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McBlarney’s County  Tap  Opens  in  Warren,  RI    

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(April  30,  2014,  Warren)  McBlarney’s  County  Tap  is  pleased  to  announce  that  they   are  officially  open  for  business  for  lunch  and  dinner  hours.  The  group  who  opened   the  restaurant  has  launched  a  new  website  and  weekly  specials  to  generate  a  fun   and  new  experience  for  everyone!     Located  on  Metacom  Avenue  in  Warren,  RI,  the  restaurant  will  be  open  seven  days  a   week  from  noon  to  1a.m.  McBlarney’s  differs  from  other  Irish  and  American  pubs  by   their  unique  menu  along  with  their  new,  completely  modernized  décor.       “We  renovated  the  lounge  that  now  has  20  or  so  TVs,  2  pool  tables,  hard  wood   floors,  and  couches.    It  was  done  in  an  effort  to  create  a  comfortable  room  to  watch   games,  play  pool,  and  accommodate  any  size  function,”  said  the  group.  The  lounge   also  has  an  entertainment  stage  and  will  be  bringing  in  local  musicians,  comedians   and  singers  on  weekends.  The  lounge  can  be  rented  for  no  fee,  expect  for  food  and   beverage  charges  by  headcount.       The  lounge  will  be  used  for  functions  like  birthday  parties,  reunions,  business   events  and  charity  fundraisers.  The  menu’s  is  priced  fair  between  $10-­‐$30,  and   items  range  from  the  classic  American  food  like  hamburgers  to  Irish  food  that   includes  Irish  Sea  Salmon  and  Mother’s  Meatloaf.       McBlarney’s  County  Tap  is  set  apart  from  the  others  in  town  due  to  their  beer   selections.  They  have  over  30  on-­‐tap  choices,  doubling  their  selection  of  beer  said   the  group.  With  the  large  selection  of  beer  and  many  televisions,  McBlarney’s  hopes   to  attract  sport  fans  to  come  in  and  watch  the  New  England  sport  teams  which  will   be  advertised  on  their  Facebook  and  Twitter  pages.     The  restaurant  does  take  reservations,  however  walk-­‐ins  are  always  welcomed  and   is  a  great  place  for  large  gatherings  or  a  nice  evening  out  with  your  children.    The   group  knows  that  their  staff  is  ready  to  give  you  the  best  dining  experience  possible!       “We  worked  hard  on  the  training  of  our  management  team  and  staff  prior  to   opening  to  provide  an  excellent  experience  for  our  guests!  We  hope  that  the  local   community  will  come  down  and  try  McBlarney’s  as  they  will  be  more  than   impressed  with  the  new  décor,  menu  and  beverage  selection  ”  said  the  group.     About  McBlarneys  County  Tap:  Located  on  632  Metacom  Ave,  Warren,  Rhode   Island  02885,  the  group  who  owns  McBlarney’s  County  Tap  also  owns  other   establishments  in  the  Rhode  Island  area.    They  can  be  reached  at  (401)  289-­‐0887,   on  the  web  at  and  followed  on  social  media  at     For  more  information  please  contact  Greg  Sampson,  multi-­‐media  marketing   manager  at  New  England  Publishing  Group,       ###    

Mcblarney's County Tap press release  

Written for my internship at New England Publishing Group

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