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On the verge of oblivion, we summon for the most blissful of thoughts. We find warmth, for a moment, as we drift into a multitude of colors.

But still, there is a struggle as the fog of decadence obstructs the vista to peak. And there is a deep void and lightlessness that awaits our fall. Indeed, life is drenched in mysteries and misfortunes. One day we’re bathing in rainbows and the next thing we know is we’re suddenly dragged to a vast field of nothingness. As hands suppress us and drag us lower into the cold, shall we choose to morph into misery? Or shall we reckon otherwise? Where do we truly start?

Editors' Note Rape is when you know where the truth lies yet you pretend not to because you think opting for silence is best. It is when you let others think it never existed while in fact, you know where it will resurface. Rape is when you try to convince others that everything is less complicated than it seem to be. Where you try to conceal deceit and brand them permanently, there is rape. Rape is when you cover your eyes from the things don't want to see. It is when you drown yourself in resounding euphony to shut yourself from the voices that sing of what is true. It is when you choose to be deprived of and just give up your ability to speak. You are contained. You were raped. Rape is when your absolute passion unchains itself and decides to walk the world for everyone to witness but the road fills itself with shards of broken verity that will stab through your feet. And you bleed as if a vessel draining out of will. Rape is when you know things could get worse. And everyone chooses what's worse for you. That's when you fight back. That's when everyone will make you believe you can't. And you believed them.

Where one conjures lies, there is rape.


Where there is one who tries to persuade others to believe in what is dishonest, there is

Where one pretends, there is rape.

Where there is struggle in the mind between thoughts that could have been and not, there is rape.

And just when you try to deny you are raped, you actually are.

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EDITORIAL Given the hasty nature of President Aquino's approval of the K to 12 program in the midst of a palpable economic obscurity looming over our already divided nation, it is to no doubt everyone was caught in a whirwind of arguments. But is everything worth a pout to begin with? THE EXECUTIVES | 1


pointers to review

By virtue of the Enhanced Basic Education Act of 2013, students who would have otherwise be marching the aisle to receive their diplomas as 4th year high school graduates will be extending their stay in the secondary education and will be constituting the first batch to enroll as Grade 11— a situation which further spreads a parchment of foreseen tight spots in front of us. In simplest terms: there are necessities being generated as a result of this program, not even counting those that are in-tow, which have to be addressed. Shortages in classrooms, professionals, and/or teachers, timley teaching materials— these and the rest are what the critics threw at the new program, proving hardly how disadvantageous K to 12 will be in any case. Now with huge groups and organizations boasting their resistance to the government on national media, majority of the public were dragged to believe. The issue needs harping on, but we all shall intend to do so in contrary to what most have already admonished. Foremost: we are last in the continent to have been adapting a 12-year pre-college system. Isn't it a rather simplistic yet concise argument to tell that we are being left lodging at the onset of the pace towards progress while the others are already past halfway? Indonesia, for instance, is one of our blockmates in the list of the third world countries, but it strives hard to attain quality education, and thus, endures the crunch of the globe by giving K to 12 an affirmative nod. Needless to say, it realized the importance of welcoming the trend that knocks by— thinking that it is what would make its citizens less fortnate than the rest of the worlds'.

Here is another material fact that should stare us all in the face: growth is ubiquitous. There is a neverending challenge to cope with the demands of the world. The end of the K to 12 is to equip our new strain of learners with what they will need for a tougher world through intensified and contemporary schemes of learning. This will be of utmost help in transforming mediocre fighters into champions. Do we not want to advance? Of course, we do! Senator Antonio Trillanes IV, who is one of the major bashers of the said program, imparted sympathy to what he referred to as "poor Filipino families" as he capped the entire Education Act with what might be aggravations. "The present system worked with the earlier generations," he said. If we listen to this lame argument, our treatment to other issues is likely to follow. Henceforth, every move that will be rationalized towards progress will be put to question and then shoved under the shadows of the belief that the current system that we have could as well work with the situation on hand. No changing for the better will be encouraged. No progress is entertained. More so, this threatens to show how we are a nation who will fail in keeping up with the limbo of the world. Government officials ought to come in unison in order to build better judgment. The clamor that they are making on this educational reform is what brings disadvantages. We have already resulted into chaos that has tied the hands of those that come in between— the students themselves. While we are too occupied slashing at each other with boundless wiles and endless reasons,

time, will, and resources that should have been well-spent in upgrading our outmoded system are being wasted. Thus, we are nearing to grapple with unaddressed problems that are menacing to mount up. Indeed, we have shortages in schools and facilities, but shall this predicament hinder us from taking a leap into a broader undertaking? It is a pointer to review: that we have detriments to attend to— same old tune we dismissed back then but is now ringing at its will. Meanwhile, by the start of the academic year 2016-2017, where no enrollees will be coming into college, buildings will be idle and will be left to depreciate. Everyone shall make ends meet, shall we not? Teaching personnel are also one of the concerns, but it spells of déjà vu. We have the same unresolved problem back in the days. Couldn't college instructors train to teach the senior years of K to 12? What couldn't an educated man do? Besides, a strong need for teachers equates to job opportunities. All of us shall quit expressing futile discontent and seek for the good apples instead. We musy learn when to stop swinging blades at each other. Neglect is needed to our culture of heeding public opinion and resisiting adjustments. As a nation who shows much value on the grandeur and essence of education, it is most appropriate for us to pursue reforms and show how we really regard learning. Education is the key to innumerable doors. Let us not allow it to disclose that which leads to a nation at odds— whose efforts are rendered useless and siphoned by the drain of pessimism. Neither during this time... nor ever.□

The Executives The Official Student Publication College of Business Administration

Mica Antoniette C. Buenavista Associate Editor-in-Chief

James Zaias S, Lapitan Editor-in-Chief

Quinie A. Demdam News Editor

Ella Meiji B. Kobayashi Features Editor

Mark Angelo M. Garcia Photojournalist

May Anne DB. Perona Sports Editor

Pauline R. Reyes Adviser, The Executives

Dr. Gualberto A. Magdaraog, Jr. Dean, College of Business Administration


prose & cones: breakthrough performance by a child star James Zaias S. Lapitan

The pressure was on. The people couldn’t be pulled in—they extremely believed there was no other way but to stumble down. I have often plotted and thought about my life; for me, there is much assurance and less oppression in structure and prognostication. I grew up trying to be one with the crowd and wanting to be some person everyone would look up to someday, or for at least a day. I have often appreciated merits and academics and felt that I needed to persevere for everything to fall into the right places. I am no extraordinaire, and have spent my younger years looking up to classmates and friends who seemed to perform well during exams and earn good grades with minimal effort while I struggled to get an average grade. I pursued a course that is interpreted to be the language of business—Accountancy— because I was told that I would be wasting my time if I don't end up being a Certified Public Accountant. At the back of my mind, I would have picked and chosen to be a graphics designer and fill the vastness of the world with my ideas, but I was settled out of it because it was believed to be impractical and I was as well told that I could obtain that dream of mine some other time. So here I am, spending my college days trying to prove that I am good and excelling while I really am just trying to cope. I joined an organization and contributed my thoughts. Publication also knocked through my doors and introduced a lot of opportunities for me to prove my worth. For quite several times, I felt like the total opposite of a no-good individual. I was unstoppable. When I started serving the College as its editor-in-chief, I felt a sense of liberation. I found my sole outlet to self-expression, and was making myself proud even at the tiniest of things. I did things that were unusual to the image of the person that was expected of me. But on the second hand, I saw myself as someone who was approaching apex— fulfilled and all— with a massive wall against which I kept hitting myself to. It covered me from seeing ever ything looming on the other side. But then I felt fragile and was somehow filled with fright to break through my containers. I felt intimidated to break the limits and the security of where I was and to further dare myself. I was afraid that the de-


bris might impale me, if not kill me. Yet I realized the chances I wasn't taking. I started to wonder, too, if I really am destined to be taking the track I was pursuing, or was merely pressured into it. When I looked back into the past, I discovered I had permitted people to press me into the status quo and, quote-unquote, be acceptable. I didn't fight for the things I was passionate about because I was told that it is foolish to do so and some things are simply unjustifiable. But I knew I couldn't dwell on the past. I couldn't summon regrets because I knew I was the one who caused everything to happen. I allowed myself to be told of what I shall be— but then could I be blamed? I found safety and security in that status quo and in doing what was thought was appropriate for me. An old sayi n g rang through my mind that said one who follows the crowd b e c o m e s just one of the crowds. R e l a t i v e l y, I learned that liberating one's self doesn't always mean breaking free from the things in tow. The world is making a lot of unpleasant noises. It is occupied by a lot of people, and you get distracted from living. And I got to know that the struggle

“But it was no sooner that I also came to think that it isn’t about wanting something else. It was about changing points of view.” and the noise were what held the walls that restrained me. I kept on listening to unnecessary voices which tried to design my life and I allowed it to. And no matter how I try to move according to its plan, I would always hear comments on how I must have done things differently—how I could have done better. At the mount of pressure and burnout, I became exhausted and screamed for a different life. I wanted to run away from my daily torment. I started to think about being a graphics designer, or a professor, or a chef, or anything that is simply what I have not been. But it was no sooner that I also came to think that it isn’t about wanting something else. It was about changing points of view. There will always be people who would try hard to pretend to understand the situation while they actually do not. There will always be people who would get green with envy by how huge you have and could become, and you could only feel bad when they start to shake you for the bad apples. But these are inevitable circumstances. And the battles we chance upon in life can only be fought by ourselves. We can talk about certain matters and pretend to fully appreciate the thoughts, but at the end of the day, it will always be how we will deal with such things. Sometimes, I think that I have been too scared to advance and transcend the expectations because I thought that I might not be able to handle it if it falls. But I cannot be restrained at all times. I will soon have to break through the walls or I will be living forever puzzled by what I could have been if I stepped outside. There is no real high noon to success. We just keep on going. We continue on. We live. The pressure is still on. But never will I ever devote myself again on the affirmation from the voices that once held the walls. I will break through. And this time, I will take this journey t o appreciate, understand, and live even more. □

in retrospect: the road less travelled Mica Antoniette C. Buenavista

I have always thought that my life as a BSA student ends with the ticking sound of my calculator. I have always thought that all my sleepless nights burying myself in problems and theories end with my name listed among the qualifiers. I have always dwelled on the fact that all my stress-coping and compulsive eating end as I earn that single parchment paper that seemingly resembles a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow—my diploma. All those innumerable sufferings and sacrifices stretch out to oblivion like a bridge gaping from the tormenting chasm and eventually leading to the so-called para- dise. One could almost hear the victory cheer from the crowd as they march down the aisle wearing the black cape of success claiming that, finally, it all ends here. Or so it seems. As Accountancy students, we are encased in a different category. The toga and the diploma are surely worth a thousand speeches, but those are not much of a gratification for a bigger challenge lies ahead of us—the one that will determine our future in its entirety. But as we venture towards the fulfillment of our dreams, the chances get thinner and the numbers get all messedup. Statistics shows that

an average trend of 38.67% of BS Accountancy graduates pass the Certified Public Accountant Licensure Examination for the past five years. The bar has been set for us and for so many years, a lot of experienced soldiers have emerged bloody injured a t t he

end. Un deniably speaki n g , only t h e br av e s t c a n conquer

the odds. But with the bridge stretching out straight to chasm, who would’ve dared take the road less travelled? Admittedly, being a college student also has its limitless perks. From the classic hingi-baon schemes to instructive and more than amusing college trips, most cannot deny the fact that it has always been a euphoric journey. That doesn’t even count the friendships that have been formed from sharing those delightful, though sometimes dreadful, moments. Some would even compare it to a rollercoaster ride that is full of ups and downs. But no matter how much we would want our sufferings to end, there is always a part of us that would always want to stay. But life is always at the edge of your glorious scenario. No matter how much you want to freeze in your victorious moment, life comes in the way to show you that there is more than your toga and tassels. There is always an open door, as most people would say. And we must step forward to see what’s in store for us on the other side. Most of us already had their future all-mapped out: when they should graduate, where they should review, what companies they should target. At some point, we were all ready and all buckled up for that one hell of a rollercoaster ride. But some might have taken a lot of detours; and under some circumstances, the road signs got them all jumbled up. Truly, many were devoured by their fears, crippled by their sentiments and trapped in their own mazes. Only one thing would drive them back to track: their one purpose—their one goal in life. One has to see first the other end and check what life has to offer: endless job opportunities, stable career, and limitless possibilities—all of which are waiting for us at the finish line. Illuminating the way by constantly reminding ourselves of our dreams and passions, one could surely guarantee a straight path towards success. The tassel is worth the hassle, as most graduates put it into words. But we must not reside inside the box and forget the larger life s i t - ting outside our windows. We must always look ahead and look forward to what’s in it for us. After all, we are products of business and we must never forget to work our assets off. □

