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Jamie Woodhouse The Gift The Gift is a 2000 supernatural thriller film directed by Sam Raimi from a screenplay by Billy Bob Thornton and Tom Epperson starring Cate Blanchett as our protagonist, a card reader who soon becomes caught up in a murder case in a small town in the south of America. The character of Annie is typical of a thriller film because she’s a strong independent woman who has the duty of both parents since her husband’s passing, but on the other hand she is bullied by Keanu Reeves’ character antagonist Donnie a redneck with anger issues who beats his wife – Hilary Swank – and resents Annie for “filling her head with shit” and brands her a Satan worshipper, it reflects on a common trait of thrillers which involve women being fragile or weak while incorporating real life issues such as domestic violence into the film. Katie Holmes’ character bring in a majority of the thriller elements with her adulterous character Jessica going missing and shortly after turning up dead and covered chains in Donnie’s pond, thus setting up the rest of the plot, solving who killed her. Annie had foreseen something bad happening to Jessica earlier on in the film when she asked her if she’d live happily ever after and she has a premonition of her feet being wet and covered in leaves and pond weeds. The film’s score by Christopher Young combines a homely southern country sound with a traditional thriller score. Raimi’s film plays on the common fears of children being hurt and home invasion with Donnie grabbing Annie’s son by the arm and saying bad things about her and then breaking into their house and leaving horrible messages laid out on Annie’s bed with her tarot cards.

the gift textual analysis  

textual analysis