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b• energized 2020 Recital

thank you Brooke Hardebeck studio owner

Thank you for being a special part of our 7th annual Studio b Recital Session! This is one for the history books for sure! I’m grateful that we had several weeks at the beginning of this session to be together. We made a lot of great memories in a short amount of time: being reunited with old friends and making new ones, taking “first day of dance” photos, learning choreography, showing parents what was learned at the end of class, trying that new skill and talking and laughing with friends in the lobby. We love it all! The theme we chose for the 2020 recital was “b.Energized!” There is such a strong, positive energy that flows through the building at Studio b with dancers, parents, fitness friends and staff. You can’t help but feel it! It is an amazing community and because of that we have been able to be strong together even when we can’t be together in-person. For those of you who have been with us for a previous recital session, you know that the Studio b recital is an amazing experience to be a part of! We pride ourselves on taking care of every detail so that dancers and audience members enjoy every moment. This year we reimagined what the end of our recital session looks like and we celebrated our dancers in a new way with a virtual performance. I know that a virtual performance is not the same experience as our live recital, but I’m grateful that through all of this we can help to provide a little bit of the recital experience to our dancers. As a mom, I saw my children come to life as they put on their costumes and I saw the joy in their faces to be able to show us what they have learned and perform virtually with their friends! I’m grateful that we can be a part of that moment of joy and happiness for other families. I’m so incredibly proud of our staff for how they have handled all of this. Our dance and fitness instructors have learned a new way to teach their classes and connect with our Studio b families. In what seemed like a moment’s notice, they completely adapted to the change in order to deliver our services. And not only did they continue to teach their regular classes but they also created content that we made available for free to the community to do our part to help as many people in our community as possible. Please be sure to thank them when you have the opportunity! A special shout out goes to all of the dance parents! I have seen first hand with my own children how challenging this all has been - for dancers and parents. But you made it happen! You learned how to set up an at-home dance space and connect to a virtual dance class. You gave emotional support and words of encouragement when it was hard for your dancer to only see their instructor and classmates through a screen. You have been strong for them at times when you didn’t feel strong. And you did all of this while juggling all of the responsibilities and changes in your own life. You embraced the change and set an example for your children on how to embrace change. It’s a big life lesson on a grand level that none of us expected! I believe that together we have provided a bit of normalcy, familiarity and comfort to our community. We all know that Studio b provides more than dance and fitness classes and I have never been more certain of that than now. Thank you again for your continued love and support. We feel blessed and grateful for this community. Because of your support, Studio b is here for your dancer and this community now and we will be here when the day comes that we can be together again in person! With gratitude and love, Brooke

Studio b Dance Team



Clap Your Hands

Eva Albrecht, Lillyann Bowen, Cindy Du, Natalia Gajdzik, Callie Kaiser, Lily Kaiser, Mia Kamchewere, Lucy Lucas, Sadie Miller, Cecelia Pearl, Clara Penington, Jaidyn Widmer

Elizabeth Araujo McDill, Kaylee Baker, Aanya Gaud, Nadia Isley, Serena Maxwell, Dacey Miller, Genevieve Pressler, Alexis Samuel, Claire Sedam, Elayna Smith, Abigail Zuccaro

Kellie Kunard -- acro IV / V

Sophia Strain -- jazz II

Life is a highway

My Family

Mila Brewer, Harper Brooks, Adileigh Chapman, Annelise Dobrin, Desiree Dobrin, Olivia Farmer-Forbes, Charlotte Herbert, Roxi Moeschberger, Chloey Payne, Grace Ruan, Alice Shalaev, Michelle Shalaev, Ella Sweet, Emily Zhou

Ava Cappelleri, Avery Kovich, Eloise Lough, Penelope Lucas, Rayne Shepherd

Kellie Kunard -- acro II 3:30

RED Balloon

Kellie Kunard -- acro I

Kynlee Clawson, Cambree Collins, Lily Hardebeck, Eva Hunt, Rory King, Anna Perkins, Aubrey Seiler, Juliette Walker, Alaina Werkmeister