“There is always an open door, as most people would say. And we must step forward to see what’s in store for us on the other side. “ RAPE CULTURE | 4

#justsayin': stereotyped Ella Meiji B. Kobayashi

Have you ever heard anyone talk about you like they know you when in fact, they don't? Has anyone ever talked to you like they have you figured out? Did you ever have anyone look at you, and know that they are not seeing you as you are, but as what your 'type' is? I did. I have always wondered, if people were to never judge a book by its cover, why are there stereotypes? Comforting as it may seem to belong somewhere, having people look at you and act like they know you because of the classification they assigned you to? Not good at all. If this is what Maslow means in the social needs category, then, no thanks. When you are stereotyped, you are labelled. You are classified by whatever standards according to what imbeciles think you are. You are judged on the surface - how you dress, what you eat, how you talk, and who you hang out with. You are not seen as a person, but as part of a collective; therefore paying no interest in your individuality. So no matter how hard you try to prove them otherwise, they will always see you as a representative of a group they put you in. They chain you with words and lock you up in a certain classification, eventually ripping you off of your unique individuality. While most of the stereotypes we know of are treated to race and culture, much as we try to deny it, stereotypes exist even in the corners of campus. Trust me, I know. In college, common stereotypes fall on how different courses perceive one another, how different classes see one another, and all other small forms of that. The judgements are usually either the "type" is too bad, or too good. I was part of the latter. While most people would want to be viewed in a positive way,

I'm telling you, being part of it, doesn't look good all the time. When people see something wrong with you or think that you may not be as good as you think you are, it is easy to prove them oth-


“We let an invisible hand control us like puppets and define our lives and we do nothing about it. Maybe this is the right time to cut the strings and set our soul free.” erwise. If you show them what you can do, then you prove them wrong. On the other hand, when you are perceived as any bit close to perfect, they look at you in the eye and mentally mark their checklists of all their expectations about you. How do you counter that? The saddest part of being seen as too good is that everyone expects you to know everything, and be good at anything. You are a cut above the rest, the cream of the crop. At one point, I felt that I - we- no longer have the right to make mistakes, because if you do, they will rub their disappointments not only in your face, but in the face of the whole group. They make it seem like you are no longer human. You are perfect. You are the mixed concoction of sugar, spice and everything nice with a little hint of Chemical X. You are the mismatched pieces of an Einstein-like brain and a Cara Delevigne-like body. You are the all-new hybrid of species especially bred for saving the humanity. Or so it seems. They have put you up in the pedestal, and when the foundation shakes, everything else crumbles to dust. We are all aiming for that one-word adjective: perfect. In our little mindless heads, we have formed our own definition of perfect. However, becoming "perfect" is not all positive. Some people will think that you are the one who thinks too highly about yourselves that you close your doors to everyone you think are not as good

as you. Others will even say that you became too good because you drag others down to get to the top. No matter how “perfect” the word perfect is, our definition would not always match with others’ hopes and dreams and basically speaking, so are their own individualities. It is best to remember that whatever you do, people will still look at you and judge you. Of course these stereotypes are lies. These classifications, types, classes - whatever you wish to call it, are just based on surface characteristics people, the tip of the iceberg as psychologists would say. It doesn't define an individual or a group he belongs to. It shouldn't. But why does it truly matter? Undeniably, we are living in a world where others’ opinions highly matter. It eventually affects us our personality in its entirety. We let them whip us with their beliefs and cage us with their own definitions. We let them burden us with their expectations and destroy us with their frustrations. We let an invisible hand control us like puppets and define our lives and we do nothing about it. Maybe this is the right time to cut the strings and set our soul free. Ultimately, the only kind of person you are is the person you know yourself to be. Do not let other people's opinion about you change or affect who you are. Everyone will have an opinion about you, which you cannot control. Whether it is real or n o t is for you to

k n o w, and for them to find out. So, if you were ever referred to not as a unique individual but as a part of a group, or look at strangers give you one glance and have you figured out, stop exhausting your efforts trying to prove them wrong. Realize that there is more to you than what others see on the surface. Just be you. Do not let how the way others see you become who you are. So what, if they think you are too smart? What if you're not? You are the only captain of your ship and you should not let others steer your wheel nor sink your ship. As long as you continue doing no harm and keep yourself and everyone that matters happy, that's all that really counts in the end. □

wonderwall: one word at a time May Anne DB. Perona

“As I stepped out of the norms my nurturers have set, I began to realize and recognize that there is a tremendous amount of wisdom needed to know: telling the truth in today’s modern era is still a deal-breaker.” I could pretty much recall an old saying that goes, “words are the most dangerous weapons of all.” Now as I inch towards adulthood, I think I am acquiring the ability to understand that they indeed are. Countless words are being spoken every day; but there are only a few of us who care to spare attention to what these words actually mean or at least what the bearer wishes to convey. Truth are being told but blatantly denied, while lies knowingly disguised and dressed in all glitter and gold are now being patronized. A lot of reasons resurface when it comes to fabricating a lie. Some believe that lying is to protect one’s self from all the unwanted drama in the world for it is a swift escape from the labyrinth we all want to get away from—reality. On the other hand, others treat lie as if it is a daily hobby – an involuntary reflex that comes to us every once in a while when we want to be excused from a certain situation. I remember someone who came up to me at the mall and asked if I was alone. Even though I app are nt ly

was, I told him that I was with some friends. It was a sudden act which I thought was to excuse myself from what the man already thinks of me. Though I did question the stranger’s motive, the words that came out from my mouth came to me as a surprise. It was clear in his expression that he knew I was lying but for no apparent reason he did not question my response and just walked away from me. And everything occurred to me all at once: we have grown so accustomed to making lies that we got used to accepting ones. When I was younger, my parents would orient me that having to lie is a bad thing to do and that I have to value the faith that I have been entrusted with. When I came out of the perimeters that my parents have enclosed me into, I came to know that though trust is very important, there are different types of lying that we could and not do—that life could be less judgmental at its cost, and it could be as uncritical as it may seem. As I stepped out of the norms my nurturers have set, I began to realize and recognize that there is a tremendous amount of wisdom needed to know: telling the truth in today’s modern era is still a deal-breaker. As we grow up, we come to bump into words of deceit—those which are always improper to tell. These words contain in them genuine falsehood and are uttered with the intention of stage-managing some others’ worlds. The deed isn’t at all rewarding, but we come to wage in such a culture that breeds eloquent speakers who would try to lure us to their advantage. How many times shall we be victims of those who speak of words that are pleasing to the ears but are meant to place us under the veil of frailty—that which will soon refract how weak we have been to have let others rule us with heir reining advices? And then there are words that will make you realize how the world is loaded with endless contrasts. It has its rights and wrongs being dictated by a majority a n d

it frequently sets up expectations of how everyone should behave. With just a few words thoughts are being sown into the minds of many people and you could just lay at a stratum with beliefs that no matter how hard you try, there are times you belittle yourself. And this is because the world (and some people who think they are the world) defines most definitions for you. And then there are words that will serve as your refuge in the middle of a battle you thought you could never prevail. These are words that slip through the lips of those who matter the most to you. Some will tell how great you look in a ridiculous dress, or how pretty your face appears on the worst day of the semester. These are words that will make you feel indifferently relieved at certain situations. And though true or not, these are words that will define you uniquely as who you are— and as how shall be. These are words that will please you out of the expectations of others. And, of course, there are words that will linger forever—those that are branded on our very beings. These are words that will unfold what is right. These are words that will compose us in the hard times. These are words that will show us strength in the midst of desperation. These are words that will calm and assure that all will be well. And as quoted by one of the series I know, we dwell in the lines, “A lie is just a great story ruined by the truth.” It is a big society out there: one filled with words that will drown and maim the stouthearted. It is an enormous arena out there that will challenge one’s mettle. Truth might be few and far between nowadays; gone might be the times men make clear points and insist what they think is right. But our verbal faculties are never vanished. And in times the urge to speak rises, all we could do is unsheathe what we have been granted right at the very beginning—words. □


panorama: on fairies, ogres and misadventures Quinie A. Demdam

We were raised in a world of color and light where we are often assured that nothing can ever harm us. We were taught to share and love one another. Some girls even grew up as princesses in their own fairy tales. Everything was dreamlike. It was wonderful… back then. Years after, we wake up to a cruel world peppered with disrespect and negation— where fairy tales are being replaced by tragic sonnets. Most of the ideas we believed in are now just merely words without meaning. No one dares to hope, because of the fear to be hurt. There was no such thing as forever, and "happily ever after" was drawn close to a lie. This became reality. They say people are smarter today, because they have learned to believe what meets the eye—something that is real and tangible. What once was magical and perfect for us crum-


bled to dust.Even t h e children nowadays b e came skeptical of the mere thought of tooth fairies a n d Santa Claus. How can anyo n e blame them? If one looks at a newspaper and sees a story of a man killing his own family, incidents of abused children, news of wars on the different parts of the world, rumors (or not really!) of state leaders stealing the wealth of the nation, how can one grab on to sanity? All of these have placed my entire childhood i n question: what happened to love a n d sharing? Where’s the fairy godmother in all of these? For all the wrong things that I have seen happened in the lives of so many people, I put the blame on the tales for it. Why do they have to make me believe in magic, pixie dust, Prince Charming, and even Santa Claus when I was younger if they were not real, in the first place? The world is already cruel as it is, no sugar-coating needed. Was it easier to be negative about life than to just, you know, look into the bright side? Being "real" about it doesn't make a difference. It is just one way of saying that we accept it as it is. We'll live with it like it is okay, but truth is: it's not. It's never okay. More often than most people would care to admit, they have based their lives on the lives of another. Hence, the "goal" thing is being tainted by selfish faith. But, in case many haven't quite figured things out, no two stories are alike. Ultimately, we should always consider the fact that most people experience a worse fate than us. They were almost burned at stake, condemned by the townsfolk, or tricked into eating a poisoned fruit by an evil witch. But did they give up? Did they stop looking for a silver lining at the end of the winding road? Did they give in to the miserable life that was waiting for them? No. Never. They stood up and give life a second chance. Most people would say, “All good things must come to an end.” But on the contrary, hat must prevail is the attitude and the thought that what is worth having doesn’t come easy.

The ogre was no prince. He was hated. Pitchforks were thrown at him. He lived in no castle. His world has issues, too. As imperfect as his life may seem, it didn't stop him. He took adventures, overcame obstacles for each day that passes until he found his happily ever after. And even after that, he didn't stop. He journeyed more and fought more obstacles that came his way. Because life is a series of storybooks-you’ll never get the hang of it until you’ve reached the end. Maybe this is why they read us countless fairytales when we were little – to teach us to always believe in what is good. We must set our cynical thinking aside and look for a better day ahead. Maybe the context of forever is not a mystery, but a promise worth fighting for every waking day. They raised us to dream whatever we want to dream, because what we think, we become, do not we? Maybe if we stop this negativity, and see the world and life as something good, we can make it happen. The idea of goodness is just lying arund the corner-waiting to be unveiled and uncovered. We just have to, like we did in our younger days, believe. We are all ogres: misunderstood and imperfect. We are the forgotten princesses and the never-been-kissed frog princes-all waiting for that magical and happy ending. The hardships, failures, and bitter endings are a part of our adventure. To deny any of these is to deny the perfect story that the most powerful chief of all fairies have written for us. A story would be nothing but a forgotten tale without the misadventures conquered by the protagonist. All we have to do is stand up and move forward, and let Him do the magic. We do not have to wait for forever to reach a happy ending in the story of this life. We just need to look for the rainbow: for the change. We need not to hold a quest for the search of true happiness. The answer is always in us-in our pure and innocent hearts. We should just all see the world like Cinderella did—not as it is, but as it could be. And with more kindness and wit that we possess right to the very tips of our toes, we can always live a happily ever after. □

“Maybe if we stop this negativity, and see the world and life as something good, we can make it happen. The idea of goodness is just lying arund the corner-waiting to be unveiled and uncovered. We just have to, like we did in our younger days, believe.“

