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So you've created a blog. You're writing articles day in and day out. But there's something missing, something wrong. You just aren't getting the traffic you deserve. Hours go by but still no one has visited your blog. You think that you're wasting your time. You think that you should shut down your blog. STOP! Your problem is that you don't know how to get free blog traffic. Hey, I know how it feels. I've been there. A while ago I was just like you, I just couldn't drive any traffic to my blog. I was real desperate. But now it's different. I can drive huge amounts of visitors to my blog any time I want. Now, in this article, I'm going to share with you the methods I use to drive traffic to my blog for free, methods that I've kept secret until now. Before I can share with you the methods I use to get free blog traffic, let's cover the fundamentals. Without the fundamentals, your marketing and traffic generation efforts will just fall flat on their face. The Content The content is very important as it directly affects how much traffic you'll get from my traffic generation methods. Writing sub-par content won't get you anywhere. Write content that's helpful/entertaining and engaging. The articles you write on your blog must also be easily readable. Don't write your blog posts like an essay. Write them like you're talking to a friend. Also, separate your article into easily digestible chunks. That is, you should make use of bullet points and your paragraphs should be shorter than 5 lines. That way it's easier on the eyes. Headlines/Titles Headlines (or your post titles) can make or break your blog. You must learn to write good headlines if you want to get any free traffic. Headlines are important because a reader always reads the headline first. If the headline piqued the interest of the reader, then only will the person continue to read your content. Also, when another website/blog links to your content, they sometimes only use your post's title. If your headline doesn't intrigue the reader then he won't visit your blog or read your posts. Here are a couple of great headlines: Little Known Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Blog How to Write Kick-Ass Headlines The Secret To Staying Fit 7 Ways to Explode Your Blog Traffic

Warning: Use These Traffic Tips At Your Own Risk!

Ok, enough of the basics. Let's move on the actual traffic generation methods I use to drive thousands of visitors a month to my blog. Link Bait Writing link bait is an awesome way to drive hoards of visitors to your blog on demand, for free. Writing link bait basically means that you write content that makes people want to talk about and link to your blog. It's not as difficult as it sounds. Anything that is controversial, unique and helpful is potential link bait. Writing link bait isn't about what's in your post. It's how you present it. The headline of your post should be great, your content should be helpful/entertaining and exciting and it should be easily digestible. Your blog's design should also be great and should contain as little ads as possible. To give you an idea of what I'm talking about, here are a few examples of potential link bait:

Top 17 Traveling Destinations [You describe these places, post pictures and tell why they rock] 7 Little Known Ways to Save Gas [You tell about some ways of saving gas that you've tried and have worked for you] 7 Little Known Firefox Extensions That'll Boost Your Productivity [You tell them about the Firefox extensions you've tried that helped increase your productivity, what they do and why your readers should try them]

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==== ==== Imagine What It Would Be Like To Take An Underperforming Blog & Instantly Transform It Into A Cash-Spitting Money-Making Machine... ==== ====

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