CELestial soda pop

Stephanie Wilson -- contemporary I / II

Isabel Brewer, Kenzie Edmisten, Zoey Edmisten, Evie Hudson, Audrey Tonnsen, Harper Westphal, Kate Wilson, Abigail Zuccaro

Stay alivE

Melanie Smeltzer -- tap SbDT routine Sun 4:25

Mackenzie Dixson, Angie Harmon, Annabelle Harmon, Alicia Orr, Katie Weil


Sydney Serban -- tutu princess Thurs

Kayleigh Boggs, Hallee Hardin, Ainsley Haselby, Katie Luyster, Avery Messer, Naomi Rockette, Harper Sailors, Miriam Shannahan, GretaTonnsen, Maggie Welcher

Let It Shine

Jessica Culbertson -- hip hop kids Sat (ages 5-7)

Emma Carpenter, Jonah Correa, Leighton Evans, Keegan Fee, Ava Gilbert, Stella Hamilton, Asher Harvey, Viktor Hintz, Cecilia Hurt, Izzy Reinert, Olivia Samuel, Kinsley Sperback, Delaney Wegiel

Flow Jackson -- hip hop I Tues 4:15 (ages 7-12)


Alexa Struss -- jazz SbDT routine Wed

Addison Baker, Sterling Geswein, Angie Harmon, Stephanie Hastings, Jenny Lin, Jaidyn Widmer


Sophia Strain -- tutu princess Mon

Kynlee Clawson, Cambree Collins, Lucy Flueckiger , Mary Ivey, LuLu Lewis, Ava Milakis, Charlotte Neff, Lucy Rogers, Kinleigh Schroll, River Thompson, Zoe Thompson

The Magic Within You

Stephanie Wilson -- tutu princess Thur 5:10 (ages 4-6)

Adeline Albritton, Evelyn Brooks, Valerie Manai Cammarano, Ariel Ge, Scarlett Hamilton, Francesca Hermida, Nevyn Misch, Adriana Sophia Navarro, Savannah Roberts, Gabriella Sedam, Lola Tribbett


Kelsey Molnar -- lyrical SbDT routine Sun

Annie (Annelyse) BurchďŹ eld, Allison Delgado, Kendall Fetter, Emily Hall, Sarah Hall, Miri Hallenbeck

I Can’t Let You Throw Yourself Away

Mindy Hibbert -- tiny tutu princess Wed 5:50

Lydia Carroll, Evelyn DeVon, Arabella Fluellen, Hattie Grossman, Presley Hallas, Rachael Jackson, Catherine Munguia-Lapre, Liliana Olvera, Claire Papineau, Vivian Pike, Emerson Roe, Kirsten Weller-Puetz

Funky Monkey

Don’t Let Me Down

Anna Busch, Bella Cramsey, Zoey Deford, Sofia Meyer, Rowan Phillippo, Allie Rice

Addison Baker, Kayden Boersma, Callie Kaiser, Lily Kaiser, Alexa Mahlke, Emma McKinnis, Macy Pugh, Jaidyn Widmer

Melanie Smeltzer -- tap I 7:00 (ages 7+)

Stephanie Wilson -- contemporary SbDT routine Tues

Makeshift Spaceship

Some Call It Magic

Eva Albrecht, Mackenzie Dixson, Natalie Fitzgibbons, Sterling Geswein, Angie Harmon, Annabelle Harmon, Meredith Marshall

Lily Hardebeck, Kinleigh Schroll, Clara Zuccaro

Kelsey Molnar --musical theatre SbDT routine Sun

Sea Cruise

Melanie Smeltzer -- tap II 6:25 (ages 7-9)

Elise Brown, Aubri Bruck, Jamie Delgado, Natalia Gajdzik, Emma Hardebeck, Lilly Jud, Mia Kamchewere, Claire Sedam, Olivia Shannahan

