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Warner Tires   1328  E.  Edwards   Springfield,  IL  62703    

  Thursday,  October  3,  2013     Mr.  John  Smith   445  Book  St.   Springfield,  IL  62703     RE:  Your  Employment  at  Warner  Tires     Dear  Mr.  John  Smith:       It  is  with  sincere  regret  that  we  must  inform  you  that  your  position  at   Warner  Tires  has  been  eliminated.  The  layoffs  will  take  place  in  3  weeks,  starting  on   October  24,  2013.  We  are  fortunate  to  have  had  you  on  our  team  advocating  for  our   customers,  working  hard  and  efficiently  on  changing  tires,  and  selling  our  brand  to   other  consumers.         Warner  Tires  is  truly  suffering.  We  are  not  meeting  our  sales  quota  by  56%.   There  are  several  internal  production  issues  from  the  rising  cost  of  material   oveseas.  Warner  Tires  is  facing  difficulty  in  the  automotive  industry  among  other   competitors.    Warner  Tires  hopes  the  upcoming  merger  with  Town  Tire  will  help   alleviate  the  company’s  struggling  sales.         We  are  pleased  to  announce  a  series  of  seminars  to  help  assist  you  with  the   transition.    We  are  encouraging  you  to  attend  our  seminars.  Topics  and  times  are   listed  below.  All  seminars  will  be  held  in  room  300  at  6pm.       -­‐ Compensation       October  24th,  2013   -­‐ Healthcare  benefits       October  31th,  2013   -­‐ Psychological  counseling     November  7th,  2013   -­‐ How  to  get  your  welfare     November  14th,  2013   -­‐ Providing  references       November  21st,  2013   -­‐ Retirement  funds  /  pensions   November  28th,  2013     Thank  you  for  understanding.  For  more  information,  please  contact  the  human   resources  office  at  888-­‐8888.  We  wish  you  the  best  of  luck  in  your  future  endeavors.     Yours  truly,   CEO,  Jamie  Warner  

Redundancy Letter  
Redundancy Letter  

Written for COMM 350