In a world nearly toppling over to stay adrift with the fast pace, changeover is ubiquitous. Another agitating reform is being propelled by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) as it interjects a new General Education Curriculum for universities and colleges, as per CHED Memorandum Order (CMO) No. 20. The said memorandum aims to remove the Filipino as a subject to be taught in the tertiary level. This issue certainly touched different circles in our society, and stirred a storm of controversy. Its impacts are deemed to be far-flung-reaching every aspect of our living, stretching from our already tattered economic zone down to our structured cultural corridors. And with more bad apples visible than good in this issue, it is consequent the antis were distressed. The Filipino professors sure were the first to be slapped by dismay with the thought of unemployment resting before them. Who would ever need the service of Filipino professors if the subject they are about to teach are no longer available? There are over 30 000 Filipino professors in practice who are to lose jobs because of a major reform like this. How can our already tattered economy manage another 30k unemployed individuals in our system? Though CHED already have explained that there will be jobs awaiting the said professors in secondary level institutions-- high schools-- the commission's reasoning is too confident and rest assured, so as to say. It will not facilitate any transferring of the professors; it only rests before the very idea that there will be a need of Filipino instructors in the high school department. It is anticipating, more like assuming, actually. And we can not hold on to something that is as dubious as its prospects. CHED won't apply for jobs, the professors will. And there certainly is no hundred percent exactness that these professors could be accommodated or absorbed by high school departments. Putting into more practical terms: CHED only places these persons'

stable jobs into stakes. The situation CHED drives us, or at least the academic world, into is a pair of puzzle pieces unfit for each other. The need to understand a continuously evolving language shall long be sustained. CHED's reasoning that Filipino will already be taken during the elementary and high school periods will never be enough grounds to condense our sole mean to foster understanding within our 7000+ islands. Why not apply the like reasoning to algebra? Filipino is not any less significant than any other subject matter and shall not be treated as such. Stripping off the Filipino subject from the higher academic learning scheme exhibits disgrace not only towards the professionals who devote themselves to their chosen craft but to the whole Filipino nation, as well. From the outset, it is the least patriotic action. How can CHED bear promoting Nihonggo and Mandarin and French (and a sure lot more!) to today's college students while leaving far behind our very own Filipino? Language establishes a profound foundation to a country's distinction and, therefore, is a nationalistic symbol. "Your mother tongue feels unconditional as your own skin," Herta MĂźller said, "and it is just as invulnerable if held in low esteem." CMO No. 20 could be more of a horrible attempt to extinguish the nationalistic embers that are, sadly, faintly glowing in today's foriegn-awed society of ours. The English language will not, and can not, bind us all. Neither would any other language do. Filipino may not be universal to be able to promote or elevate competence but the issue is actually embedded in socio-cultural integration. At present, even with the presence of the Filipino language as a subject in our curricula, many Filipinos are being corrupted by nonnative influences. It is more than common to be able to encounter Pinoys stumbling through lingo shift-- trying so hard to express in languages other than Filipino. What more could possibly happen if we pull off the string


that are different from the ones that were already generated. To such extent, much of the students expressed their various opinion and evaluation as to the performance of this year's council. "Yung last year kasi na LSC, lagi namin silang nakikita na in action. Kapag may activities ang College, lagi silang present kaya medyo nacocompare ko lang na minsan, missing in action yung LSC ngayon." 2012-1*4-*3* "Okay naman sila and approachable kaya lang hindi nila napapatagal yung projects nila. Like for example yung suggestion box na parang hindi naman na-promote ng maayos." 2012-10*-*7* "In my opinion, lack of inititative ang problema sa student leaders natin. Nasanay yata sila na after na lang manalo, tapos na. 'Yung promises nila nung nangangampanya sila, hindi naman na-realize. And sana makagawa naman sila ng projects nang walang nagreklamo, yung hindi sila de-pukpok. Wag ningas kugon, please. Nakaka-disappoint kasi e." 2013-10*-*0* "Kung ako [ang tatanungin], wala naman pong problema atsaka na-a-announce naman po nila yung mga announcements na kailangan nating malaman." 2013-1**-*66 "Okay po na as early as now [ay] naiinvolve na po yung mga students kagaya natin sa leadership. Kaya lang po kasi kapag nasobrahan, hindi rin naman maganda. Pansin ko po sa LSC ngayon, masyadong active and participative sa peti-petitions. Ang sa'kin lang po ay may difference yung mere involvement sa action. Serve the CBA students na lang po. 'Yun lang po." 2012-10*-7** "First year ko pa lang po kasi kaya wala pa po akong masyadong akong masyadong alam sa politics na meron sa college pero hindi ko po masyadong ramdam na may student government (council) po pala sa CBA." 2015-11*-6**

Student Politics: Boon, Bane, or Boring? The annual Student Government (SG) elections and its stirring turnover of responsibilities give us a glimpse of the magnitude of how big and significant the role of a student could be in steering the wheels of his fellow towards a perfect fusion of harmony and excellence. But everything does not rest on the winning-then-assuming-position occasion. The scenario is much more intense as expectations are set and improvements are looked forward to. Amidst the neck to neck battle that ignited between opposing parties in the recently concluded SG elections, a new set of Local Student Council officers for the College of Business Administration triumphed and was given the opportunity to serve the future magnates. Now hoping to carry out the ideals of their political party and their colleagues, the current leadership creates quite an impression as it constantly banners the activities of their groomers. In its numerous attempts to ward off comparisons, the incumbent LSC officers tried to implement projects

issue analysis


that attaches us to our roots? The effects of foreign corruption is very well projected-- the youth patronizing the foreign cultures more than they patronize ours. And while they help lift the other countries' cultures into a broader horizon, they degrade our cultual faculties and impair our sense of identity. Removing it from the scale will destabilize our obligations to sustain and nurture our own culture. It shall not be concealed, however, that Filipino is one of the least-liked subjects among students and that the said memorandum somehow serves as a call to all Filipino instructors to heave their way of delivering the subject to their students. Reiterative topics would only contribute to a vicious cycle, and so tolerating its presence would only render the Filipino subject useless. As much as the language continues to evolve, the need to understand it deeper must stay adrift. Thus, transformation must not be concentrated to the removal. Instead, better have it applied to expansion towards enhancement. Filipino deserves a secured spot in the General Education Curriculum more than any subject else. Because even before foreign languages towered over our own, there was Filipino-- its profoundness representing the strong fibers of our unity, and its complexity reflecting the richness from where we evolved into what we are at present. Let it not be treated with contempt nor disdain. Let it not be said that we are a nation whose native tongue comes without any effort on our parts. â–Ą "Malata sila masyado and hindi sila katulad ng last batch na gumagawa ng steps para 'yung activities ng bawat org[anization]s natin dito sa CBA eh united na nagbibigay ng chance para magkaisa yung CBA students. Syempre in a way, nag-e-expect pa rin naman kami ng service from them. Bumoto kami eh." 2012-1*4-**0 "Definitely not [good]. Kung titignan natin 'yung mga nagawa ng nakaraang panahon ng LSC, wala sila (present council) pang nagagawa. Yung free water, inadapt na lang naman nila 'yun from tbe past administration. Ang kaso: ang minor na nga lang ng project na 'yun, hindi pa nila ma-maintain. Laging walang tubig. 'Yung mga little things kasi na ganun, dapat naplano na sa umpisa pa lang, eh. Walang lame reason para sa implementations nila kasi dapat dumadaan sa planning lahat." 2013-10*-6** As we venture into much greater undertakings, it would be fitting for everyone to be reminded of the clearer picture that depicts a more concrete reality. True enough, student leaders are vital in the process of creating a linkage between the college and the services the students ought to enjoy. Yet, the fulfillment of such duties depends on whether the common students really have charged the worth of the vote they casted months ago. At a certain point, we have joked about promises being meant to be broken. But in a culture saturated with tattlers and much disregard, such could have anymore rather been unacceptable. As a new batch of Local Student Council Leaders seize positions and claim trustworthiness, what proof do we have, with only a handful of time left in their term, that by the end of their stint, we do not result into a mount of broken promises? â–Ą


‘NOT IN MY TERM’ De Jesus thumbs down on CBA-CHE merge

Now might not be the time. Bulacan State University president Dr. Mariano C. De Jesus said the theoretical merging of programs being offered in the College of Home Economics (CHE) to the College of Business Administration (CBA), and placing the two under one administration is rather unfeasible, not at least until his term concludes. In an interview, De Jesus said the deferral of the merging is rightly so to ON THE MERGE. Though Dr. Mari- avoid the imano C. De Jesus knows that it is le- pairment of the gally acceptable, he still refused to identities of the approve of the CBA-CHE merging two institutions. in the belief that it is what's best for The deferall. | Photos taken by Mark Angelo M. Garcia ral was made even at the presence of a series of CHEd Memorandum Orders (CMOs) that explicitly suggest some courses in CHE to be moved under the supervision


Victory Center (Dakila, Malolos City) — Geared to give JPIAns the necessary time-off and help them know that the field of accountancy could be worked at with lesser stress, Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants (JPIA) organized a stress management seminar entitled Elect to Use OSD on March 16.


James Zaias S. Lapitan of a CBA. However, the university president said that though it (merging) is constitutionally- acceptable, the merging still rests as an option and that the final decision must come and shall be made by him, hence the deferral. "I want to maintain the uniqueness of each college. Though similarities could be observed [between the courses], the approach is still different. Besides Director Abuan (Commission on Higher Education- Region III director) told us verballysuggested scheme lang ang merging," De Jesus said. At present, BS Hotel and Restaurant Management (BS HRM) and BS Tourism Management (BS TM) are being expected to conform to the CMO that considers both programs as business-inclined. Additionally, the CMO provides for both programs to concentrate more on the key areas of management, marketing, and finance. Meanwhile, CBA dean Dr. Gualberto Magdaraog, Jr. affirms of the president's decision regarding the merging but he still recognizes the essence of the memorandum in order to maintain vertical articulation among the programs being offered in the university. "I think there is nothing to prove here. We believe in the ability and capacity of CHE. But we cannot deny the fact that these are all business courses, and we are all gearing towards vertical articulation," Magdaraog said. "If we will look at the output of these programs, they should be honed to be managers of hotels, travel agencies, and other top management level officers."

CHE, on the other hand, believes that the postponement of the merging is a prerogative of the president and such act is advantageous to give them enough time to "prove themselves." "The postponement is one way of establishing the identity of both colleges. It (decision) will depend on the next president— if the proposal will push through or not. But whatever happens, everybody will benefit with the result of the decisions," William Alcantara, CHE Officer-in-Charge, said. Additionally, in a random survey conducted by The Executives, 72% of the respondents fro from CHE said they are likewise not in favor of the merging. “Hospitality management kasi yung focus namin. Kung masasali kami sa inyo, malalayo na kami ng focus kasi ‘yung CBA mas technical sa pagpapatakbo talaga ng business. Kami kasi front liners kami,” Glaiza Estallo of BS TM 3A said. Furthermore, Magdaraog expressed that he is no longer interested in the merging. He consequently wrote to the curriculum committee that instead of putting CBA and CHE under one governance, he is more open to transferring the programs of the latter to CBA. “I wrote a letter to the curriculum committee. And in my letter, [I said] I am open to transfer of programs. Meaning, CHE will remain. But the programs shall be under CBA. We will let CHE offer their appropriate programs,” Magdaraog concluded. □

Held weeks before the tormenting qualifying exams of the BS Accountancy program, the seminar mobilized timely stress-alleviating activities to help the students decompress from the burnout of the past semester. In his technical session, Mr. Christian Cruz of the College of Social Sciences and Philosophy identified the sources of pressure and stress among accountancy students. Moreover, he imparted ways on how to alleviate the exhaustion most students might come to encounter during a demanding school year. "We all deserve a break. Try to relieve yourselves of the weariness kasi kung stressed tayo and all, we might end up losing what we have already worked upon," Cruz said. Meanwhile, to provide a mental boost which every JPIA member seems to yearn for, the seminar also included a lecture that centered on tax practice in the Philippines. In his plenary discussion, former

Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants president Mr. Dante Torres focused on the latest updates on the taxation scheme here in the country. Furthermore, he gave an introduction to the advanced topics which will be tackled in the higher accounting subjects. Apart from the stress management and taxation forum, the seminar also gave way to the organization's election of officers for the federation year 2015-2016. “Ang goal talaga was para mamotivate yung JPIAns tsaka mainspire na ipush yung pagiging CPA. Aside from that, para na rin maihanda sila sa quali[fying exams] tsaka finals week and para maturuan sila ng ways to handle stress as well as maging confident na harapin yung further challenges. Kasama na din na ma-gather lahat ng members to bond sa co-JPIAns," stated Angela Bianca Santos, JPIA Vice President for Media and Documentation. □

'THE EXECUTIVES' PREVAILS IN GGP 2015 Quinie A. Demdam Proving anew that beginners could be as well competent, The Executives claimed a spot to secure by bagging home quite a number of recognitions in the first Gawad Galing Plaridel, an intercollegiate press conference, organized last March 16 and 17. The newly-established student publication of the College of Business Administration laid out an unexpected dominion as it placed 3rd Best Performing Student Publication alongside other major awards in both individual and group categories. For the group category, the publication's newsletter issue prevailed over its competitors and managed to acquire Best News Page, Best Editorial/Opinion Page, Best Feature/Literary Page, Best Sports Page, and Best Page Design, giving it enough credits to take the Best Newsletter award. Moreover, the tabloid issue triumphed with 2nd Best Tabloid award after reaping 3rd Best News Page, 3rd Best Editorial/ Opinion Page, 3rd Best Feature Literary Page, 3rd Best Sports Page, and Best Page Design. "Since this is our first time to have this competition, we are so glad that our hard works paid off. Yung pagkapanalo naman is bonus na lang dahil marami naman kaming natutunan," stated Ms. Pauline R. Reyes, adviser of The Executives. During the individual category, Ella Meiji B. Kobayashi seized gold in Editorial Writing Filipino while Mica Antoniette C. Buenavista placed 2nd in Opinion Writing English. Furthermore, James Zaias S. Lapitan and May Ann DB. Perona snagged 3rd places in News Writing English and Sports Writing English, respectively.