Sleeping Beauty Finale Sophia Strain -- ballet I Fri

Victoria Aquino, Amy Mast, Scarlett McKinney, Oriyah Miller, Makenna Roberson, Catherine Smith, Gabriela Suckow, Sereniti Thomas, Lila Weller Rahatzad, Kennedy Wolf

Scales and Arpeggios

Zoe Malavenda -- pre-ballet Wed (ages 6-7)

Ellie Boszor, Anna Busch, Vivian DeVon, Gracelynn Fisher, Reese Fisher, Nadia Hassan, Hannah Jackson, Kherington May, Catherine Meng, Katie Papineau, Clara Zuccaro

Zoe Malavenda -- kiddie jazz (ages 4-6)

Watch Me

Flow Jackson -- boys hip hop (ages 7+)

Ryker Clawson, David Daugherty, Aspenn Evans, Oliver Hampton, Guy Moriarty, Gage Phillippo, A.J. Props

Sky Full of Stars

Stephanie Wilson -- ballet II

Eliana Armstrong, Saige Clawson, Jamie Delgado, Natalia Gajdzik, Avery Haselby, Mia Kamchewere, Sophie Munguia-Lapre, Bella Pacheco, Rylynn Simpkins, Emilia Suckow, Chuqi zhou, Abigail Zuccaro

Run To You

Kelsey Molnar -- contemporary SbDT routine Mon Eva Albrecht, Emily Brown, Sterling Geswein, Jenny Lin

Came to Get Funky

Flow Jackson -- hip hop II (ages 13-18)


Kyleigh Browning, Felicia Ekola, Nika Isley, Lucy Lucas, Nicole Nguyen, Kayla Ortiz

Annie (Annelyse) Burchfield, Saige Clawson, Allison Delgado, Leighton Dixson, Isabella Gentry, Emily Hall, Lucy Hall, Sarah Hall, Ava Hallenbeck, Stephanie Hastings

Into the Unknown

Flow Jackson -- hip hop SbDT routine Wed 7:05


Zoe Malavenda -- lyrical I (ages 7-12)

Elizabeth Araujo McDill, Lillian Burton, Olivia Gilbert, Chesney Hartman, Eva Hunt, Alaina Messer, Sofia Meyer, Jaylee Rogers, Sara Tingle

Razzle Dazzle

Stephanie Wilson -- musical theatre jazz SbDT (ages 13-18)

Charlotte Herbert, Molly Kauffman, Ana (Tori) Negron-Carrero, Bella Pacheco

Cristin Coons Miller -- tutu princess Wed

Addi Barnes, Savanna Campbell, Arielle Carroll, Scarlet Deppe, Audrina Hallas, Kinley Hulsey, Zoey Jung, Addison McIntire, Roselyn Olvera, Emma Pielet, Avery Savoy, Piper Strode, Khloe Van Auken, Sophia VanderPlaats, Eleanor Wade, Arbor Wilson, Carson Wood


Alexa Struss -- lyrical SbDT routine Tues 4:30

Addison Baker, Kayden Boersma, Ava Hallenbeck, Stephanie Hastings, Lily Kaiser, Alexa Mahlke, Emma McKinnis, Macy Pugh, Jaidyn Widmer

Thank you, Studio B, for another FABULOUS year!

Gracie & Reilly Fisher G

914 Columbia Street, Lafayette www.FisherFuneralChapel.com 765-742-1117


Kellie Kunard -- acro III

Macy Bogan, Elise Brown, Jamie Delgado, Kendall Fetter, Daphne Goldberg, Emma Hardebeck, Paige Hollingsworth, Lilly Jud, Sophia Ringer, Taelynn Robbins, Andersynn Thompson, Jocelyn Widmer, Linden Wilson

Circus Parade

Kellie Kunard -- acro II 1:30

Bailey Baugh, Kyleigh Bonty, Reese Fisher, Kailynn Hollingswort, Aubrey James, Scout King, Emerson McLaughlin, Violet Moriarty, Mabel Obourn, Korina Smith, Michaela Thompson, Eleanor Wetli

