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Text being analysed: Dog town and the Z-Boys Source of text: Date of broadcast: 2001 Description of text The Documentary is about the pioneering 1970s Zephyr skating team who was a group of skateboarders in the mid-1970s from Santa Monica and Venice, California. The sliding skate moves that the Z-Boys invented were the basis for all skateboarding today. The documentary angle is that there wouldn’t have ever been skate boarding if it weren't for the z-Boys the are facts that are given about how the z-boys come together and how it all started. The people being interview give there opinion in every vox pop

Potential Audience For Text The potential age for this documentary is 17 – 21 and 30 – 50 the lower age group is the teenagers that are in to skate boarding and surfing. Were as the top age group will be people who are interested in the z-dog as well as skating and surfing. This documentary will appeal mainly to men as skate boarding is something that is done predominantly by men. The ethnicity of people who would be most interested in this documentary will be white men as skate boarding is a sport that tends to be predominantly white. How ever it is starting to become a more diverse sport. It also will appeal to Americans as the z-boy are American. People who are interested in this documentary may also be interested in surfing, skate boarding, BMX, parkour, FMX, and rollerblading.

Key Influences On Your Idea From Dog town and the Z-Boys I will take its up beat music as I feel it make the footage seem faster and more extreme than it actually is which I think will work well with my documentary. I will also use the speed that each clip of footage is which also helps to make it seem fast it also give the appearance that there is more going on in the documentary than there really is. I will also use the way in which this documentary has interviewed people to hear there views on the subject.

Use Of Camera

Dog town and the Z-Boys has a bit variety of different camera shots and angles this makes the documentary exciting and more entertaining for my audience. The documentary is up beat and all the shots have a fast tempo which makes you feel that everything is happening faster than it actually is. The variety in camera shots helps to show you more of what is going on. It also give you the feel that you are actually there

Use of editing

Use of sound

During the documentary there is a sound track playing which is up beat and fast this makes the footage seem faster and more action pack. There are voice over on top of the soundtrack and the footage which works well as the dialog matches the footage.

Through out the whole documentary there are loots of different editing effects for example the video and photo montage there are also point were there are still images that have been made to look like Polaroid pictures. All the footage that was used was used fast which makes the content seem faster which make there for makes the skate boarding seem more extreme. All of the documentary bar some archive footage is in black and white which gives the effect of it being older even though it was made ten years ago the z-boys are over 40 years old, therefore the newer footage blends in well with the older footage.

Content and conventions

There are lots of different conventions used in this documentary such as vox pops, facts, expert opinions, voice over's, video and photo montage’s. The documentary has a lot of interviews which lets us hear exactly what the people who took part in the making on the documentary and ever members of the z-boys actually think about the documentary and what happened. The expert opinions come from other skate boarding pros who all agree that skate boarding wouldn’t be what it is today if it weren't for the z-boy’s.


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