"Overwhelming, syempre. Yun naman yung typical feeling sa kahit anong competition diba. Pero ang nangingibabaw eh yung anticipation kasi dun kami naghold on sa isa't isa talaga. Oo, iba iba yung pinanggalingan namin at sinusulat namin pero sa huli isa lang yung hiniling namin talaga: manalo. And I think that's the best feeling na nadama ko joining GGP for the first time," stated Mica Antoniette Buenavista, one of The Executives' representatives to the competition. Meanwhile, despite the many awards, The Executives still fell short at 3rd Overall Champion. Lapitan, one of the delegates, lamented it was partly because the publication failed to send a complete set of delegates, leaving no participants for most of the individual competitions. "We only have a few writers and no illustrators to partake in the competitions. That was why there were categories na hindi talaga nasalihan. Anyway, we joined so that we will be able to assess if our pub[lication] is doing well. I think the recognitions that we've had say it all. Beginners' luck lang din siguro. But we are, nevertheless, very thankful for the worthwhile experience," Lapitan said. It could be remembered that The Executives has already earned an impression last September, 2014 after taking home awards during its first appearance in the Pandayang Plaridel conference. Moreover, The CommuniquĂŠ of the College of Arts and Letters was hailed as Best Performing College Publication while the College of Education's Mentors Journal was tagged as 2nd best. â–Ą

CAME... THEN CONQUERED. In its pioneering year, The Executives plotted its way to top as it took home quite a number of recognitions and conquered this year's Gawad Galing Plaridel, a university-wide press conference. | Photo courtesy of Mark Angelo M. Garcia

Despite setbacks, Dean Jojo still upbeat CBA is competent James Zaias S. Lapitan

Despite the many inconveniences the College of Business Administration (CBA) is going through at present due to shortages in facilities, Dr. Gualberto Magdaraog, Jr. is still confident the College is capable of renderring high quality education. Program Proficiency Though inadequate rooms to accommodate the increasing number of CBA students tell of a depressing saga, Magdaraog asserts the College is geared in offering programs that are in full compliance to the guiding principles being provided for by the Commission on Higher Education (CHEd). At the opening of the academic year 2015-2016, CBA's first year of offering additional programs-- BS Accounting Technology, BS Financial Management, BS Marketing Management, and BS Business Economics-- which aims to create a more concentrated pool of expertise in the key areas of business was marked. Accordingly, all of these programs have claimed from CHEd and been issued Certificates of Program Compliance where the courses being incorporated into the program syllabi are made sure to adhere to the standards being set forth by the Commission. In addition, the annual qualifying examinations of the BS Accountancy program was adopted by all of the other programs in CBA to ensure that the College is being able to yield competitive students. Faculty Functionality Furthermore, CBA houses teaching personnel who have degree courses that specialize on the central disciplines of business. "We requested to hire additional faculty members whose specializations are accounting, economics, and financial management," Magdaraog said. In addition, a drastic increase in the number of faculty members have been observed whereby 21 new professors have been employed. Moreover, since his designation as dean of the College, Magdaraog has remarked a 150% increase in holders of Master in Business Administration (MBA) degrees among the 51 professors that make up the CBA faculty. DESPITE SETBACKS/ 12



James Zaias S. Lapitan and May Anne DB. Perona Junior Financial Executives (JFinEx) was urged to point put their reasons as numerous hullabaloos opposed to their proposal of having a College corporate uniform surfaced. Once again, JFinEx waa caught to defend their side of as the said proposal gained off-putting remarks from the students who questioned the validity of the way the consultation of the aforementioned proposal was done. According to statements collected by The Executives, JFinEx performed the survey with which the results were deemed to be misleading as the surveyors did not ask whether the students were in favor of having a new uniform. Such process is a prime requisite in presenting a proposal for approval. Furthermore, assertions claimed the surveyors only asked their respondents to choose which among their provided designs the latter prefer. Meanwhile, JFinEx countered by calling such complaints as baseless allegations. According to its incumbent president, Jeanine Camille Rigor, said irregularity could have been impossible because they have asked the respondents to continue filling up the survey forms only if they agree to the said proposal. "Yung print- out kasi na ginawa namin, nakalagay lang talaga is yung name tsaka anong design 'yung pipiliin. Pero nagpasingit kami sa isang side ng 'Yes or No.' So kung 'No', hindi na sila magsasagot," Rigor explained. Moreover, queries regarding the instance whereas the said organization will be the sole authorized producer of the said uniforms were raised. With the mandate being imposed by JFinEx, students are prohibited from purchasing from outside producers and are instead obligated to avail of the ones they produce. "Magandang idea sana. [Kaya lang], isa-isip din naman yung kalagayan ng mga estudyante. Una: [ni-require.] Ang mahal kaya nun (uniform). Tapos sila pa (JFinEx) ang supplier. 'Yung gusto sana mag-comply pero nais makatipid, no choice. Ano ba talaga ang goal? Magkaroon ng uniform o magbenta ng uniform? Kasi kung yung una, baka naman pwedeng sa iba magpagawa. At the end, democratic country tayo. 'Wag natin i-monopolize yung project. Ang dating [kasi] muka talagang negosyo," one of the complainants expressed. In line with this, JFinEx said it is appropriate that only one party be in-charge with the managing and distribution of the uniforms so as to maintain the homogeneity of the uniforms. "Pagdating kay Sir Nick (Dela Rama), pina-specify nya sa akin na ilagay sa letter na kami (JFinEx) ang mag-oorganize, kami ang magdidistribute, kami ang magpo-produce ng uniforms— so kami ang nag-produce. Ang bilin ni Sir Nick is 'wag ipapasa sa Local Student Council kasi project daw [namin ito], " Rigor further stated. The said proposal, meanwhile, was approved and will be effectuated immediately. □


NO HASSLE IN THE TASSEL. After four years of never-ending pressure and stress, 11 BS Accountancy students emerged as latin honor awardees in the 2015 Commencement Exercises. | Photo taken by Mark Angelo M. Garcia


Qunie A. Demdam and Ella Meiji B. Kobayashi The stage was set for almost a quar- kung para saan and para kanino 'yung mga ter of the whole graduating class of the BS ginagawa ko," Lazaro said, claiming it was a Accountancy (BSA) program as ten from the hard-earned graduation that they deserve. Meanwhile, a poignant hush fell batch were awarded Magna Cum Laude while one claimed a Cum Laude award in the com- over the crowd after Arnel A. Manalasmencement exercises that was held on April tas challenged his colleagues to dream big8, 2015 at Kapitolyo ng Bulakan Gymnasium. ger and go further in life in his speech as Following their four years of pure this year's Outstanding Student awardee. "There is no ad[vertisement] in hard work, Bren Capulong, Maricris dela Cruz, Sharmane Espiritu, Nery Royce Lazaro, and the newspapers looking for a Chief ExArnel Manalastas bid college life a sweet fare- ecutive Officer (CEO); they all startwell with flying colors alongside Karen Marie ed out small," Manalastas delivered. Aside from the 11 awardees from Maniquiz, Mary Jane Mendoza, Rhea Elaine Mendoza, Angelic Navarro, and Monica dela the BSA program, Angela Navarro, Ana Fe Peña who were all hailed with high honors. On Nicolas, and Harwin Legaspi, all from the the other hand, Laila May Cano took her final Business Administration major in Managebow in college and graduated with honors. ment program walked the aisle and claimed "Hindi naging madali 'yung jour- Magna Cum Laude honors. Also, Lorna ney. Ang hirap lalo na nung first year dur- Bautista graduated with Cum Laude merits. Furthermore, this year's commenceing adjustment period. Nakaranas din ako na makakuha ng mababang grades sa mga ment exercises granted well-merited bachelor quiz/ exam, pero inisip ko na lang na hindi degrees to a total of 428 graduates who took ako hanggang dun lang. Kinulang lang sig- their oaths to the Alma Mater and pledged uro ako sa efforts. And iniisip ko na lang din to be the future's responsible professionals. □


James Zaias S. Lapitan The results of the February-26 Stu- res. and Christine Bautista, respectively. dent Government elections disclosed a Both were representatives from Stand BulSU. neck-to-neck battle for the College of Busi- On the other hand, Jhenelly Bueness Administration (CBA) Local Student naflor and Jhel Anne Paguio of BulSUCouncil (LSC) slots which favored majority ONE emerged and were set as board memof the members of the Stand BulSU party list. bers to the accountancy and financial While both local leaders of Stand management departments, respectively. BulSU and its contending party, BulSU-ONE, Meanwhile, various reactions insisted for a better and more progressive lead- and expectations have been expressed ership, voting precincts still concluded to grant by CBA students as the leadership was the post as this academic year's governor to Ash- handed over to the new set of officers. ley Bautista of Stand BulSU with 383 votes. This "Karamihan sa project ng LSC ay was against the latter's Dyannara V. Cabrera who naglalaho at mga 'di natutuloy. Kaya di was close to putting up dead heat with 337 votes. na'ko nag e-expect sa kanila ng kahit ano In addition, Stand BulSU's Jenry Ale- pa," John Carlo Tayao of BS Business Adjandro acquired the approval of the CBA popu- ministration major in Management 4A lace with 360 votes— only four votes of dispar- said. "At sana magkaroon ng pagkakahiwaity from BulSU-ONE's Nikki M. San Pedro. lay sa kahit anong organization ang LSC." Furthermore, board member niches Moreover, this year's elections for the marketing management and entre- yielded a voters' turnout of 40% in CBA— preneurship were occupied by Cherish Tor- 6.34% higher than that of last year's. □

'Surpassing Limits' adjudged as best in 2015 Nat'l Marketista Awards

Mark Angelo M. Garcia LandBank Philippines, Mandaluyong However, the leaders of the said orCity— Chamber of Young Business Leaders (CYBL) ganization admitted to have faced tension and stretched beyond its margins and conquered this intimidation knowing that well-known state colyear's National Marketista Awards after its entries leges and universities will be vying for the awards. were tagged as best in various categories, March 7. "Yung kaba and pessimistic thoughts The duly recognized student organi- [ang] tumakbo sa isip namin. Knowing na nanzation for BS Business Administration major jan kasi yung mga [popular] universities na in Management (BS BAM) students coined makakalaban din ng CYBL na from BulSU another set of merits as its Surpassing Lim- lang," Louisse Margarette Mijares, CYBL Vice its seminar was regarded as Academic Project President for Communications shared. "Tiwala of the Year, besting out eminent universities in lang din sa sarili namin yung naging solusyon." the country like University of the Philippines Meanwhile, 162 universities all over and Polytechnic University of the Philippines. the country participated in the annual con Likewise, CYBL took home a ference which was organized by the nationback-to-back feat when its entry to the al federation of marketers in the country. × Crossing Borders category flagged the University to third spot. The org was also nominated for the Best Student Organization award. "It [was] unexpected and very surprising. It only shows 'yung capacity ng organization," Mr. Christopher D. Lalic, CYBL adviser, said. "It is because of service; everything is about the concern na matuto ang mga bata. Hindi lang basta knowledge ang ipinapaabot natin through CYBL kundi industry exposure." For the academic category, participating schools were required to submit narrative accounts of events that were organized in consonance with upholding the knowledge of marketing field of study. MULTIPLE MILESTONES. Chamber of Young Busi On the other hand, the Crossing Bor- ness Leaders reached yet another milestone and ders category limited the participants to pre- proved to be competitive even beyond the borders senting undertakings that represent the projects of the university as it flagged BulSU to this year's Awards. (On the photo: Mr. Christopher under the supervision of Philippine Junior Mar- Marketista Lalic) | Photo courtesy of CYBL-BulSU keting Association that they have taken part in.