Under Pressure

Cristin Coons Miller -- open SbDT routine Thurs

Ashlyn Boersma, McKenna Boersma, Lindsey (SbDT) Haehnel, Meredith Noll, Alicia Orr, Park Peterson, Ashlyn Waddington

Do You Want to Build a Snowman Mindy Hibbert -- tiny tutu princess Wed 4:30

Aimee Borchert, Palmer Brooks, Vada Brothers, Brynlee Cox, Alexa Jud, Hailey Kauffman, Kile Richard, Genevieve Traeger, Iris Xiao


Flow Jackson -- hip hop I Tues 5:10 (ages 7-12)

Patrick Borchert, Ully Datsenka, Gracelynn Fisher, Ahnaliyah Harper, Camilla Leon, Mackenzie Lewis, Dani Notoras, Angela Ruiz, Kaedynce Tolentino, Isabelle Wetli

Fabulous Feet

Sarah Fisher -- twinkle toes tap Fri

show 2

It’s A Good Time Cristin Coons Miller & Brooke Hardebeck -- hip hop SbDT Wed 4:15

Elise Brown, Jamie Delgado, Natalia Gajdzik, Emma Hardebeck, Lilly Jud, Mia Kamchewere, Avery (SbDT) Marfell, Reese Mazur, Kataleya Serrano

Set It Off

Sophia Strain -- center court (ages 7-12)

Brooke Brohm, Ryan Brown, Daphne Goldberg, Olivia Groeber, Saki Ito, Eleanor (Ellie) Jastrzebski, Addison Loftus, Madison Nagle, Penelope O’Brien, Kara Schieler, Catherine Smith, Andersynn Thompson, Abigayle Vasicek

Beyond the Sea

Claire Schraidt -- ballet III

Kayden Boersma, Madigan Boesch, Kylie Cox, Leighton Dixson, Emily Hall, Lucy Hall, Sarah Hall, Johanna Karcher, Alexa Mahlke, Izabella Moeschberger

We Got This Together

Kelsey Molnar -- tutu princess Tues

Avery Beers, Emry Camus, Reilly Fisher, Elizabeth Foddrill, Stella Fox, Kailynn Hollingsworth , Maizy Huston, Leah Kauffman, Brooke Kaverman, Jovey Rawlings, Rosie Salazar, Cathryn Tanner, Adeline Tauber, Eleanor Wetli, Ariyah Williamson

The Candyman

Melanie Smeltzer -- tap SbDT routine Sun 3:30

Clella Berger, Elise Brown, Jamie Delgado, Natalia Gajdzik, Emma Hardebeck, Lilly Jud, Reese Mazur

All Is Found

Kelsey Molnar -- pre-ballet Tues (ages 6-7)

Violet Boesch, Lauren Chism, Irene Gibbs, Olivia Groeber, Aubrey James, Elizabeth Foddrill, Carolina Gross, Francesca Hermida, Maizy Huston, Lilah Ibanez, Amelia ODell, Eva Richards, Sadie Roth, Kyndalynn Tolentino Lila Jannasch, Bethany Kaverman, Audrey Martin, Emerson McLaughlin, Cadence Sweet, Olive Tanner, Hailey Wever

One Small Thing

Kelsey Molnar -- b.boppers (ages 4-5)

Boogie Shoes

Stella Fox, Aubrey James, Emerson McLaughlin , Adriana Sophia Navarro, Melanie Smeltzer -- tap I 6:05 (ages 7+) Leah Briggs, Kenzie Freeman, Calla Gawthrop, Paige Hollingsworth, Emma Pielet, Aubrey Seiler, Sophia VanderPlaats Cannon Richard, Taelynn Robbins, Angela Ruiz, Daniela Salazar, Kaedynce Tolentino, Ella Winchester

Catchy Song

Friend Like Me

Eloise Andrew , Phoebe Christian, Emily Dunne, Tirsa Hoag, Nora Paul, Molly Roberts, Josie Smith, Adeline Tauber, Layton Tauber, Chesni Veloz, Piper Wright

