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Feedback Appeal to audience Own feedback I felt that my documentary on parkour did appeal to its target audience as it was fast, exciting and new. My documentary will appeal to my target age group as the people who took part in the documentary where in my target age group. I felt that the people who took part in the documentary were from lots of different back ground there were both male and female contributors as well as different races all of this would have help to make it appeal to all groups and not one group in particular. The majority of the locations that were used were in London at spots which are well known to everyone this would have allowed my audience to recognise where the documentary was being filmed and would be able to relate to it.

Client feedback My client thought that I brought across the youth coulter thought the dub step music that I used which they also felt lifted the documentary. The type of music was something they thought went well with the sport and added to the urban feel. They felt I matched the music and the visual well which would help it to appeal to the audience. The clients also felt that my documentary was very contemporary which appeals to audience. The idea behind the documentary and everything about the documentary hits the young audience as for my presenter they felt she work well as she wasn’t tokenistic due to the basic parkour that she did which helped to suggest that anyone can try parkour.

Audience feed back My audience felt that I used a range of different people who were all aged 16 to 24 which meant there were all in the target age rage and would allow my audience to relate to them. They felt that the female presenter would help to make my documentary appeal to the female sex they felt that having the female presenter balanced out the documentary as the majority of the interviews were with male contributors. Overall they felt my documentary appealed to my audience.

USP/ Place in the Market

Own feedback I felt my documentary had a very strong USP as it is something which I new and different from what people have seen before. Even though the sport has been around for the last 10 year only now is it starting to be recognised in films and TV programmes. However too my knowledge and from my research I haven’t found any documentaries that have been on TV about parkour in London which I feel gives it its place in the market is something that I feel will be of a interest to a big proportion of people and would fit right in on channel extreme as a video which appears in-between shows. I can also see the documentary being on BBC three.

Client feedback My clients felt that I had a very clear USP they also felt that the topic in my documentary was something that didn’t get much coverage which means straight away it has a USP and a place in the market. They felt the documentary was a mix of an extreme sport and music video while at the same time being factual and informative. Which they feel give it a place in the market and could easily be seen on something like news round as an end of a programme or a BBC three programme. They felt the documentary is unique and Stands out as it come across really edgy and in a way which doesn’t leave them feeling alienated like they can’t access it. Overall they fort my documentary was cool and up to date which made it really relevant and give it a strong UPS.

Audience feedback They felt that the documentaries unique selling point was that it is new, fresh and something no one really knows about. They also thought it had lots of unconventional shots that you don’t normally see for example the point of view shot. They all felt that the documentary followed the BBC ethos of educating, informing and entertaining and all of this give my documentary a clear place within the market.


Own feedback When looking back at my documentary I don’t feel I used that mean convections as I wanted to keep it fairly simple. However I did use interviews, vox pops, graphics, music, voice over’s and archive footage all of which was used in the right place at the right time. I feel that my graphics near the end which just pop up to emphasis what was being said in one of the interviews was something that didn’t need to be there. All together I feel I did well.

Client feedback My client’s feedback told me that they felt I made good use of my ten interviews as I only used the important parts of the interview. They felt that even though I used minimal archive footage I still had lots of exciting footage which worked well throughout my documentary. They all agreed that I laid the documentary out with a clear narrative which covered everything you would need to for a new sport.

Audience feedback From my audience feedback I can see they liked my opening they felt that signing in at the beginning was good followed by the video montage really helped to grab the audience’s attention. They felt that the different types of music worked well. My audience feedback showed me that I had good interviews and vox pops which gave qulitive information. My audience feedback told me that my audience felt my graphics work really well with the topic of my documentary and were put in at the time and point.

Use of technology

Own feedback My editing style was fast pass so that it would match my topic which I feel I did well. However I feel I could have made the interview slightly shorter which would make the documentary flow slightly better. I feel my graphics worked well and put across the image of past pace actions which I was hoping for. The shoots that I got from my Go Pro I feel helped to bring my documentary together I really helped the audience to be able to relate to the athletes. I feel I edited everything together very smoothly which stop jump shots. I feel I could have made the sound better in some of my interviews as they wernt as clear as they could have been which meant in places you are having to focus on the documentary to ensure that you can hear what some of my contributors are saying.

Client feedback My clients felt that my editing style was something that would be hard to do for someone who hasn’t spent much time in their life editing however they felt I did very well. They also felt my editing was seamless especially in the parkour scene where I was cutting to lots of different shots to show the sequence from all the angles. They all agreed that my graphics were grate and they could see I had spent a lot of time making them just right. My clients said they thought I made good use of the technology I had at my disposal the go pro. They also thought that having the interviews in the different places showed that parkour can be done anywhere.

Audience feedback My audience felt that I used energetic and fast pass music in my documentary which matched my topic. My audience felt that I associated dub step with parkour which worked well as they are both fast passed and energetic so made a good match. They also liked that fact that I used different types of music they agreed made the documentary livelier. My audience liked the fact that my graphics moved as they thought it represented parkour well as parkour is about moving through an environment. My audience like that I used lots of different angles as they felt it made it more exciting and enjoyable to watch. Simile they thought that the point of view shoots worked really well as it allowed them to really see the distances and heights that the athletes are at and allows them to be able to relate to the athlete.


Own feedback I feel that my documentary could have been improved my having less interviews I feel that I had to many so at time it felt slightly repetitive so to improve my documentary I would take out some of the interviews meaning it would move on quicker and wouldn’t spend as much time watching someone talk. I also feel that the sound levels in some of the interviews aren’t very good I feel that this would be the first thing I would change to improve my documentary. I feel that I could have improved my documentary by doing profile sections on a couple of athletes. This would be a bit of general information about them such as name, age, were they live, and what they (work, school, university) just to show that any sort of person can do parkour. I feel this section could have helped the audience to relate to the athletes and therefore possibly engaged them more. Overall I feel I made a new and exciting documentary.

Client feedback My clients felt that I could have improved my documentary by making some of the scenes that had bad sound levels just a bit clearer. However they feel that I did a really good job considering the location I was filming at was a noisy location and I managed to get rid of most of the backing noise overall they felt I did well and made a good documentary.

Audience feedback After looking at my audience feedback I can see they felt that if I was going to make improvement that I should make sure that all the sound levels were good as in some interviews the sound in the back ground was to loud and it meant you couldn’t hear the interviewees very well. They also felt that I could have had interviews or vox pops from people of a different ethnicity as they felt that too ensure that it appeals to all ethnicities I wouldn’t have had enough therefore by adding more I would. Within my interviews they felt I could have added more cutter ways to make it more entertaining.

feedback evaluation  

feedback evaluation