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Red Eye is a thriller film released in 2005 and directed by genius Wes Craven from a screenplay by Carl Ellsworth based on a story devised by Ellsworth himself and Dan Foos. The film starts off at a fast pace achieved through Craven and Patrick Lussier’s editing skills and a score delivered by Marco Beltrami – whose music as always is full of energy and engages the audience in the film with low ominous rumbling strings which blow up into a repetitive beat of strings and drums that suitably accompanies the footage. Red Eye is a crime thriller as we can tell from the opening scene in which Brian Cox’s character has his wallet stolen from inside his own home which is followed up by a scene of a gloved hand rifling through his credit cards in a motel room. A hand is then shown going over some plans for the penthouse of a hotel and then we cut to a crate which is hiding a big metal box amidst a block of ice with frozen fish – the box is stamped Inspection Approved this connotes that it’s planned and whoever these criminals are they have people everywhere. The crate then arrives somewhere else and is taken apart by dock workers – connoting that whatever it is that’s in the box, it’s important and needs to be kept a secret – who then haul it into a van and go off with it. Amidst all this are exploits of common fears such as home invasion and the more modern fear of identity theft.

Red Eye Textual Analysis  

textual analysis for red eye

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