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Mt. Tithe 2-11

Anim(pl)ate 12-19


LeClaire-Hearst 24-27

Heavy Timber 28-30

Jamie Barron

Undergraduate Student Portfolio Univeristy of Illinois at Chicago (630) 881-4315


Literacy Chancel 20-23

Mt. Tithe

a hybrid typology

“Families that pray together, play together.� At Mt. Tithe, chicago’s only mountain adventureland, families can attend church in the morning and spend the rest of the day exploring. While families can spend their time advernturing through the wilderness, spelunking, climbing gnarly rock face and swimming in the lake in front of the great Marble peak, the adults can immerse themselves in the rush of gambling. The best part, unlike any ordinary casino, all of the money patrons of Mt. Tithe lose is tax deductible as a charitable donation! 2



The iconic theme serves to distract attendants from any time or place. The pyramid is a volumetric stand in to represent an environment that can convince people they are in a place which is no-place.

Parking Garage

The insane volume of parking required to service a megachurch couples with the never-ending consumption of parking near downtown Chicago


A megachurch is a single congregation containing 10,000+ members. A stadium style auditorium is best suited to entertain the needs of the church.

250,000 ft



Marilyn 12000


6’ = 1,224,000 ft

The reveal is a rare but illustrious moment when forces outside your control give a glimpse of what is underneath the dress. This view is illusive and only available to those on the lake


casino 310,000 ft

Chicago Metropolis/ Interior Urbanism

The Chicago Board of trade serves as an example of how interior urbanism functions in the larger metropolis which evolved out of the 1920’s in Chicago. The chicago board of trade serves as an example of how a building can embody BIGNESS by encouraging the shell of the building to consume all of the funtions of a single-function city. The Chicago Board of Trade is literally a city of Exchange, designed to be a machine for trading.

Casino+Megachurch=Parking! The task at hand is to use the analysis of the chicago metropolis, to create an environment that would be best suited for the hybrid typologies of a Casino and A megachurch. After an indepth analysis of the programs commonly consumed within the two programs, a commonality emerged between the two. Both the type Casino, and the type Megachurch, employ massive amounts of parking. Enough parking where parking itself becomes a mass larger than that of the original programs. Parking has architectural promise as a programs. Some architects push parking off to the side, avoiding the elephant in the room. I decided to be honest with my methods. This project utilizes BIGNESS to consume the SDUNLQJORWDORQJZLWKWKH&DVLQRDQGWKH0HJDFKXUFKE\WKURZLQJDQHOHJDQWVNLQDQGÂżOOLQJWKHFKDVPVFUHated by the programs with the fantasy environment so beloved by casinos.



Utility Pocket

Mt. Tithe has 4 utility pockets which harbor a multilevel beach

The Ghost

A spectre is neither here nor there can you spot it? Patrons enter the arms when they ride the ferry.


Just like a waist-band, an HODVWLFÂżWLVLPSOHPHQWHGWR keep the fabric in place.


Sometimes it is more tantalizing to allude to a shape rather than despeately shout it. The drape is implemented to highlight the most voluptious natural curves the structure offers.



environmental level plan “inside” left - casino “outside” middle - interactive area “inside” right - megachurch

mountain system section upper left - casino caverns upper middle - glacial lake upper right - Marble peak church lower left - spelunking caverns lower middle - climbing tower

middle section A showing spelunking and casino caverns

IHUU\OHYHOÀRRUSODQ showing infrastructure networks

middle section B showing climbing tower and multilevel beach



SDUNLQJÀRRUSODQ spelunking space climbing space parking space

Parking Garage/ Spelunking Caverns

Entrance Cavern/ Glacial Meadow/ Marble Peak Climbing

Obsidian Lounge



Gambling Grotto

Animplate Anim(pl)ate formal technique

Located at the heavily urbanized crossroads of human and natural systems, this project has been designed to represent the intermingling of both. Both systems emerge with their own individual characteristics which develop from for the forces that drive them. The plates recall the urban grid DQGVN\VFUDSHUĂ€RRUSODWHVZKLOHWKHVHHPLQJO\ XQWDPHGSODQHVRIĂ€RZLQJJUDVVHVDQGZRRGUHFDOO their natural roots. Ultimately both systems work synthetically to mash into a greater whole, creating new visually stimulating public spaces while blanketing an art museum. 12


program diagram


offices outdoor auditorium cafe storage gallery (white) GH¿QHYROXPH

carve out shapes

divide volume

GH¿QHVKDSH dynamic

polished steel planters

indoor auditorium main lobby

circulation diagram


wood decking

concrete GH¿QHYROXPH

pull up-animplates RXWÀRZSODQHV

delaminate to envelope up-roof GRZQÀRRU

roof exterior


interior main gallery

basement exterior


As a city Chicago is a booming metropolis, but there are still many lingering connections to its past as a swamp. The site for this project is located along the north branch of the Chicago river which makes it a crossroads for both heavily urbanized metropolis and what remains of natural systems7KLVSURMHFWVHHNVV\QWKHVL]HIRUPVRUÀRZVZKLFK connect with the natural systems and tend to be more organic, with the strong and powerful orthogonal shapes which connect so strongly with the white city metropolis.




gallery section

in-between plan


inhabitable roof plan

underground passage plan entry section





Literacy Chancel, 21st century library

Literacy Chancel

a library for the 21st century In the digital era, books are readily available at \RXUÂżQJHUWLSVDQ\ZKHUHDWDQ\WLPH7KHXELTXLtous nature of information in the internet era has created an opportunity for the library, which has been threatened with extinction. The library for the 21st century can still maintain its small neighborhood presence by becoming a place that creates reverence for literature and offers a space where people can remove themselves from the hustle and bustle of the city to relax in peace and quiet. The design of the Literacy Chancel seeks to highlight these opportunities for seclusion which are rarely available in the tech era. 20


3 32’ -0”

2 20’ -0”

1 8’ -0”

B - 3’ -0”

isometric section A

isometric section B



Community Center (Field House Expansion)

1. Centralize

2. Expand

Establish a Central Community Corridor.

