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Micah 6:8

March 2013

Do Justice. Love Mercy. Walk Humbly.

Greetings and peace in Jesus name! We trust this finds you well.

New Year, New News As 2013 begins to pick up steam, so too is our new little family establishing our routine. Micah has been thriving in kindergarten, learning so much so very fast.  Given how little English he spoke just a year ago, we are amazed at how well he is doing.  We are especially grateful for the amazing staff at Winnipeg Mennonite Elementary & Middle School for providing such incredible support to both Micah and to our family as a whole.  Micah has also decided that he wants his own distinct look, convincing Jamie to shave his head… COMPLETELY BALD.  Needless to say, his fun

personality makes him the perfect fit in our home and in our hearts. Christmas was a mix of joy and sorrow.  While we were thrilled to spend the holidays with Jamie's family, we also mourned the loss of his grandmother, Sophie Arpin.  The sad beauty of such a loss is that, as we mourn and remember the one who has died, we take deep comfort and joy in coming together as a family in that process.  To connect with the wider Arpin family was precious to us.  We were all also overwhelmed by the love and support extended to us by friends and community members.  To all of you who prayed, called, cooked, visited and cried with us, thank you.  We'll miss you, Mémère!


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New Year, New News

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Ministry Update

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The Harvest Is Plentiful, But...

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Micah 6:8 | 445 Furby St. Winnipeg, MB R3B 2V7 | |

Ministry Updates As we write these words, we are days away from launching our very first Peace & Justice Internship as a new program offered through Youth With A Mission (YWAM) Urban Ministries Winnipeg. As Christians- especially young peopleare increasingly drawn to issues of peace and justice, we felt called to help provide not only a context to responsibly explore these expressions of faith, but to help people do so with a solid, Biblical foundation, rooting it in the Gospel.  Our three interns will spend three months sharing life in our community house and our neighbourhood.  We are partnering with other churches and ministries to help give them practical, hands on experience throughout.   We are excited that one of the interns, Laura, is a member of the leadership team for our church plant, Little Flowers Community.  Her participation in the internship

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will be designed to strengthen her skills, understanding and experience so that she can increasingly serve our church and neighbourhood. Keep her in prayer as she continue to raise the funds for the internship.  Also remember the other interns, who come from as far away as Va n c o u v e r I s l a n d a n d S a n Francisco.  It is a privilege for us to participate in this kind of discipleship and missional formation in peoples lives.  While we are co-leading the program, Kim has been the primary force behind this initiative, so keep her in your prayers too.   Little Flowers Community is entering into a stage of growth and maturity that is both exciting and demanding.  The church leadership team, on which Jamie serves as pastor, is being challenged to foster more intentionality of living our the gospel together into our neighbourhood in ways that are meaningful, effective and responsible- big challenges in any

context, but especially so in our inner city community. Jamie is also establishing a good balance between his roles locally and the increasing invitations to speak at churches and conferences.  He is also very active with his writing on many fronts.   Finally, we are excited to announce that Jamie has accepted a role as a member of Forge Canada's national leadership team as the Manitoba Coordinator.  Forge Canada is a growing network of leaders and churches in Canada who are committed to training leaders and churches to transform their neighbourhoods.  Jamie will serve as the Manitoba regional coordinator, as well as using his writing and social media experience to expand the network.  We would highly encourage you to check out Forge Canada or contact us for more details.  Visit for more details.

Micah 6:8 | 445 Furby St. Winnipeg, MB R3B 2V7 | |

The Harvest Is Plentiful, But... While we are always needing to develop and strengthen our financial missionary support team, we have been so blessed at how generous you have all been in standing with us. Having passed through a difficult and lean season, we are now feeling increasing stability with financial support.  Know that your prayer and support make possible all that we do.  You are partnering in these kingdom endeavours, "holding up our arms", if you will.  Thank you so much.  Please continue to pray for us.  We

also continue to invite you to give financially to support our work (see enclosed info). The greater challenge we face in this season is our increasing need for co-labourers.  At present, we (Kim & Jamie) are the only two full-time staff with our local YWAM ministry, stretching us in our responsibilities while also limiting our capacity to run all of our programs.  We are adapting well, but hope that others will join our team in the coming year. 

MICAH’S CLASSIC QUOTES: While out for lunch one day, Micah was exceptionally energetic. Jamie: “Well, aren’t you just full of beans today, Micah!” Micah: “Beans make me fart!” Kim: “Thanks for sharing, son.” Micah: “Mommy, Jesus likes it when we share.”

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Micah 6:8 | 445 Furby St. Winnipeg, MB R3B 2V7 | |

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The Harvest Is Plentiful, But... cont. Also, as Little Flowers Community grows- and Chiara House is set to open this summer, Lord willing- we are in great need of others to join our church community to work with us as partners in ministry and presence in the neighbourhood. As Jesus said, the harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.  Help us call a few more workers to the fields! Perhaps you might one of them.

In the midst of the details and the challenges, however, we remind ourselves why we are here: To participate with God in building His kingdom, being and making disciples of Jesus Christ, being shaped more and more into His image.  And we know that, no matter what happens, as long as we are faithful to that calling, God is our provider.

Until next time Whenever we do newsletters like this, we are never sure what to share. There are so many details about life that we could share, but want to make sure to share what you are most interested in hearing. If there are questions for us or things you would like to see in our updates that aren’t here, please let us know. We’d love to hear from you. With that, we hope that you have a wonderful season this coming spring. We can hardly wait for the snow (and slush) to disappear and get out into the neighbourhood for walks. Perhaps you’ll stop by and join us so we can show you the “hood”. So until next time, God bless!

Peace & all good,

Jamie & Kim & Micah

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Micah 6:8 | 445 Furby St. Winnipeg, MB R3B 2V7 | |

Arpin-Ricci Newsletter - March 2013  
Arpin-Ricci Newsletter - March 2013  

The Arpin-Ricci Newsletter for March 2013