Arabella Davis, Venia Drinea, Kayne Hall, Talma (TAL) Hibbert, Haddie Kottkamp, Hallston Lord, Veronica Lukens, Giaslen Mayorga, Emma Pielet, Cannon Richard, Payton Sundt , Lila Weller Rahatzad

Kelsey Molnar -- hip hop kids Tues (ages 5-7)

Mindy Hibbert -- hip hop kids Wed (ages 5-7)


Live Louder

Macy Bogan, Elise Brown, Audrey Clute, Elena Corwin, Mackenzie Grigsby, Ezra Hanthorn, Talma (TAL) Hibbert, Emma Kemp, Stella Miller, Ella Rivas, Grace Rivas, Elayna Smith, Kamryn Smith

Kayden Boersma, Leighton Dixson, Lucy Hall, Callie Kaiser, Mia Kamchewere, Alexa Mahlke, Cecelia Pearl

Flow Jackson -- hip hop I Thurs (ages 7-12)


Cristin Coons Miller -- lyrical SbDT routine Thurs

Ashlyn Boersma, McKenna Boersma, Lindsey (SbDT) Haehnel, Meredith Noll, Alicia Orr, Park Peterson, Ashlyn Waddington

Better Together

Sophia Strain -- jazz I (ages 6+)

Lucie Fennell, Summer Johnson, Avika Magliocca, Giovanna Mitrione, Erin Snell, Maehley Wyant

Saying Goodnight

Sophia Strain -- ballet I Mon 5:00

Kelsey Molnar -- jazz SbDT routine Sun 5:10

Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy

Sydney Serban -- ballet SbDT routine Thurs

Clella Berger, Harper Brooks, Esme Christian, Lily Hardebeck, Reese Mazur, Kataleya Serrano, Ella Sweet, Yuzuna Takeuchi, Ella Zobitz

Call Me Al

Melanie Smeltzer -- adult tap II (ages 18+)

Katie Camp , Kimberley Fredenburg, Kenitra Hendrix, Amelia Meyer, Julia Meyer, Karis Pressler

One Short Day

Cristin Coons Miller -- Broadway jazz (ages 7-12)

Allen Andrew, Aubri Bruck, Emma Goodman, Maddi Hilbrich, Ruth McPherson, SoďŹ a Meyer, Violet Moriarty, Laura Munguia-Lapre, Ryan Webster, Jocelyn Widmer, Ella Winchester

Leah Briggs, Niamh Cameron, Elena Corwin, Natalia Gajdzik, Olivia Grossman, Emma Hardebeck, Olivia Jansing, Lilly Jud, Sophia Lacay, Olivia Lucas, Makayla Nagle, Meredith Richards, Lyla Schenk, Isabelle Wetli, Islan Wilson, Katie Wright, Maggie Wright


Be Brave

Brailee Baker, Mellany Barrett, Grace Biggs, Patrick Borchert, Delaney Dalton, Reese Fisher, Irene Gibbs, Charlotte Okos, Allie Rice, Catherine Smith, Shayne Song, Johannah Swinford

Ashlyn Boersma, McKenna Boersma, Atiya Farooque, Natalie Fitzgibbons, Lindsey (SbDT) Haehnel, Emma Hawkins, Meredith Marshall, Meredith Noll, Alicia Orr, Cara Penquite, Cassidy Speaker, Ashlyn Waddington, Elly Walbaum, Madison Wessel

Kelsey Molnar -- b.boppers (ages 6-8)

It Don’t Mean a Thing

Melanie Smeltzer -- tap II 7:15 (ages 9+)

McKenna Baker, Allison Delgado, Miri Hallenbeck, Ella Love, Lyla Schenk, Isabelle Wetli

Cristin Coons Miller -- lyrical SbDT routine Tues

We are so proud of you Lulu! You are a great little dancer and we love watching you perform!

Good luc luck on your first recital! We are s so proud of you and all that yo you have accomplished this ye year. Shine bright and dan dance your heart out!

