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Learning Challenge 2012/13 ‘PLAN MORE, TEACH LESS’ All teachers should plan and deliver lessons: • In response to learners’ previous progress. • Which ensure pupils progress in their learning to meet immediate, short and long term targets. • Which are enjoyable and interesting. • In which the objectives are stated clearly. • Which regularly use progress check points to summarise learning and help pupils to understand how to progress (allowing time for reflection). • Which allow pupils to develop and practise higher order thinking skills such as creativity, analysis, problem solving, decision making and application of their learning. • Which are differentiated appropriately in order to meet pupils’ needs. • Which take account of pupils’ backgrounds. • Which incorporate homework and other out-of-class activities to consolidate and extend the knowledge and understanding that pupils have acquired. • Effectively using the Learning Support Assistants (sharing data and strategies with them). • Which use stimulating resources including e-learning, which are differentiated appropriately. • Which provide pace and challenge for all pupils. • Which use effective questioning to direct and challenge pupils. • Which incorporate the Academy’s Literacy and Numeracy policies. • Which provide opportunities for Spiritual, Moral, Social and/or Cultural development. • Which meet externally set requirements

Learning Challenge  

Hall Mead School Learning Challenge

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