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Milena Pinilla

 Milena Pinilla is my girlfriend  Is from Bogota  Is twenty years old  She study Food Engineering and she is ten semester

in the Uniagraria University of Colombia.  She’s a thin and short girl, She is 1.57 centimeter tall  She has got brown eyes, long and honey brown hair, her skin is white and she has a beautiful face and smile.

It is important to me because ď‚— Milena came into my life at the right time, because I

had many problems and I had not even begun yo study yet. She, whit her intelligence, gave me strength to fix my life and start to study photography. Now, I think that she is my support, my smile, and I am happy, because I will make my dreams come true.

Restaurant Gray Cat

 The restaurant is in the center of Bogota- Candelaria.  Is a restaurant very artistic have many artworks  It has three floors, a fireplace, also delicious dishes

   

such as pasta, fish , Loins, Steak and this restaurant sells exquisite wines. I went to this restaurant with the family of Milena. We were celebrating the graduation of her. The waiters - Uruguay and they are very friendly. This restaurant is very bright and has a very good band


For me  The park is funnier than the restaurant and the park is bigger than the restaurant.  However the park is more expensive than the restaurant.  I thing that the restaurant is more interesting that the park, because I learn about artworks  Also the park is more dangerous that the restaurant. The park has extreme attractions.  The park is more natural than the restaurant. But for me is more important the visit to restaurant  For me the best place is to be near to her.

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Proyecto Jaime Bedoya  

Descripcion Milena Pinilla

Proyecto Jaime Bedoya  

Descripcion Milena Pinilla