Love, Dad, Mom, Jorja, Finley Lottie

Love Mommy, Daddy and Callie

We are so proud of you, Aubrey! Your smile and enthusiasm lights up our world. We love you so much! Love, Mom, Dad, & Brinley


Roger Seiler, CPA/PFS

935 Mezzanine Dr Ste C Lafayette, IN 47905




show 3 Bun Up the Dance

Flow Jackson -- hip hop SbDT routine Tues

Ashlyn Boersma, McKenna Boersma, Natalie Fitzgibbons, Lindsey (SbDT) Haehnel, Annabelle Harmon, Emma Hawkins, Meredith Marshall, Meredith Noll, Alicia Orr, Park Peterson, Cassidy Speaker, Ashlyn Waddington, Elly Walbaum, Katie Weil, Madison Wessel

Part of Your World

Cristin Coons Miller -- tiny tutu princess Wed AM

Scarlett Cheek, Mya Jasche, Sawyer Lewis, Ryann Livingston, Addisyn McCarty, Evelyn Sweet, Edith Westen

Wipe Out

Jessica Culbertson -- tumble tots (ages 2.5-4)

Eilyn Bae, Sadie Dempewolf, Bryleigh Garnham, Zara Hall, Arelia McIntosh, Charles Mongold, Lulabelle (Lulu) Parcell, Emerson Roe, Rohan Sundaram

All Star

Kelsey Molnar -- hip hop I Mon (ages 7-12)

Taylor Allen, Ali Anderson, Celina Clawson, Sullivan Dyer, Calla Gawthrop, Ryleigh Herrin, Scarlette Holmes, Adeline Michael, Lola Miller, Kylee Savage

Life Size Ghosts Stephanie Wilson Atiya Farooque- senior solo

When I’m Older

Lexxi Spillers -- twinkle toes tap Sat

Kail Carmosin, Lily Hardebeck, Hilary Hockema, Emilia Martinez-Calderon, Isabelle Mazur, Reagan Osburn, Alizyah Surber

Be Who You Wanna Be

Sarah Fisher -- tutu princess Fri

Gwenyth Allen, youran duan, Lucy Herrin, Eliza Hill, Evelyn Keegan, Kate Korty, Lily Long, Kensley McCormick, Ki’Moni Oliver, Jovie Schaible, Audrey Schieler, Liliana Torres, Stephanie Zakharov

Bare Necessities

Kelsey Molnar -- movin’ & groovin’ Tues (ages 3-5) Lilliana Alaniz, Eilyn Bae, Henry Cameron, Liesel Gi

We Are Gonna Be Friends

Lexxi Spillers -- lyrical SbDT routine Mon

Elise Brown, Niamh Cameron, Elena Corwin, Jamie Delgado, Cindy Du, Kendall Fetter, Natalia Gajdzik, Isabella Gentry, Miri Hallenbeck, EmmaHardebeck, Lilly Jud, Mia Kamchewere, Avery (SbDT) Marfell


Stephanie Wilson -- modern SbDT routine Tues

Ashlyn Boersma, McKenna Boersma, Atiya Farooque, Natalie Fitzgibbons, Lindsey (SbDT) Haehnel, Emma Hawkins, Meredith Noll, Alicia Orr, Cara Penquite, Cassidy Speaker, Ashlyn Waddington, Elly Walbaum, Katie Weil

Eleanor Rigby

Sweet Georgia Brown

Natalie Fitzgibbons, Lindsey Haehnel, Jenny Lin, Alicia Orr, Cara Penquite, Madison Wessel

Constance Golando, Harriett Inouye, Manuela Rein-Ziegler, Camryn Tuggle

Claire Schraidt -- pointe

9 to 5

Alexa Struss -- musical theatre SbDT routine Wed

Annie (Annelyse) Burchfield, Saige Clawson, Allison Delgado, Leighton Dixson, Kendall Fetter, Isabella Gentry, Emily Hall, Lucy Hall, Sarah Hall, Cecelia Pearl

Melanie Smeltzer -- adult tap I (ages 18+)

