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This Diet Controls cardiovascular Risk and Improve Eating Habits

Personal contact and group sessions contribute effectively to that end, according to a study in 1,551 adults conducted. A 12-month intervention promoting the Mediterranean diet can favorably modify the dietary patterns of a person without cardiovascular disease but with risk factors (diabetes, hypertension, obesity, sedentary lifestyle ...). This is the main conclusion of a study, published in the prestigious Journal of the US Dietetic Association, which demonstrates the effectiveness for the purpose of the interaction with the individual to motivate and agree objectives, the group sessions, and the free provision of key foods. “Previous research suggests that frequent contact during an intervention is important to achieving a change in behavior on the diet. Also, intensive group counseling is more effective to change the habits that a prospectus without other reinforcement, "says lead researcher Meredith Zazpe, dietitian Department of Medicine and Public Health Pamplona campus.

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