Expand Field House as Community Center

3. Expand

4. Add

The expanded Field House will function as community center IRUWKHQHLJKERUKRRG,WZLOOLQFOXGHDÂżWQHVVFHQWHUSRROPHHWLQJ rooms, senior center, learning center, and community lounge space.

LeClaire Missionary Baptist Church Expansion

lan P r ste a t s ar pment M e H velo e ir Rede a l LeCmunity Com

The proposed expansion for the LeClaire Missionary Baptist &KXUFKZLOOLQFOXGHDQH[SDQGHGVDQFWXDU\DGPLQLVWUDWLYHRIÂżFHV meeting rooms, a multimedia resource center and a commercial sized kitchen with a annexed banquet facility. 45th Street

Community Grocery Store The most vital addition to this community, this grocery store will provide food service and will be supplemented by a community kitchen and healthy eating education center that will enhance the accessibility and aweness of healthy eating lifestyles.

Community Corridor

44th Street

Cicero Ave

LeClaire Metra Station A stop will be added to the Metra-Heritage Corridor Line to provide easy access to downtown Chicago for the LeClaire Hearst community. The station will also provide additional weekend parking for activities at LeClaire-Hearst Park.

Cicero Ave

LeClaire-Hearst Housing

45th Street

The New LeClaire Courst housing will re-establish the Chicago grid and promote a gradual increase in building height and density from south to north. Parking will be aligned with the alley system, allowing for all housing to front a Pedestrian Corridor.

Future Commercial District Expansion

46th Street

Enlarge Facilities for a growing community

Instert much-needed grocery store

5. Blend

1. Flip



300 Feet 150 Feet



Cicero Ave

Underutilized land within the community will be used to implement a Community Garden System that will place small garden plots in areas that cannot support housing or are currently unoccupiable. The garden will encourage participation in healthy life styles similar to michelle Obamaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s White house Vegetable Garden.

Cicero Ave

La Crosse Ave

Lamon Ave

Laporte Ave

Lavergne Ave

Lawler Ave

LeClaire Ave

Leamingont Ave


Community Garden System

47th Street

Laramie Ave


Cicero Ave

Growth of LeClaire Heast economic thoroughfares should incorporate courtyard style building which move parking to the rear and SURYLGHDPRUHGHÂżQHGFRPPHUFLDOUHWDLOIDFHWR&LFHUR$YHDQG 47th street.

600 Feet

Community Corridor

Integrate new housing density into existing

Generate stronger economic corridor presence

Move typical street parking to rear of new housing development to generate communal pedestrian friendly corridors Community Corridor

Existing Field House Coverd Canopy

Administrative/ Community Based

Community Corridor

Annexed Space

Current LeClaire Missionary Baptist Church

Typical System

Various Room Layouts

New System

Gradual increase in new housing size and height from South to North to generate continuity between existing neighborhood and new development

Communtiy Lounge Various Room Layouts


Room for Future Community Center Growth


Current System

New System

Variations on Extent of Expansion


Computer Lab 37’x35/’

Meeting 34’x24’

Senior Center 48’x27’

Meeting 34’x24’ Fitness Center 37’x57’


Computer Lab 37’x35/’

Lounge Day Care 74’x44’

Meeting 34’x24’

Senior Center 48’x27’

Meeting 34’x24’

Aux. 37’x17’ Aux. 37’x17’

Day Care 74’x44’

Storage 37’x23’ Locker Room 47'x25' Sauna 20'x15'


Learning Center 37’x35/’

Meeting 34’x24’

Senior Center 48’x27’

Meeting 34’x24’

Aux. 37’x17’ Aux. 37’x17’

Day Care 74’x44’

Locker Room 47'x25'

Banquet Hall 75’x50’

Restrooms 40’x31’

Fitness Center 75'x30'

Cicero Ave Sanctuary +Pulpit, Choir Seating, And Backstage (Lower Level 1000 Seating) 130’x120’

Additional Levels Learning Center 56’x20’ Nursery 48’x 12’

Sauna 20'x15'

Pool Room 57'x64' +Sauna

Locker Room 47'x25'

Offices + 40’x20’


Aux. 37’x23’ Locker Room 47'x25'

Entrance Lobby 56’x20’


Kitchen 57’x26’

Meeting Rooms 35’x30’ Restrooms 40’x31’

Fitness Center 65'x40' Balcony (700 Seating) 130’x80’


47th Street

Second Floor





roof plan - left floor plan - right

plan details



elevation - left section - right 1




Heavy Timber Material Study



roof plan - left floor plan - right

section details

structural decking cold roof panel door with single rabbit frame

sliding ventilation board

asymmetric roof purlins

tensioned beams and mortised floor joists

nonoperable insulated glass unit

endgrain brick wall with compression joint fabric

roof joists motrise and tenon joined into wall beams

floor joists joined into wall beams

wall beams tenoned into foundation wall

foundation wall cast with box joint set upon footing


Jamie Barron; Shortened Portfolio  
Jamie Barron; Shortened Portfolio  

Jamie Barron; Shortened Portfolio