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Jamie Cabatit 2013 Portfolio

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Advertising & Design


Advertising & Design: Spicing Up McCormick

Spicing Up McCormick Spicing Up McCormick won two thesis awards on April 2013 for its excellence: the Best Thesis Award in Campaigns and the Gawad Tanglaw 2013 certificate and thesis grant awarded by the University of the Philippines College of Fine Arts.

Challenge: While experienced cooks use McCormick freely, herbs remain a foreign and unapproachable for less experienced cooks who are restricted to cooking simple and uninspired food instead of experimenting with the wide array of McCormick dried herbs. Insight: Open the door to culinary experimentation by giving apprehensive cooks the kitchen confidence to have home-cooked gourmet, their way. Solution: Create a campaign that will create multisensory avenues for cooks to experience McCormick’s line of dried herbs and go straight to using them in their every day cooking.

Time to usher in the younger and more playful successor to the McCormick bottle design. This modern redesign is as functional as it is fashionable: The colors correspond with the individual herb’s level of intensity and pungency. The brighter colors reflect light and sweeter tones, while the darker shades represent the deep aromatic qualities of the herbs.


Advertising & Design: Spicing Up McCormick

The McCormick Flavor Truck A travelling food truck pays a visit to the Metro’s different business districts, offering a delicious gourmet alternative to typical fast food fare. The Flavor Truck serves up dishes which highlight the seven McCormick herbs, highlighting their versitility. Diners not only receive a great meal, they also take home a copy of an easy recipe to get them started.

Beer & Butter Beer & Butter hooks up with local bars by turning typical beer nut fare into a gourmet herbed popcorn series that highlights each of the McCormick’s 7 herbs. Diners are then shared the quick and easy recipe, redirecting them to the mobile and online McCormick recipe database and application.

“Are you lost? Start with McCormick.” The shopping cart includes a QR code to redirect anyone who is still deciding on what to cook for dinner to the McCormick website for a weekly meal plan of McCormick inspired dishes.


Advertising & Design: Spicing Up McCormick

The Flavor Finder App Cooking gourmet your way has never been easier with The McCormick Flavor Finder App. This application is made with the picky and on-the-go individual in mind. It customizes recipe suggestions to the user’s taste and needs, starting from his or her herbs of choice all the way to the ingredients to be used.


Advertising & Design: Train Man Redesign

Train Man Redesign A cover redesign of bestselling novel Train Man (Densha Otoko) by Hitori Nakano and launch event poster design.


Advertising & Design: Safe Is Sexy

Safe Is Sexy In light of increased sexual activity among the youth, there comes the challenge of informing young adults of safe sex practices in a way both informative and interesting. This advocacy campaign focuses on empowering young women to make smart choices in their sex lives.

Challenge: Based on an informal survey conducted among female Filipino college students, half of the respondents were sexually active, but less than half knew how to use condoms, and close to none carried condoms with them. Insight: A vast majority of the respondents reported to regularly consume online pornography, and studies have shown that youths today are learning most of their sexua l habits from pornographic content. The problem is, pornographic videos very rarely show the use of condoms. Solution: Promote the use of condoms by making safe sex a sexy non-negotiable through a playful and informative campaign targeted towards sexually active young women.

HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO HAVE SEX TONIGHT? This sexy brochure briefs young women with the basic info on safer sex and the gear to go out and get it. The interactive illustration can be cycled through to reveal several playful kinks, changing the setting except for the nonnegotiable condom. The brochure can be placed in trendy bars and clubs, to keep fun-loving women ready and informed.


Advertising & Design: Safe Is Sexy

SEXY CONDOM DISPENSER This condom dispenser delivers the important message of staying safe by using a tongue-in-cheek reference to the plethora of popular themes found in porn websites. Meant to grab attention and dispense condoms for women in need.


SAFETY REMINDER SHELF TALKER If a regular cycle uninterrupted by unwanted pregnancy is your concern, these shelf-talkers situated at the feminine care aisle of groceries and convenience stores gives a little reminder to stay stocked in sexual safety equipment.



SAFE FOR HER PLEASURE CONDOM UMBRELLAS Intended to be placed in public areas as a free-to-borrow umbrella, these plain, dotted, and ribbed condom themed umbrellas are a subtle reminder that safety can come in different textures and sizes.


Advertising & Design: Shen Run

Shen Run A mobile game concpetualized and illustrated for an internship at icannhas Inc.

I was involved in Shen Run’s conceptualization and produced all final graphics, illustrations, and animations, which were coded by programmers in my team. Shen Run was conceived as a simple game which follows the adventures of a lost dragon traveling across several terrains in search of its mother. The visuals are a play on traditional Chinese art and paper cutouts, resulting in a lighthearted aesthetic intended for casual gamers of all ages.

Play and pause screens, and a variety of different playable dragons to be unlocked.


Advertising & Design: HOPE Campaign

HOPE Campaign These are the poster and brochure design for a mock campaign promoting awareness on organ donation in the Philippines, intended to encourage young Filipinos to become organ donors. It highlights the impact of organ donation on younger individuals, while simultaneously informing the audience about the ease with which they can save a life by procuring an organ donation card.

Brochure design with special die cut instructions on the front flap to add to the illusion of missing organs.


Advertising & Design: Choose Your Poison

Choose Your Poison A guide to a rainbow of different alcoholic beverages, designed for print.

This assignment was a challenge on editorial design and black and white photography skills. The task was to create a photo book including a rainbow of colors using only black and white photographs - I interpreted it through a book of iconic alcoholic beverages, accompanied by cocktail recipes and serving suggestions.


Advertising & Design: Choose Your Poison

Illustration & Photography


Illustration & Photography: The Dreaming

The Dreaming An illustration intended to span across a two-page spread, in a collection of art following a single wordless narrative about a girl’s adventure through her dreams and nightmares.


Illustration & Photography: The Dreaming


Illustration & Photography: Porcelain

Porcelain An illustration on growth and brokenness.


Illustration & Photography: Hatid-Sundo

Hatid-Sundo An illustration on the intimacy of sharing an umbrella in the rainy season.


Illustration & Photography: Skyy Vodka

Skyy Vodka & Bombay Sapphire Taken for a series of bottles for a photobook of alcoholic beverages.


Illustration & Photography: Bombay Sapphire


Illustration & Photography: S’mores 1

S’mores 1 & 2 Home-made marshmallow s’mores styled and photographed for Muddy Bunny marshmallows.


Illustration & Photography: S’mores 2 h t t p : // b e . n e t / j a m i e c a b a t i t +63 917 863 4277 +632 776 62 60

Jamie Cabatit 2013 Folio  

A collection of Jamie Cabatit's best and recent works in advertising, design, and illustration.