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November 4th 2009


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LOCAL YOUTH MURDERED Are the streets safe anymore? Thousands of people across Birmingham are now scared BY JOE SMITH

A local youth aged 16 from Birmingham was murdered last night whilst out with friends. The youth who has not yet been named was found dead last night outside a local cinema. The police were alerted around 12 last night by the youths friends. The cinema closed at 11 pm the previous night and there was no sign of anybody around at this time. The youth and his friends left for cinema around 7 pm and were expected to arrive home at 10 pm last night. However they didnt arrive home at such time.

One of the friends gave a statement saying, that a large number of people all wearing hoodies approached the youth as he left the cinema. One of the people shouted abuse at the youth and started demading money and his phone from him. However the youth did not agree and his friends tried to separate him from the people. As the group of friends were walking away from the cinema the large group of people returned and attacked the youth. Story Continued on Page 2

The cinema where the youth was murdered outside

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 The police are now searching for any evidence to help capture the young people who attacked and murdered the youth. The police have viewed some cctv images from the cinema and the image they have viewed have confirmed that what the youths freinds said is correct. Most of the young people involved in threatning, attacking and murdering the youth all had there hoods up so it has been hard to identify any of them however one of the young people that first approached the youth pulled his hood down as the youths friends tried to seperate the argument. The police now have a name of this person and will be following this up with hope that they can get more names. It is unfortunate that there was nobody else around except for the cinema staff, they however were all inside when the event happened and so there are no eye witness’s to the event.

We interviewed several neighbours who live close by to the cinema and asked them for their thoughts on what had happened that night. An elderly lady had this to say, ‘ I’ve lived here all my life and i have seen many changes to the area and heard many stories, but this is the worst i have ever heard of and i never expected anything like this to happen around here. This has made me frightened to leave my house. I now ask my reletavies and friends to come with me when i want to go out’.

His college friends were all upset this morning when they heard the news

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MYSTERIOUS CREATURE SPOTTED IN THE CANALS Local dog walkers took this photo yesterday when they say a large bird like creature on the other side of canal. Many scientists have said it is just a hoax. However the people who live in the house near the canal say they havn’t ever seen anything like this before. The local dog walkers who took the photo said they always take that route and have never seen anything like this before. The spotted it and the creature let out a high pitch howl, so the dog walker reached for there phone and took a photo of the unknown creature. However many scientists have viewed the image and have said this could just be a perfectly normal large bird. Also that the reason it is mysterious is that they are rarely seen in these waters and that they only come tot the canals and rivers maybe once or twice every year.

This is the image taken Many monster chasers are now spending a lot of time down at the canal searching for this unknown creature, however as of now no more evidence has been found. If you find anymore evidence then log on to The Universe website and show us your evidence. Story by Ann Davids


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