SUSPENSION CASES AGAINST MANAGEMENT STUDES DUE TO OL RANTING SUSPENDED James Zaias S. Lapitan After having posted what seemed to be offensive and insulting posts on Facebook, one BS Business Administration major in Management (BS BAM) and two others from BS Marketing Management (BS MM) are to face disciplinary measures, as guided by the guidelines governing student conduct. However, the disciplinary sanctions have been deferred after President Mariano De Jesus himself issued a memo reminding college deans and personnel that only he as chief of the university holds the authority to decide over matters that involve student dismissals. Such memo was issued subsequent to a suspension case that involved student leaders. Meanwhile, Thea (not her real name) from the BS BAM Department was supposed to face two months of suspension after her discourteous views versus members of the College faculty were publicized. This displeased the faculty members who were known to have composed the panel of judges for the competitions in the personality development activity which did not recognize Thea's group as winner. In a series of Facebook posts that was tagged to her by a friend, a screenshot of Thea's text message which contained her disappointment to the results was flashed to the public. Said text message referred to the professors as incompetent and even named them names. However, she explained that everything she said was out of dismay and that she never intended to explicitly humiliate and insult the professors. Moreover, she claims to have learned from what happened. "Natutunan ko na less talk: [fewer] mistakes. And minsan, mas mabuting sa sarili na lang sabihin yung mga gusto mong sabihin sa iba kasi hindi lahat ng taong kasundo mo ay mapagkakatiwalaan mo," Thea said. Likewise, Lily (identity concealed) from

BS MM was supposed to be under probationary status after naming the Business Economics Department as junkyard of qualifying examinations non-passers. She further claimed online that the College's academic reforms are unnecessary and are just burdens for everyone to shoulder. Furthermore, Lily gained sympathy in the person of another BS MM student after the latter called out catty comments against CBA, proclaiming how hideous the College's changes are. The two were placed under watch list where they were given the condition of having to maintain grades of not lower than 2.00 in all of their subjects for the coming semester. Otherwise, they will be kicked out of CBA. "I believe in the right of everyone to freely express their opinion, but this right is not absolute. This should be and must be regulated by policies so as not to exercise to the point of depriving the rights of others," CBA dean Dr. Gualberto Magdaraog, Jr. said. "Though we are free to post whatever we want, we must always consider the effect, impact, or cost of what we will post. As a student of a university that aims to produce a professional with integrity, posting your negative opinion or comment about details on how we run our own organization is like showing the community that we lack integrity as well," he added. In addition to being under watch list, Lily andhercompanionwereaskedtodoapublicapology and were asked to withdraw their former statements. Consequently, CBA students shared their views about the importance of being cautious in using social networking sites. "[We] have to be very careful on what [we] post in social sites and know the limits. Do not just post for the sake of likes because we might offend other people. Be mature enough. Share things that will inform people with important matters. Think before you click," Ren Paolo Pingol of BS Financial Management 3B said. ×

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Despite setbacks...

Just recently, Ms. Maria Lourdes Cervantes, Mr. Christopher Plamenco, Mr. Mikey Reyes, and Ms. Pauline Rivera-Reyes became the college's additions to its formula of renowned excellence as they completed their postgraduate degrees and were named as masters. Additionally, five members of CBA faculty are currently taking up their doctorate degrees while three have already been contributing their DBA proficiency. "We push them to take their masters and doctorate degrees. And we are fortunate to have been able to increase the number of MBA holders in our college," Magdaraog said. Furthermore, CBA also impelments the policy of assigning accounting courses to Certified Public Accountant (CPA) educators. Magdaraog also requires these CPA professors to secure their accreditation as teachers which is being obtained from the Board of Accountancy. Also, CPA faculty members increased from seven in 2014 to 18 this academic year. Moreover, to ensure that the College has competent faculty, the college dean encourages their involvement to different professional and academic organizations not just as mere members but as officers. Matter-of-factly, several professors have already imparted their contributions as officers of ENEDA, AFMED, AIRE, and PICPA. "We also send our faculty members to accreditation and certifications to make sure that they are certified to teach specific subjects such as capital markets, investments, BPO, business analytics, and, soon, subjects in the field of finance and taxation," Magdaraog added. Facility Drawbacks Meanwhile, shortages in classrooms have been accentuated since the transferring of the BS Business Economics from the College of Social Sciences and Philosophy (CSSP). At the onset, it was expected that CSSP could still spare rooms to help house the BS Business Economics students as CBA only intended to adopt the same number of sections as originally set for the said program. Unfortunately, though, transferring of programs did not entitle additional classrooms. So when CSSP offered more slots for its BS Psychology program, no classrooms could be offered for the Business Economics. Thus, the insufficiency surfaced. "Despite this desperate situation, we still manage to look for rooms from other colleges who are veey generous to reach out their helping hands to us,” Magdaraog said. "And of course, to equate the hardships of our students with the quality of education that they expect, we focus our strategic development on the key areas." As a recourse to the classroom dilemma, arrangements were made wherein a regular three-hour class will be compressed into an hour and a half so that rooms could be utilized by more classes. Meanwhile, Magdaraog attributes some of the drawbacks as due to the constraints in the General Services Office. Apart from the classrooms, CBA also called out the need to refurnish the business center where BS Entrepreneurship students could implement their business proposals. Also, LSC projectors which should have been installed to every classroom in the College remain as work-to-be done. □



once upon a night

A Lookback To the Tale That Would Last a Lifetime Ella Meiji B. Kobayashi

After spending almost half of the semester for preparations amidst the unstoppable pour of deadlines, exams, and requirements, the unforgettable night of elegance have finally gone from the juniors' immediate future to the previous pages of their third-year lives. That day was indeed, as Taylor Swift said what most of us cared less about at our age: a fairytale. Junior magnates unleashed their inner prince and princesses, and showcased their hidden talents in dancing and gracing the cat walk at the culminating activity of this year's Personality Development--a grand ball themed "Beauty and the Beast: A Tale That Would Last a Lifetime." Relieve the fun and memories through the captured magical moments of that once-upon-a-time and its majestic ending.â–Ą


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the internet of e v e r y t h i n g Ella Meiji B. Kobayashi

Rememb er that time when Internet is only accessible through a computer? Those days, its basic function to most people was e-mail and instant messaging. Then Google and other search engines were updated and everything could be tracked down in one click. That seemed eons ago. Look at how far it has reached now. Since the emergence of smartphones and advancements in wireless and portable connections, Internet became more accessible. And since this connection basically runs most of the applications on our devices, the internet has gone from being everywhere to being everything we needed. Even some digital cameras support internet connection. How crazy is that? So, what if everything – from your school bag, to your dresser, to your umbrella – suddenly becomes powered by Internet connection? You are on your way out to school when you hear a beeping sound and you realize that the beeping is not coming from your phone. After following where the sound is coming from, you figure out that it is your umbrella trying to notify you. It turns out there is seventy percent chance of rain today. The umbrella knew. When we look at the Internet today and imagine what it can do in t h e f utu re,


we s e e things through short lenses. Daniel Burrus of says that machine-tomachine communications – cloud networks, etcetera – are just tools. The face of the internet tomorrow consists not of tools but of sensors. A sensor is definitely not a machine. It doesn’t do anything in the same sense that a machine does. It measures; it evaluates. In short, it gathers data. The internet of things works through the utilization of both machines and sensors— a perfect harmony between the body and the stimuli. In the case of the umbrella, instead of the usual fabric, smart fabric will be used. This smart fabric will be loaded with sensors, therefore, making it able to gather data regarding the weather forecasts. Can anything get cooler? Let’s look at another example. When we rebuild bridges, we can use smart cement: cement equipped with sensors to monitor stresses, cracks, and warpages. This is cement that alerts us to fix problems before they e n d up being catastrophic. And

these technologies aren’t limited to the bridge’s structure. If the road or the bridge is slippery, the same sensors in the concrete will detect it and communicate the information through the wireless internet to a car. Once the car knows there is a hazard ahead, it will instruct the driver to slow down; and if the driver doesn’t, then the car will slow down for him. This is just one of the ways that sensor-tomachine and machine-to-machine communication can take place. Sensors on the bridge connect to machines in the car; thus, information is turned into action. The advantages of this innovation is life-changing. Through modernization in the already advanced technology that we have, the possibilities are boundless. This can solve the usual concerns of everyday life, undeniably speaking. However, no matter how beneficial a thing can be, it can still alter the appropriateness by which we treated things before the advancements we are currently experiencing took toll. It could be better to be able to realize much of the advantages of the Internet before we all get consumed by its blinding features. It would never be too hard for us to get seized. And unless we wish to get things worse, we shall use it wisely, shall we not? □

remembering integrity amidst the storm of controversies James Zaias S. Lapitan

As the year flies past midway, everybody could have forgotten the name that once hung on our lips—Yolanda. It was over—the catastrophe. And so were the many controversies that we came to face in the few months that went by. Or so we thought. Said to be a storm beyond any means mankind could gauge, Typhoon Haiyan, which was locally known to be Super Typhoon Yolanda struck the Visayan Peninsula in November of 2013 with unimaginable strength. With mighty winds that gusted up to 300kph, it sent every devastating waves wiping through walls, roofs, and blockades— dismantling the islands and ripping out signs of life and any chance of security. And nothing remained invincible through the rage: a cathedral roof was blown off in mere seconds, and gigantic trees became as if matchsticks afloat a sea of obscure misery. Infrastructures were shaken and annihilated as the ocean whipped into a fatal series of surges. Everyone thought it was the end, or at least close to. A f -

ter the catastrophic incident that Haiyan brought into our area of responsibility, we were also caught grief-stricken as seven BulSUans were claimed by a tragic scene which was later named as Madlum Tragedy. The whole university was shocked at the moment—drowned in the emotional distress that will never diminish. The past was ferocious. As quickly as it came, Super Typhoon Yolanda waved Philippine territories an afflicting goodbye as it left a desolated landscape of wrecked communities and ruined hopes. As unexpected as it took place, Madlum Tragedy broke a number of dreams and smashed a huge sum of aspirations. In an instant, everything was changed. Lives disappeared. As if the stories themselves were not heartbreaking enough, the testimonies that rose from the gloom that have loomed over our archipelago were uttered by the desperate and the helpless—those who have been broken beyond repair that hardly anything logical could be made out and told. As most just watch or read restfully at a safe location, the storytellers— journalists, as they are needed—engage themselves to grab fragments of everyone’s atten- tion. Not only do they help publicize the current situation, they also endure the de-

spondency of the stories that have been reported. These valiant individuals tackle an inner struggle as they experience the wrenching of the heart over and over with too many other broken- hearted victims they encounter. Yet most of us could only read—or watch (not really see!)—as the journalists interview a young girl who lost her parents and cries over their ruined home, or as they confer with a mother who is on the brink of losing her composure at the loss of her only daughter. The audience could just remain silent, aghast. And then in the midst of everything, the stories clamor to be delivered. While everyone makes accounts too suddenly, unintentional moments arise. Thus, mistakes were made. In such instances come ulterior motives that creep up just to put the journalistic values in question. Integrity has been glaringly compromised. And then there are a number of instances that show of dedication—storytellers too committed to utter a no. These are the faces and the viewpoints the audience could never really understand: of reporters who commit themselves even if they are summoned beyond their passion, and even if they are as human as anybody else—just as beaten and f r u s t r at e d as the people they interview. And though are established figures, still human— nothing more. □


May Ann DB. Perona

I n the days to come, you expect tons of work that has to be accomplished— reports on finance on Monday m o r n i n g , org works on Tuesday, exams in various subjects on Wednesday, submission of a movie review for a Sociology class on Thursday, half a dozen auditing problems for Friday, and business implementation acitivities on Saturday. It is tragic, to say the least. And you grow even more stressed to know that the line up is just a glimpse of a disastrous month ahead of you. It gets harder, each day, to tackle with everything all at once. You simply cannot go any further being initially soaked in your own pool of frustration. And once you are stuck there, you are pinned with no choice but to turn all of your might to what could've been your best companion— food. Whether it's deep fried calamari, ice cream, chips, peanut butter, peanuts, or just plain butter, you absolutely love to eat your way out of stress! And what better way to spend the rest of the night while you procrastinate is with huge servings of comfort food all prepped up. Meanwhile, one doesn't only experience extreme starvation, or craving (rather!) at the onset of the battle with a bunch of schoolworks. As we get too anxious, whether excited or discouraged, to just knock everything down, we are being "provoked by the psyche." More commonly believed, we experience a strong wanting to feel comf'table


more, it would be right to say that the gut has substantial influence on the brain. And when we say “substantial,” we could possibly mean lugaw-tokwa’t baboy during a late night thesis revision. For most of us, comfort foods are a yard far from the epicurean “gourmet” dishes. Instead, our cravings tend to demand for the more readily available, good old, moldy (oh, kidding!), plain yet highly-caloric edibles. This is highly associated to giving a strong sense of security because of the homey feel. And though something personal, we all share that ritual of calming ourselves via comfort food. Typically, these foods are high in carbohydrates, or salt, or sugar, or anything that just gives the distinctive pleasure. Consumed to attain an improved level of emotional status, they help relieve negative psychological conditions and have found to help settle digestive disturbances. Comfort food is something we all could just turn to to ease everything out. We all experience sadness, depression, anxiety— a clear inability to focus well. At times, we could just need something to make us feel better, and, for a time, secured. Food has exhibited its immeasurable power of helping everyone get away from stress. However, since our bodies are very sensitive to negative feelings and we couldn’t just contain all of these negas, it is better to start being responsive as well, and provide ourselves with comfort—food that we like, that is.

amidst the b ang away. This, consequenlty leads to the intensified wanting to scoop onto something relaxing. "Kapag maraming gagawin, masarap kumain ng ma- tatamis— mga ice cream tsaka desserts, ganun," Precious, a future financial manager claims. "Nakakagising kasi yung mga matatamis." Meanwhile, studies assert that th culture that has been associated with comfort food arises from the materiality that these food carry with them a nostalgic or sentimental feeling that eases the stress one might be going through at the moment. Undisputedly, and as backed with researches, our emotions play a vital role in determining why we actually consume food. These emotions sometimes include being bored and more often being stressed. Delving deeper into intermediate terms, the culprit to these unconventional cravings have been revealed as it was estimated that 95% of the serotonin (the chemical responsible for the comfort and well-being) in the body is being produced in the stomach. This, in simpler terms, explains quite clearly the strong interaction between mood and digestion. Further- □

Mica Antoniette C. Buenavista Saltwater-dried hair, sun-kissed skin, scorching hot sun – nothing could better describe the summer vibe that is and has always been around the corner. With the social site feeds flooded by endless travel bragging and barkada selfies, summer has always been the most anticipated time of the year especially for students like us who seemingly took forever yearning and longing for a break. Waking up to a bright and sunny day with no surprise (emphasis on this word) quiz to worry about is ultimately the best feeling.And who would not totally agree with that? Summer is that time we could get away from stress and is when peace and serenity envelops us in a warm embrace. Everything else is just so perfect and unfathomable. Until we come to realize that feeling: that sinking feeling when two months seem to stretch out like seconds, with the number of days slipping through our fingers like the sands at bay. Dumbfounded, we face the truth with such difficulty as the nearing time sucks the remaining happiness out of us. The worst has come as the post-summer blues dawns on us, leaving us broken into a jagillion pieces. Surely, no one is prepared for such a huge wave of reality threatening to hit, but a couple of tips are at hand to relieve your bubblehead before it gets worse. (And believe me, it gets worse.)