Some Things Never Change

Lexxi Spillers -- tiny tutu princess Sat

Elena Bechtel, Abigail Bowers, Hannah Dowden, Lily Goff, Leah House, Sophia Kindy, Willow Mattingly, Harper May, Eleanor Mazur

Let’s Go Fly a Kite

Swan Lake Pas de Troi

Brexxlyn Brian, Ella Emans, Katie Hall, Sterling Weaver

Elise Brown, Niamh Cameron, Elena Corwin, Jamie Delgado, Cindy Du, Kendall Fetter, Natalia Gajdzik, Isabella Gentry, Miri Hallenbeck, Emma Hardebeck, Lilly Jud, Mia Kamchewere, Avery (SbDT) Marfell

Kelsey Molnar -- creative movement (ages 3-5)

Feel Like I’m Drowning Cristin Coons Miller

Sydney Serban -- ballet SbDT routine Sun

Lindsey Haehnel - senior solo

Love Is An Open Door

Royal Fun

Allison Deckard, Manuela Estima Padrão, Kenzie Freeman, Lillian Hall, Mackenzie Kelly, Ella Sweet, Penny Wang

Zoe Malavenda -- tiny tutu princess Wed 4:55

Piper Forth, Adlee Parker, Elena Smallwood, Brielle Veach


Melanie Smeltzer -- tap III

Mackenzie Dixson, Angie Harmon, Annabelle Harmon, Alicia Orr, Jaidyn Widmer


Jessica Culbertson -- tutu princess Sat

Ellie Banks, Sofia Bechtel, Keira Biss, Olivia Boes, Emily Broughton, Jennifer Dowden, Termeh Ghahremani, Lucy Hines, Emerson House, Jaylen Jackson, Brynn Lambert, Hazel Mattingly, Melinda Menekse, Charlotte Poynter, Emily Sun

One Moment In Time Cristin Coons Miller

Sophia Strain -- ballet I Mon 4:10

Duck Tales

Jessica Culbertson -- movin’ & groovin’ Sat (ages 3-5)

Kennedie Brown, Adalynn Downey, Arianna Fee, Claire Gumbel, Eleanor Jannasch, Heston Osburn, Layla Schwartz, Yathika Valavala


Candace Rohde-Johnson -- adult dance: combo/hip hop Deb Davidson, Amy Jones, Anna Loro, Victoria Matney, Mary Mitchell, Tammy Rhode, Angela Roberts

Rise and Shine

Sarah Fisher -- tiny tutu princess Fri

Maahika Brunese, Kassidy Dufault, Everly Graves, May Ito, Vanessa Krismartanto, Stella Oh, Hayden Rogers, Chloe Turner

Ashlyn Waddington - senior solo

Let’s Rock!

Call Me, Beep Me

Eva Albrecht, Addison Baker, Clella Berger, Ashlyn Boersma, Kayden Boersma, McKenna Boersma, Harper Brooks, Elise Brown, Emily Brown, Annie (Annelyse) Burchfield, Niamh Cameron, Esme Christian, Saige Clawson, Elena Corwin, Allison Delgado, Jamie Delgado, Leighton Dixson, Mackenzie Dixson, Cindy Du, Atiya Farooque, Kendall Fetter, Natalie Fitzgibbons, Natalia Gajdzik, Isabella Gentry, Sterling Geswein, Lindsey (SbDT) Haehnel, Emily Hall, Lucy Hall, Sarah Hall, Ava Hallenbeck, Miri Hallenbeck, Emma Hardebeck, Lily Hardebeck, Angie Harmon, Annabelle Harmon, Stephanie Hastings, Emma Hawkins, Lilly Jud, Callie Kaiser, Lily Kaiser, Mia Kamchewere, Jenny Lin, Alexa Mahlke, Avery (SbDT) Marfell, Meredith Marshall, Reese Mazur, Emma McKinnis, Meredith Noll, Alicia Orr, Cecelia Pearl, Cara Penquite, Park Peterson, Macy Pugh, Kataleya Serrano, Cassidy Speaker, Ella Sweet, Yuzuna Takeuchi , Ashlyn Waddington, Elly Walbaum, Katie Weil, Madison Wessel, Jaidyn Widmer, Ella Zobitz

