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We cultivate and maintain a closely knit, diverse community of individuals with a motivation to collaborate with, learn from, and respect one another. We stress the interactions between biophysical processes and the development of constructed spaces. We strive to help students creatively adapt their passion for sustainability and social justice into professional, hands-on projects that produce real-world results. IN SHORT, WE EMPOWER OUR STUDENTS TO MAKE GOOD.


Fostering a collegial environment

WE ARE MORE than just a department. We’re a collective: thriving together, interacting and conversing with each other and the rest of the School of Architecture and Allied Arts. Our interpersonal, interdisciplinary style of education allows us to unify multiple perspectives and overcome both perennial and contemporary challenges in innovative ways.

Photo by Eric R. Bishott

Our drive and devotion set us apart academically, but a big part of what makes the University of Oregon remarkable is its location. From the woods to the Willamette River, from the coast to the Cascades, Oregon’s natural beauty is a catalyst that inspires us to push boundaries and redefine our industry.

WHERE UO’S EUGENE CAMPUS is minutes from the wilderness or an hour from the coast or the mountains, our facilities in the White Stag Block of Portland are nestled in the center of an urban experience rich with forwardthinking design, city-wide contemporary architecture, and the kind of community and attitudes that turn inventive ideas into beautiful realities. OUR CITIES ARE LIKE NONE OTHER IN THE WORLD: THERE IS NOWHERE LIKE OREGON.


Our job is to revolutionize our surroundings for generations to come.

Study in Kyoto

Urban Farm Landscape Representation

Delve into the unique perspectives and urban landscapes of Kyoto, Japan.

Grow & harvest real food in a real urban environment.

Model the world as we see it and as we want it to be.

Fire Fire Ecology Ecology Study wildfires, controlled burns, and how to manage this powerful but dangerous tool.

Courthouse Garden Learn about community service and the maintenance of urban gardens.

Urban Design Alternative Futures

Historic Preservation Safeguard yesterday for today and tomorrow.

Ask and answer the question “What if?�

Respond to and beautify marginalized spaces in the city.

Climate Change Planning

Anticipate and plan for the evolving challenges of the future.

These busy, eclectic spaces offer a glimpse into how our minds work.

They are expressions of our academics, creativity, and personal identities.


The studio spaces of landscape architects are more than places to develop and execute ideas.

We like to get our hands dirty

WE PARTNER with groups like Design Bridge, Urban Farm, and the American Society of Landscape Architects to focus on real-world projects that are carried through to completion.

WE GROW TOGETHER We have one faculty member for every twelve students. Graduates, undergraduates and professors share ideas and expertise in small, 15-20 person classes and studios.

MANY INDUSTRIES HAVE AN IMPACT ON NATURE, but we make sure ours is for the better. We tackle our projects with the utmost respect for the world we all share, thinking in the long-term and solving problems in a distinctly Oregonian way.

We make sure that when we leave footprints behind, they’re green.

the word “landscape”

evokes images of TO MANY, THE WORD “LANDSCAPE” evokes images of lush forests, snow-capped mountains, and sunburnt deserts. But to landscape architects, it’s about more than natural beauty. In vacant lots, the places between buildings, and other marginalized urban spaces, we see sites filled with unrealized potential.

it’s more marginalized urban spaces

unrealized potential

the most

We are involved in the design of the most public of spaces, applying our unique combination of skills and priorities to issues facing communities both urban and rural.

public spaces

priorities urban and rural



We’re also here because the Department of Landscape Architecture gives us the opportunity to pursue our ambitions and provides us with practical knowledge of the professional world. Our alumni have gone on to work in multitudes of positions, practices, and locations across the country and throughout the world.


University of Oregon Department of Landscape Architecture (541) 346-3634

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