1. Go shopping.

Certainly not the typical-bag-dress-shoes shopping though. (Skip that costly part for best results.) Go to the nearest book shop and eye those binders with irresistibly cute covers—cupcake patterns, vintage designs, inspirational words, or even your favorite series— whatever suits your taste. Pair it with a set of colored highlighters and pens and you'll feel all prepped up for the daily college routines. Color-varied items and those which appeal your sense of creativity tend to boost your innocent joys. Break the shell and shrug off the remains of the not-so-productive summer by welcoming the new academic year with prudence. Just try not buying those summerthemed pencil cases or all your efforts will go in vain.

2. Face your fears.

Nothing is more horrifying than getting another mocking look from all your 0’s and singkos from your unannounced quizzes from the past semester. Past is past, as they say, but running away from it will never do you any good. Turn your de-

feats into victories by gathering all the test papers and sorting it by importance. Keep those which will benefit you in the years to come (for review purposes) especially those papers marked with a failing grade in it. Use them as motivation and inspiration to strive and aim for better in the coming academic year. Punch that singko in the face, and punch it hard!

3. Write your wrongs.

As college students, we are always in a difficult pursuit of success. May it be from distractions or the worldly bugging of social media sites, these obstacles tend to drive us away from our paths. The best thing to set us back on track is to keep a list of the mistakes we’ve done that led to failures. Write the things you’ve regretted doing last semester and post it on your bulletin board or place it beside your bed. This way, you are constantly reminded of the things you need to change and improve, and will further help you focus on your goals rather on sulking over your throwback summer pictures. Who knows? With a list that long, writing ALL your wrongs might even help you practice your shaky penmanship.

4. Organize your numbers.

Making a mental note of everything can get a bit messy especially when you’re anxious enough looking forward for a long test. Save all the stress and clutter with a personalized planner you can get from any book store. The market offers a variety of themes which can very well suit the taste and personality of an individual. With a planner, organizing doesn’t seem much of an effort because of templates such as calendars, goals list and even a budget plan for a month. Save your memory space for more useful data such as financial ratios, accounting theories, and marketing plans.

5. Test your patience.

Nothing boosts a student’s spirit better than lining up for the cashier. As the saying goes, “Line up a student; End up a warrior.” Enough said. Summer blues will always linger and the remedy for depression varies on the degree of severity. Keeping a positive attitude and focusing on goals will surely give a good head start. Just try not to be hasty anticipating next year’s escapades or you’ll never end up happy. Ever. Again.


TATTOOED HEAR TACHES by midnight With my bare mad fing

ertips tracing etched within every pattern I found the firsmy cold, hard skin t sc ar Thin and shal Just like our fllow and fading As you held m eeting moments When you decie close that one fateful nigh t Speak your th ded to let your body ou gh ts an d feelings Consuming m With your passy grief and pain And unforgivab ionate kisses And claiming le caresses it all as yours. Then came th e second scar Stretching from – With just a sl the sides of the neck Everything w ight touch as alive again And I remembe With those sm r you glancing back That always loall but yearning eyes And only if yo ng for mysteries I’d delve deep u had allowed And explore thinto you and tangled m e darkest secrets And make it al esses l mine.

old t n u r o s r s hornight madne by mid

s y pigtail I was 6, was doing mabout My mome warned me -eating when shclawing, heart d bushes the eye-rs hiding behin the dark, monste for victims in Waiting ing their flesh nothing consum ey are left with until th kfast , my brea I was 12 was cooking about t My mome warned me ed to talk abou when shonsters she us guised those m they were dis t suits And howfolks with nea trangle them as plain their griefs s body And howconsume your and leave you as they sly unhuman hed but broken ferociou orning unscat in the m rgotten , e and fo I was 20 was long gon place My momg in a faraway e her Dwellin can never blam me about where I e never warned azel eyes why sh onsters with hsurreal bliss Those m l drag you to ou hell That wilntually leave y e time. And eve ven at the sam And hea

Crying Shoulder


And the third A cluster of sc scar comes in – Interwoven likrambled lines we’ve brough e a complicated maze Reminiscent oft ourselves in I’ve come back the numerous times To and from yoand gone away For your arm ur sweet embrace The safest placs have always been Until I learned e I’ve known It wasn’t mine that it wasn’t mine For it already all along had belonged to another. But above all Fresh and deepthe fourth scar surges – Like the imag and unforgotten es of you in m And the pain an y dreams Spreading like d grief that burns inside a Every time I re wildfire And those sad member the empty kisses For you have and dead eyes Deeper than malways looked for something And it pains m y consumed soul From your on e how I’ve dragged you aw e and true fate ay That has alway s belonged to Him.


by midn


madne He wa ss His ey s a walking e m s a y l s w somew tery ays Escap here beyonunknowingl i n d Runni g from th the bord y gazing Runni ng from thee whispers ers of realit y Until ng, runnin cries of tr of lies And h he can feel hg, running i uth Feelin is body all is feet achi n circles Until hg pain and sore and br ng oken e can n grief an d o long er feel sorrow She w anyth ing an Her eyas a living ymore f a e n s Her lip filled wi tasy t Her dr s filled wit h passion Living eams all d h stories o and hope With t her life froressed in gl f her heart Caress houghtful m day to d itter and go ld With ing every swords and ay Until swhispers of tranger shekind smiled A lone he can no l faith and l passes by ov o man d ragginnger find e and hope g alon They m g the r oad Gazin eet along g t h u e p c on eac orner And fo Every und their i h other’s ey of the stree t Until sthing felt p nstant have es e n h r f e i e n c g t and ot lost no tim And h fi It was e got trapp in his mess ne with the e e y d o He be ne day w in her da labyrint world And shcame a walkhen everyth inty delusi h on in i e beca me a l ng daydrea g changed s m; iving p uzzle.

This three-hou drive is con suming my remaining energy constantly echoing in myr hea , but know this is what I nee d. That’s why I need to talk to d, badgering me with such lies and always Ibri ila’s screams and cries are nging up petty fights. I’mShe and ranting about our stupidher. I need to talk to Kate, the girl I’ve truly missed sick for a long time now. I came and tired of everything. fights. And I just end up cry ing beside her. Until I wake to that night, talking up and eventually have toher leave the cemetery.

Sleep No More

I woke up with a start. I was breathing heavily because of a hauntingly bad dream when I felt my covers move and a dark andI me. hooded figure grabbed my feet, dragging me into darkness. I was fighting back, crying for help, when suddenly a light blinded to opened my eyes. I was only dreaming. I mustered my strength back and convinced myself that it was only a nightmare. I wasnoabout sound. with screamed she as face my against brushing hair her me, above hovered eyes hollow dark with woman a when close my eyes


Safe Haven

Our vacation house has by always been a secret haven for me. Away from the loud city, this place has been my explace of fun, leisure and relaxation. Not mentioning my favorite hobby every time I spend my time here which includes and ploring the large fridge in the basement. I went down to see it for myself and it never failed me. I opened the fridge saw a bar of good old cheese, few cases of beer, a bottle of fingernails, a jar of pickled eyes, and a slab of human torso. This has never been this fun.

Mismatched Feelings

It’s been 3 years and his fee ling s hav en’ together while she moved cha nge d the slig htest bit. He was wasted all away, went to differenttpla those years, ing to keep instant ces the and wo cha rld sed slo her we d dre himself dow am n. s. On e night they came acrosstry “Hey,” she said. each other and in an “I’ve missed you,” he wh They lived in the mome ispered. unt il tim e cam e wh He was broken still, untnt y had to part again. il he saw her and dec endthe ide She to let go. wa s mo vin g on, until she saw him and dec ided she loved him still. wall. They ads there, hiding behind the ies. They felt something wa Sweet Escape h the smell of decaying bod s cornered. The air was stinking withas away from threat. nowhere else to go. She wa she ing hiding. He was safe now, t he’d do anything for her. Now was the time s wa nd vanced towards her, know to check where husband ays kind, always saying tha She risked a little peepher dear beloved husba , alw She smiled weakly to direction. to prove it. rby and threw it in histow ards him. She picked a pebble nea ift turn and headed The dead men made a sw

The Eyes That Lie by May Ann DB. Perona

“As you walk down the aisle, I saw the most beautiful woman in the world…” It was eight years ago when I first saw her inside that elevator. I was a mess that day-sleepless and preoccupied. I have drowned myself in caffeine the night before as I was entangle d in paper works and such. I was half-sane when I saw her – a young woman dressed in blue with her hair falling in the right places. And her eyes! Oh! How could I not notice those round, hazel eyes. Indeed, it was love at first sight. Who would not fall for that view? The three cups of coffee were not enough to confirm whether I was dreaming or not when I saw her smiled at me. It was that one ordinary day when my life started to be truly extraord inary. Everyday in the office, I would ride the same elevator at the exact same time thinking we would meet again. Of course, I was the typical introvert guy who couldn’t even muster a straight five-minute conversation with a stranger. Then one fateful day, destiny took its part. It was a Monday, and I was excited. Over the weekends, I’ve decided to conquer the fears I’ve nurtured for years and ask you for a cup of coffee. Arriving unusual ly early that day, I’ve waited for a couple of minutes before heading to the elevator. I neatly tucked my polo, brushed my hair a little and mustered all the strength I could. I stepped inside and noticed that she wasn’t there. I glanced at my watch and saw that five minutes has passed. Disheart ened, I shoved the idea away and proceede d to my floor. I was closing an inch to my desk when I noticed a brown-h aired girl sitting beside my place. Normall y, sitting beside it was my friend, Rob, and on ordinary days he would offer me his usual go-to breakfas t of bagel with cream cheese. I was startled. I looked around and saw a bunch of new faces. And then it occurred to me: the manage ment distribut ed a memo yesterday regarding changes in our department. I was still dawning on the fact when the brown-h aired girl sitting beside my place glanced back at me. I stared right into her beautiful round, hazel eyes and knew in an instant it was her. My heart leapt and before I realized it, I was grinning awkwardly. Before I could even say a word, she handed out her hand, offering me a cup of coffee. “As you walk down the aisle, I saw the most beautiful woman in the world. You’re the only woman I loved after my mother…” It took some time before I could even admit I liked her. It was on a normal day, we were eating lunch together, when I confessed how much I adored her from the day I met her in the elevator. She giggled a little, and she even slipped out the fact that she liked me just as much that day. Everything was surreal and perfect. At first, no one believed that our relationship would last. It’s been years now since we officially became lovers. We are both open about our relations hip with our families. My family was very fond of her, especially my brother whom I haven’t agreed with on anything for years. Years passed, and my love for her only grew stronger. I’ve established a good career, and so is she. Yes, we’ve encount ered a number of petty fights and disagreements but we pretty much agreed on almost everythi ng. So I thought that she must be already the one and decided to drop the ultimate question. She then said yes, without any hesitation. My once elevator girl, the girl of dreams, is now going to be beloved wife. “As you walk down the aisle, I saw the most beautiful womanmy in the world. You’re the only woman I loved after my mother. Tears run down my face as you came near the altar with your perfectly white dress…” I must admit I’m a little bit over compulsive when it comes to handling and organizing things but our wedding preparations turned out to be just fine. I was calm and excited, which is contrary to my future wife’s cranky mood. And I accept it wholeheartedly. Of course given the fact that brides are usually panicky in times like these but I am going to marry the girl of my dreams so… who am I to complain? Maybe she started acting weird sometim a little bit indecisive every now and then but I know it’s just the wedding jitters. Of course I’m scared because she might be havinges, cold feet or something, but I know deep down, she truly loves me. “As you walk down the aisle, I saw the most beautifu l woman in the world. You’re the only woman I loved after my mother. Tears run down my face as you came near the altar with your perfectly white dress. I can’t imagine that after all…” She’s been acting weirder lately, and I think I know what to calm her down. She went out of town to visit her lolo and I’ve decided to go over their house in Batangas and surprise her with her favorite flowers and rom-com DVD. I parked my car just outside their house when I saw her. She’s wearing this small fitted dress that hugs the curves of her body, showing a little bump. Why didn’t I notice the stress the wedding preparat ion gives her? Maybe I’m too focused and busy for our wedding. I was about to get down from the car when I saw a man inch towards her. He had the same hair and eyes as mine, only he’s a little bit taller and older. He hugged her fiercely and kissed her from the back. I can’t believe what I saw. I pinched myself thinking it was only a dream, a bad dream that I need to wake up from. Turns out, I was the one surprise d here. I glanced at them one last time and saw the way she looked at him and knew what they have was something irreplace able. Why did I knew? Because she used to looked at me that way. “As you walk down the aisle, I saw the most beautifu in the world. You’re the only woman I loved after my mother. Tears run down my face as you came near the altar withl woman your perfectly white dress. I can’t imagine that after all, it was my brother whom you’re going to marry.”


