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Production Log 5

Week five was the first week I started to film this was because it was when my contributors were free and so was I. I found that the week ran very smoothly which was a great help to me as it meant there was less chance for any think to go wrong. I first filmed at Coq d’Argent which is renowned for its rooftop garden and views. From the well-tended lawns, you can cast your eyes on Monument and the Gherkin which made for the perfect back drop for my opening scene to a documentary about an urban sport. We spent half an hour on the rooftop filming all the angles I needed we did find the was a slight problem with some of the shots as the light wasn’t brilliant and in some cases there was a lot of shade on one side of Aphrodite face. However I made the best of what I had. The second place I filmed was at Westminster sports academy which is the home of the L.E.A.P Parkour Park. I spoke to the head mistress about what the plans for the park wear and how it was going to affect the children at the school. I am happy to say Mrs Bora only had good things to say about the Parkour Park and what it was doing for the school and local area.


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