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Communication Rationale for Final Idea

Introduction My first idea was rugby rules. I was going to talk about how changing the rules of the game would make the game safer and weather it was something that needs to be done. I was going to interview players, coaches, officials and parents to hear their views on the topic. My second idea is Parkour. I am going to explain what Parkour is and how it came around. I will then interview participants of Parkour on their views and why they are out doing it. I am hoping to get an interview with the head of London sport to find out what they are doing to help make Parkour a bigger sport. My third idea is the London riots and why they happened. I was going to talk about what happened and why it all happened so that my audience would have a greater understanding of the topic. I was hoping to interview local people in the affected area and police officers that took part in helping to stop the rioter’s from destroying their local area.

Meeting the Brief My chosen idea will meet the brief as it will entertain, inform and educate the audience which is something that all BBC documentaries should do in one way or another. The idea of Parkour is something that will be entertaining it audience as it doesn’t really get shown to the rest of the world. It is something which is done but not scene witch I think gives it a great appeal as when people aren’t told anything but still know it happens it make them want to know about it. My first idea I rejected as I didn’t think it meet the brief as from my primary research I found out that it didn’t really appeal to the whole of my target audience. This was due to the fact that not many people play rugby and there don’t know much about it so making a documentary about the making it safer may not appeal to people who don’t already know about rugby. I rejected my third idea as I don’t think it would have educated my target audience as I don’t think I would have been able to get the people in the high authority which archery now about everything that happened with the London riots. My second idea parkour has got some limitations these are that it will be hard to get the footage that I’ll need for example interviews with professional parkour athletes. I also think it will be hard to get actors that are able to do parkour for me to film.

Audience Viability Parkour is some think that from my focus group I know will appeal to my chosen target audience as it is fast, exciting and new to the eyes of most of my audience. This means that they will be more interested in being tort what Parkour is. I also fort that it would be fun to make there for I will be interested in the project and put my all in to it the whole way through. I rejected my first idea as I didn’t believe it would entertain my target audience this is because rugby wasn’t very well now within my focus group the reaction I got from them wasn’t very strong. I didn’t really get a straight answer I believe this is because they don’t know much about rugby and that has put them off. I rejected my third idea as my focus group didn’t seem very interested in it the responses to my questions were very blunt and they didn’t seem to have any interest in the idea for a documentary I also found from my research that the majority of people were blaming teenagers and young adults which is my target audience. I found that my focus group didn’t like this and found it rather offensive as they had nothing to do with it. Parkour audience viability is that it something that is not wildly now which means that my audience may decide they don’t like it or gets board of it. The hardest part is going to be trying to make it appeal to the whole of my target audience as it is a big group of people from all different back ground with completely different tastes.

Content viability I chose the idea of parkour as I found a lot of information on the subject when doing my secondary research. This meant I had a lot of information on the topic which will help when talking about it. I was also able to get a lot of archive footage and videos on the subject which I would be able to use. I rejected my first idea of rugby because its content would have required you to have an understanding of the subject which I work out my audience didn’t have. It would also be hard to get interviews with the people at the top of their fields who would no best about what was happening as well as being a reliable source that the audience will be able to trust. I rejected my third idea as all the information I had found I didn’t think was very reliable. I also thought it would be hard to get interviews with the people that would be trusted by my audience for example a police officer who took part in stopping the London riots or a shop owner who was affected by the riot. Parkour has its limitations for example there aren’t many people doing it so it’s hard to find experts on the subject. I have found it hard looking for people to interview there aren’t many people participating in parkour in England most of the big names such as David Bell are in France and America and would be able to be interviewed.

Technical viability I chose my idea as parkour is something that can be done anywhere as it is basically running with obstacles in your way. This means it will be easier to film as I won’t need a specific set. I will have access to all the equipment I will need as the school will be lending me filming equipment and I don’t need any equipment to participate in parkour. I rejected the idea of rugby as it would have been too hard to get a time slot to film interviews at a real rugby stadium such as Twickenham. I would also have to travel around a lot to different clubs round the country to interview players and officials to hear their views. I rejected my third idea as I wasn’t sure on whether or not it would be safe to go and interview people who were out looting. And going to the area were the riots took place with expensive filming gear may not be very safe. I may have some limitation when making my documentary on parkour such as the areas to do parkour can be any were but the places where the elite athletes go is normally illegal which means I wouldn’t be able to do. There are place specially built for parkour but you need to pay for them and they are located I’m Manchester, Paris and somewhere in California.

Conclusion I have chosen parkour as my subject for my documentary as I believe it will be existing fun to make there for I will be interested in the project and put my all in to it the whole way through. . I also believe it will draw in the audience as it is something new to most people. Parkour is something I know a bit about as well as having all the information from the internet. Parkour is a sport that can be done for free and anywhere this is something that I think makes it different from most sport. My next steps in pre-production with are to plan out exactly what I’m going to do in the documentary. I with then probably make an anermatic to help me visualise what it will look like. I will then move on to writing a shooting scrip.

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