Mica Antoniette C. Buenavista The age of fast-paced technology is starting to conquer the limitless possibilities of learning. Everything beyond reach is now possible with just a tap from our fingertips. From the simple know-how’s to the practical learning, everything else is just an arm’s length (or apparently lesser) between the screens and ourselves. Meanwhile, discovering new things is inevitable for us, human beings. We are always eager to learn something new: unraveling mysteries, developing skills, even enhancing our lingua franca. Undeniably speaking, learning a new language seems to be a grand idea for some, but with the application Duolingo, you can almost conquer Europe in no time. Duolingo is a free science-based app created by the crowd sourcing pioneer Luis von Ahn, PhD, and Severin Hacker, PhD. With over 80 Million users all around the globe, it has become the most popular way to learn languages online. It has earned a handful of awards and recognitions such as iPhone App of the Year 2013, Google’s Best of Best 2013 & 2014, and a few more. Studies even show that 34 hours of using this application almost amounts to one semester of learning a language in a university. Talk about saving time and money! Not mentioning that this app is ultimately free, with no in-app purchases needed to surpass a seemingly impossible level, what better item could be as handily available? The entire course of Duolingo lies on the choice of the user. The app offers 9 language courses for English speakers including Spanish which has 33Million users, French with 20.8M users and German with 13.4M users. The technicalities are purely simple: set up your profile, choose your course, set your weekly goals, and you’re definitely good to go. Duolingo has specific modules per course, and it dictates the level of difficulty. From the simple greetings to idioms and expressions, this app teaches you the basics: grammar, pronunciation and even the direct translation. It also helps you target your weakest words and requires you to go over your past learnings to further strengthen your language abilities. The user-interface is highly praiseworthy as well, with sleek yet simple vector graphics motivating you to give your uttermost efforts— additional plus points if you’re a visual learner because part of the modules is the word identification through pictures. Visual reminders through notifications are also present to keep you on track towards your goal. Even though some practice sentences are quite unusual and there’s no actual human interaction, Duolingo is still a good app for basic learners like us. A 10-15 minute language training every day would not be an additional burden to school works, but matter-of-factly be an enriching and entertaining break-in-betweens. Duolingo is a pretty good reminder that if your goal is fluency, just always keep in mind to read, write and live the language you are learning. The Duolingo application is available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone users. □

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s g examg alifyin n sa sa qu reak up yu nakapaf r our barili ko. Pase-s asi ako s me a te di “Hindi k yung ti em yung ang stu d e d n people namin a ko para i-rend okay naman ergy on a n e y ginamit ko ngayon, o focus m a me,” ser na arned t tter most to e l I ko. And that ma a k o, " Monica says. Meanwhile, drinking be came a habit to her and while she was y, bringing something into her bod she feels numb and gradually delight ed as something in turn was washed away from inside of her— sorrow. "Nakasanayan ko na din. Pero ng ngayon, naghahanap na lang ako ko companion. Okay na ako. Feeling naka-move on naman na ako. Five. months na din naman yung lumipas I enjoy the company of friends. And do hindi naman na din ako masya umiinom. Iniisip ko din ang sarili ko." Plus I have studies to [attend to], concludes Monica.


VE "I was the one who initiated na the break up. I thougt na hindi in maganda yung relationship nam ll kasi lagi syang naghahanap ng sma things na pag-aawayan namin. Natkakasawa din. That was when I star ed na maramdaman na may iba pala syang pinopormahan. And na-confirm an ko after namin mag-break," Anne, Accountancy student, shares.

" Tag a ibang college sya. 'Pag nakikita ko yung motor nya na naka-park sa tapat ng building nila, nilalapitan ko para paimpisin yung gulong. Even if isipin ng iba na baliw ako, okay lang. Makaganti lang ako sa kanya," Anne revealed. True enough, getting even gives the temporary satisfaction that one finds, but that would never handle the healing of any wounds. Matter of factly, it only inflames what should have been being tended. No matter what the ex-party did, plotting on a revenge might not be all worth it. And as Anne realized, "Mas okay na mag-let go and accept na things just don't work out sometimes." After beating herself up for the things she thought were her shortcomings, Anne already made the mistake of a life— she broke her heart even more by dwelling much on the situation.

as mar"Naisip ko na m bagay teng pang importan ihin. Hindi a m i pat intind sa mundo na dasa sa qualif ying exams kasi ako nakapa time after our break namin and yungit ko para i-redeem up yung ginam sser na ako ngayon, yung sarili ko. Pa ang studies ko. And and okay namans my energy on people I learned to focut to me," Anne said. that matter mos


MOLD d lead to a Break ups coul scenarios we pected number of unexready for. But it hapall might not be in fact, a part of a cypens. And it is, into being the betcle that molds usourselves. Saddened ter versions of hard to bounce back or worse, work out yourself, again. cliché and feel good ab yet. And as the It isn't the end, are also beginnings. goes, "Endings ow it at the time." We just don't knended a relationship You might have . But it will never be and lost someone yourself and have a too late to regainThis is the part when better life back. lf, "I'm stronger than you tell yourse en before!" be e I'v Break free. □

Break ups could under standably make everyone go mad and preposterous, and do things that are entirely out of character. It is beloeved that because in doing so will, the person is relieved and the emotions he doesn't want to deal with are being suppressed. And with much hatred in her than the universe could ever handle, Anne was in her most terrifying state to pound her ex into crumbs.


“I have on ing you because ly still been seedon't think we ar I felt obliged to. I e still right for ea other." A few sylla ch through and you bles more slipped beneath your feetfelt as if the world swallow your who cracked open to It isn't the end ye le being. But nah! releived to knowt, darling. You'll feel been through th that ever yone had world drama. A e same end-of-the nd anywhere near da the stories aren't inty. Breaking the most devastat up could be one of could ever go th ing encounters one ment is an underough. Disappointoutcome as one berstated associative he will be journeyigins to realize that the one whom he ng his life without with. It is also du once shared a life one is at his mos ring this time that likely to commit set vulnerable and is lf-sabotage.


TAKE Doing som result to tremendo ething that would mon scenario th us regret is a comgood bye. But ap at precedes ever y morseful for comart from being retransformation, mmitting weird hair ost are also guilt of chec y ki ng ou t timeline or Twitttheir ex's Facebook er acco un se e w ha t is going on with ts just to the once bette r ha lf. It is when name, from the Rina, not her real nancial managers,bunch of future fiing to stalk her realized that tr ybecame detrimenex on social media tal to her well-b ing. e "It wouldn' ten visited my ex's t be any good. I ofand it hurt me so Facebook (account) he was already semuch to know that weeks after we br eing someone just I sent him messa oke up. I got angr y. intimidating and ges that were really alized nawawalanthat was when I restudies and sa life na ako ng focus sa And I felt as if I wko. I got INC marks. was depressed," Ri as a huge failure. I na recounts. Meanwhi internet as well thle, it is through the self and was savedat she regained herdown by the mis from being pulled the internet offe hap. Knowing that rs so much mor than social netw e Rina consumed orking websites, ing DIY (Do-It-Yoher idle time seeurself ) videos and

even got a turner out of it. She now handles an online bu sin ess wh markets accessories she her ere she self creates. "Nakakita ako ng out yun yung arts. I feel renew let and ed back in the game. I have my and am life back," Rina concludes.


The world certainly to hear stories but it defini has ears tely does not want to hear everyt hin g. told: It doesn't really matte Truth be r to anyone to kn ow wh y the oth ers tale fizzled out or who is to ' lovely blame for the break up. More im po rta wouldn't want to collect a ntly, one lot of sympathy and be handed unnec essary compassion. But such was not the cas e with Kim wh o fou nd it dif move for ward after his ficult to crashing break-up. "Four years naging kam years after naging kami, she i. Four love. Bigla na lang cold syafell out of Hindi ko matanggap. Hindi akosa akin. paniwala na ganun lang nya makaddump yung pinagsamahan kadali inamin," narrates Kim, an En tre pre student who shares his sto neurship ry under anonymity. He also confessed nearly lost even his friends that he everyone just grew tired because of listening to his deafen ing sto rie seemed to recur over a span s which of three months. "Kinausap ako nung kabarkada ko. Nahihirapan na daw sila kasi lagi na lang daw akong sa'kin hindi maka-move on. Lagi ko nega na na lang daw bukambibig yun g ex ko. daman ko na medyo malayo Naramna yung loob sa aki n ng mg a kai big an naiinis na din sila," Kim tell ko. Baka s. Meanwhile, he never really got over the breakup and adm up until now, he still cries at its that night to the extent that he eve n shi cause of the intensity of the vers bepain he claims. "Hindi ko ala m kun g limutan ko pa sya. Hindi ako makakatumitigil

ent is an Disappointmassociative understated ne begins to outcome as ot he will be realize tha his life journeyingone whom he without thea life with. It once shared ng this time is also duri at his most that one isand is likely vulnerableself-sabotage. to commit

na mahalin sya,"

Kim concludes.


BLUE d shedding After sobbing an unting for and acco buckets of tears , Monica felt the insomniac nights She claims to have need to feel numb.awake at night still been lying wide r discontinued roclinging on to he d five months. mance of a year an al ManageMonica (a Gener "Nakipag shares, ment student) si nalaman ng parbreak sya sa'kin ka rlfriend sya. Nung ents nya na may giban pa nya. Pero umpisa, naipagla lang siguro. Sumuhanggang dun na ko din sya." d from restWhile she suffere to believe t lured less nights, she goto just get herself that a better way n she was thrusted out of the dejectio e night with some into was to hit tha few drinks. But it friends and have a single instance; didn't just came by on a daily basis. she was drinking w ith friends. "I star ted to go out just to have ag gabi Umiinom kami 'p d it. Kasi nakakalifun. And I enjoye e na iniwan ako ng mutan ko yung timcompanion ako tsaboyfriend ko. May entuhan. Nalilibang ka masaya ang kw rape culture | 16

James Zaias S. Lapitan


Life is full of frills and fancies. From the ruffle-embedded lifestyle to complex identity issues, these extravagances define the present era in its entirety. Our society has been loomed by the dark clouds of vastness and variety amongst individuals. Mediocrity has been long banned in our vocabulary and with the definition of uniqueness resurfacing every once in a while, we drown with a driftwood of simplicity in the sea of vanity. But what if the world suddenly takes its turn and life’s color begins to vanish along with man’s integral individuality? What if the past becomes unknowingly distant and we are left with nothing but the present and the future it holds? Adapted from Lois Lowry’s masterpiece, The Giver profoundly executes this dystopian, yet not so typical, scenario and gives a whole new twist to life’s beauty and horror. The haunting yet perfectly depicted story of The Giver focuses on Jonas, a young boy who lives in a grayscale, colorless world of satisfaction and conformity. Their life is defined by a set of strict rules so as to maintain the peace and harmony among the members of the community. One chapter of his life changed his destiny forever: when he was chosen to be the new Receiver. Since the people from their community has no memory of their past, the Receiver is then entitled to hold on to all the memories, even those which are beyond the grasp of any being he has known. As he begins to spend time with his mentor, the past Receiver and now entitled Giver, Jonas gradually unravels the darkest and deepest truths of the community he belongs in. With all the knowledge he has gained access to, he finally realizes that a lot more is at stake— a matter of life and death. Defying the odds, he escapes their world to protect the people and the one he truly loves, with the motivation to give back to the people what was taken from them. The film, which was knowingly based on an award-winning book, was truly ethereal and surreal. The execution of the plot, from the visual effects particularly the transition from shades of gray to the variety of colors, is truly commendable. The actors were greatly selected too, with most of them highly-recognized in the industry (Meryl Streep, Katie Holmes, Taylor Swift, etc.). Although the premise was not much of a dig-deep and thoughtprovoking, the blend of science fiction and social drama leaves an imparting message to those who are ruled by vanity and greed. All in all, The Giver is regarded as a deep portrayal of anarchy and an inspiring film that will always remind us that desiring too much of a good thing results to nothing but chaos and a worse fate. □


GIVER Mica Antoniette C. Buenavista

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It will be fun, they said. Amusing, entertaining and addictive are only a handful of the many words that describe the latest craze in town— the Monopoly Deal. Its concept was generally derived from the classic board game Monopoly that demonstrates the economic concept of a monopoly or a single entity dominating a market. For years, the famous game conquered the market as they released various themed Monopoly games, and now its makers, Hasbro Co., finally found the opportunity to sell fun and destroy friendships. In its card game counterpart, Monopoly Deal, players race to be the first to complete three different sets of property cards to win. How? Players can play them directly, steal them from other players, charge rent for the properties they own, or demand money for their birthday (like how it should be!) One can be powerful enough to take everyone else’s money and properties, and make them hollow shells of their former selves. Chances carpet the entire game, and it seems to flow to no end— really. But what makes this game stand out above the rest is its ability to teach us not only the methodologies of business but also the ups and downs of life.