Zoe Malavenda -- jazz SbDT routine Sun 1:40

Clella Berger, Harper Brooks, Esme Christian, Lily Hardebeck, Reese Mazur, Kataleya Serrano, Ella Sweet, Yuzuna Takeuchi, Ella Zobitz

Make the World Move

Alexa Struss -- jazz SbDT routine Mon

Emily Brown, Atiya Farooque, Natalie Fitzgibbons, Emma Hawkins, Cassidy Speaker, Elly Walbaum, Madison Wessel

Make Em Laugh Melanie Smeltzer Alicia Orr - senior solo

Brooke Hardebeck -- Stephanie Hilton -- SbDT production

meet the staff Brooke

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2019-2020 Studio b Staff

Thank You!

shoutouts f so proud ol e r a e w , fu Irene e a beautiou! r a u o Y ! you we love y rlie d n a r e c n da d, Cha a D , m o M Love, y and Tommbs) (Irene Gib for all of s k n a h T , Alicia ories. We m e m t a e r the g ud of your o r p o s e r a gress and dance pro rward to looking fo ture. the fu a and ndm Love, Grapa Coy Grand rr) (Alicia O

Alicia, We are so proud of you. Your dedication & effort to dance is amazing. Looking forward to your exciting college dance years. Love, Grandma and Grandpa Orr (Alicia Orr) d of you! u o r p o s e e ar nce Adalynn, won a successful daon Congrats ove you to the mo recital. L and back! eagan R & m o M d, Xoxo -Da lynn Downey) (Ada

Happy Dancing! We love you! Dat, Mama, Hannah, Andrew, John, Brennie, Caroline, Taylor and Lucas! (Emma Hawkins)

Emma & Lily - Smile big, shine bright and enjoy every minute of this weekend! We are so proud of our girls! Love Mommy & Daddy (Emma & Lily Hardebeck)

To the most beautiful girl inside and out, Lola Loretta Tribbett... We’re so very proud of you! Dance that big heart of yours across the stage and have all the fun. Love you! Mommy, Jude, and Grammy Pammy (Lola Tribbett)

We are so Kenzie, You went overy proud of you! u zone to do t of your comfort loved it! We Ballet and you watching y have cherished We are so proud of you, for you. nobody is wou dance like Sullivan! You have grown Alicia, So excited mitment enjoying ev atching and into an awesome hip Proud of your compy that I’ll Keep danc ery minute of it! hopper, and we can’t wait to and drive. So hap. in laughing. Wg, smiling and see what else you will do. be there ra Mom, Dad, e LOVE you! We love you so much, Love, Aunt Barba Jackso Momma and Dad (Alicia Orr) Waylon! n and (Sullivan Dyer) (Mackenzie Have a grea Kelly) t re Piper! We a cital proud of the re so You did fantastic! We are so b little dancer eautiful impressed with your hard Alicia - There’s the whole world have becomyou work and dedication. Keep e ! at your feet. Hakuna Matata. , Love, Mom it up, Aubri! Love, Dad , D a d , Love Jett, Julia & John Parker and Mom, Tan, Ry, Klay J a c k (Alicia Orr) and Koby (Piper Strod e ) (Aubri Bruck)

Dance Classes ReImagined

Dance Classes ReImagined

Dance Classes ReImagined

Dance Classes ReImagined

Dance Classes ReImagined


“Keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things... your curiosity will lead you down the path of success�. Walt Disney

Alicia, Congrats on your graduation. We are so very proud of you. Keep dancing to your own beat. Love, Dad and Mom






We are so proud of how far you’ve come Ariyah remember to smile big and shine bright keep your head up and keep reaching for the stars! Program designed by:

Love Always, Mom Nana Papa Uncle Aunt Dorothy and Lani

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Studio B 2020 Dance Recital Program  

Studio B 2020 Dance Recital Program