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Production Log 8

My first lesson of the week I began to upload all my footage that I had filmed over the previous week and weekend. In second lesson of the week I started to break down my interviews removing the footage that wasn’t needed and positioned to important footage that I wanted my documentary to show. I spent my lesson on Wednesday editing together the interviews from my Parkour athletes as I wanted them to flow but inform at the same time. I stayed after school on Thursday as I wanted to make sure I didn’t fall behind. I spent my time after school finding music to go with my Parkour sequence. x=6&feature=plpp_video

I also spent time trying to work a running order for some of the footage that I had gathered that was different to my shooting script. I felt that the footage I got was better than the footage I had planned to film so I changed it. I decided the order and how I was going to edit it ready for my lesson on Friday were I just made the changes and put the music in to my documentary.

log 8  

production log 8

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