout except from vox pops and interviews. When there are vox pops and interviews the pace seems to drop which helps you to concentrate exactly on what the person in the interview was saying.

Content and conventions There are lots of different conventions used in this documentary such as vox pops, facts, expert opinions. The expert opinion is from the parkour coach who talks about what parkour dose for the body and what it is doing for the kids taking part in the programme. The fact came from Westminster council about how parkour has made crime levels drop. The documentary has a lot of interviews with lets us hear exactly what the people taking part think about the parkour programme that is running.


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