Psychic skills are completely and utterly useless. Years of training in the ESP Academy won’t help you survive in this post-

apocalyptic game. The bout is simply like the famous words about a box of chocolates for you will really never know what you’re going to get. You’ll encounter your fair share of adversity and obstacles as well as small yet sweet victories. You can have nothing the first few turns and win big towards the end. Or it could be the other way around.

Life is almost never fair.

You don’t get the same set of cards in each game. Your deductive skills can only take you far. Sometimes you get dealt a good hand, sometimes you feel that the world would just like to punch you so hard and watch you squirm. You can also get a good hand only to lose everything. Nothing is fair. Unfortunately (or not!) bad things happen to good people and bad people, alike.

Money can buy happiness.

To be the first player to get three complete sets, the key is to always have cash on hand for unexpected debts/obligations. Predictably, if not automatically, zero money means losing properties/ the chance of completing three sets before someone else does (i.e. winning). Money = Safe Property Set = Pure Luck = Victory. Go work on the logic.

Friendship cannot be bought. N o r



Because you have sort of developed a competitive environment around you, there will come a time when you are one card away from winning. And when everything else seems pretty desperate, you will go against the rules and trust the foundation of you and your best friend’s six-year friendship. Of course, you are most confident that your charm will let you get away from bribing and stealing someone else’s card but I am certainly telling you – you are headed for hell.

Don’t get attached to your goals.

You may be a little used to getting things organized and planned beforehand, but you need to drop that habit right at the moment. In the game of Monopoly, things almost always never work out. So be prepared to switch things up a little and be open to changing your plans. That’s what wildcards are for! Work on your little own plot twist every game and you’re in it to win it.

Never give up.

Like the mainstream statement shirt you see on the streets, losing can be a little exhausting. But you should always bear in mind that a soldier who is brave enough to conquer failure will rise bloody triumphant in the end. Always remember that redemption will always be waiting at the end of the tunnel. Your only key are the magic words, “Another game please!” □

game on eal of The Real D EAL D Y L MONOPO Mica Antoniette C. Buenavista


In this technological and digital age we are living at, almost everything— if not everything at all— come and willingly pass instantly. From food to clothing, services, to even instant friends— every necessity seems easy to be satisfied. We certainly have managed to pack what might have been a twoday adventure in the Stone Age into one tight bundle. Thanks to various technological advances, our lives couldn’t be easier. But as we put our focus on these new innovations, as they help us catch up with the fast-paced environment, there are little things, yet substantially significant, that we unconsciously take for granted.

realize that the electricity is out. Everything – the phone, the water, the Internet connection – is out. You were disconnected because you weren't able to pay the bills. But, you haven’t received any of the notices your service providers insist they already have sent you. Frustrated, you will be thinking, what in the world could have possibly gone wrong? To simply break it: this day will be the death of the mailing services. And we all will be the cause of it if we continue on with our negligence— if we do nothing, still.

Fortunately, through various awareness-raising and goodwill-generating campaigns, we can say that somehow, things are looking up.


"There is no need to further sustain the traditional mailing system; therefore, it shall be abolished," asserts Angela Bianca Santos of BS Accountancy 3A who believes that the traditional mailing system fails to cope up with the society's urgent needs.

In an article posted in the web site of The Philippine Daily Inquirer, last 2010, the Philippine Postal Corporation (PHLPost) recorded a net loss of 266 million pesos. Perhaps insufficient for such a huge corporation to go bankrupt, but is indeed a serious sign that it is passing out from existence. The mailing service certainly faced its toughest contender— the people themselves, caught up in much comfort without noticing their loose grip on tradition.

Today: we pick up our phones, type in a happy-birthday-message without even minding that in a matter of microseconds, the message is sent. Likewise, we wonder not whether the mail gets to the intended recipient in time, or if a reply will be sent back. Now, after video call was introduced, giving the impression of talking right at the very front of someone despite quite a distance, what else could be better? But is it all good, to begin with?

"I think magkakaroon ng problema sa pagpapada- la ng more formal notices kasi c o n venient lang naman talaga ang e-mail kapag malayo ang recepient. Plus, may workers behind the traditional mailing system. May mga kartero and may office workers- small parts ng society. If we at least maintain yung snail mail, we will be helping provide livelihood sa mga taong ito. I-consider na lang din natin siguro 'yun," Crissa Anne of BS Entrepreneurship states.

Back in the day, stationeries – especially the scented ones – are main stream. A girl selects the most fragrant and the prettiest piece of paper from the store and then after she spills into it the contents of her heart, she goes to the nearest post office to have the letter sent in time for her mother’s birthday. That was then.

Let us take our mailing services as an example, shall we?

"Due to modernization, time has earned its importance in our daily living. While the world changes, snail mail should cope up because the time that would be wasted waiting could have been spent in decision-making. Also, if we stop sending mails, we can help lessen the environmental impacts of paper works to nature. Modern technology can provide more efficiency and less hassle to ease and uplift our ways of living," Santos further stated.


Here's a scenario: no one could b e any busier than the person you are today. And the next morning, after you consumed yourself all night from doing reports and pres ent at ions, you wake up soaked in your own pool of sweat. The fan’s not working and it’s so hot you could imagine the sun kissing your whole being. Disgusted, y o u stand up to restart the fan only to

This way, the youth is given a role in the promotion of our local mailing services and is given awareness its real importance.


"All of us s h o u l d be a part of the aware- ness campaign that will help the snail mail na mam a i n t a i n . Pwedeng hindi natin obligation ito, pero kung may masasacr i f i c e pala yung pagtangkilik natin s a modern technology, parang hindi din development yun," Crissa adds. Now, before you start to link the postal services to old school snail mail and cheesy greeting cards, it’s more than just that. Mailing services does not end and are not limited to those. Just so you be reminded: it caters to the delivery of our billing statements, court notices, and other important documents we cannot just trust to receive online. PHLPost is also vital in the different transactions in the government as it serves as a formal communication link to different divisions of the government. Having stated that, for this year's national budget, the cost of government mailing services had been provided with an appropriation. See? Even the government sees the grandeur of the role our mailing service could possibly play in the development of our societal capabilities.


Remember when the students of Baguio City wrote letters to President Noynoy at an aim to promote the local postal services? That may not be of cost or effort, but it is a reminder to us that we can do something. And that no effort is any less significant than the other. This is not just about the government, the stamp collectors, or stamp designers concern. This is about our local postal services and what the entire nation does to save it from being lost. If we let it die, who else would want to see it live?

In the same article stated earlier, Ma. Josefina dela Cruz of PHLPost says that stamps are what the corporation is best known for. So to keep the good reputation, PHLPost introduced new stamps that are more creative, artistic, and innovative. This is not only to keep the collections of avid stamp collectors updated, but to put on the light to our ever-rich heritage, history, and culture.

Somehow, the traditional mailing system was pushed aside by the triple-w-dot era. But our current situation itself with too much exposure to electronic multimedia has created a desire for something more precise and something more tangible. And the once opposite trend hangs over a come back. Thus, it is re-emerging.

Students and artists are also given the opportunity to exhibit their potentials as numerous stamp designing competitions were held and the winning pieces were displayed for public viewing. Such competitions included the design contest of commemorative stamps for the visit of Pope Francis where Bulacan stood with pride as Don Michael Bunag won in the student category. The said contest was launched in the opening of the National Stamp Collecting Month on November of 2014.

Innovation, technology, and electronic advancements– they’re not a bad thing. They exist to make things easier for us. This is not to advise you to just junk your e-mail addresses and go traditional; rather, this is to say that we should take part, in any way we can, to support our local postal services. After all, as dela Cruz said, it will be hard to replace communication in black and white. □

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Ella Meiji B. Kobayashi


A l o t of people usually tend to visualize something before it even happens. That quick impulse to plan ahead of time or be certain of an outcome that is yet to exist often leads to the realization of the unexpected. This then results to the emotional state that’ll keep one sad and mad at the same time and, if not resolved effectively, leads to the terrifying worstcase-scenario-ending— being just plain moody and emotional. Disappointments, though oftentimes harmless, usually put someone’s life either on slow motion or pause. The emotion takes over the rationale of the person, dragging him to feel the pain, anger, regret or loss, instead of letting him use his energy to take care of more important matters. While disappointments are granted to have been inevitable, and since the remedy “expect the unexpected” doesn’t work at all times, Sophie Henshaw of PsychCentral. Com gives a five-step process on managing these emotions when things don't go according to one's expectations and go in full accord to reality, instead.

Manage your emotion.

The first step in getting over disappointments is to deal with your emotions. Let yourself feel. Instead of rushing to forget the feeling, let yourself be disappointed. Henshaw says that the significance of this stage is that you will be able to weigh how important the event that caused your disappointment is to you. However, remember that whatever you do -cry, sleep, eat all you want- but do not try to make decisions at this phase. This is critical since your emotions are too strong it might get the best out of you and push you to make decisions you cannot take back.

Don't Take Things Too Personally.

We know this even before, but for emphasis, we would want to state it again: disappointments are inevitable. They happen all the time to everyone. No one is untouchable. This being said, no matter how bad you feel, do not blame it to yourself. Before you do so (I know you would, I did too), stop yourself from the I-should-have's and if-only's. Remember, it is not your fault. Henshaw tells us that by making it personal, you narrow your perspective and prevent the flow of wisdom which is supposed to help you see the situation in a better view. So in-

stead of rooting the cause of the bad result and putting yourself to blame, it is better to just not know at all— that would be a quarter of a pound less depressing!

Review Your Expectations.

Having claimed to be someone who was trained to chase after merits, Patricia, who is currently taking up BS Accountancy, shared how reality slapped her with its dynamic turn of events. "I was an achiever when I was in high school. Hindi ako sanay na average student lang ako. So nung nag-enter ako sa college, sinet ko na yung sarili ko na ang goal ko ay no grades lower than 90. Tapos narealize ko na hindi pala basta ganun lang, lalo na sa course ko. Mahirap pala i-attain." When you think you are ready to just conquer the big world we've got out there, with an open mind, review your expectations. There is no need to rush, so just wait for the time when you are no longer too contained by your hyped emotions. Contemplate whether your previous expectations were too unrealistic to happen, or if a little adjustment can be made to be able to cope with the reality you just pondered upon. During this phase, you will be able to understand the situation better, and eventually figure out how this will be able to serve you.

Take a Big Picture Perspective

Henshaw emphasized that the ability to self-reflect is the essence of a good mental health. Think about what the situation means to you and what it taught you about life. Talk to someone who you know will keep your interests at heart. This will help you fully recover and gain insight from your experience. Eventually, you will be able to lift up the dark cloud and feel better. These were what guided Jane, of BS Accountancy, to drive her out of the disappointment she was entangled into. After failing to pass annual qualifying exams, she admits to have been out of focus. But then she regained herself from the instance with a little help from her friends. "Ang nangyari kasi is hindi

lang n a man ako yung bumagsak. Medyo madami din kami. So nakahanap ako ng mga tao na same ang situation. Nagtulungan kami. And as of now, eto, naipapasa na and kumbaga we are back on track."

Try Again or Try a New Track

“Hindi lang kasi ako isang beses na nag-try na ipasa ‘yung qualifying exams ko. Sumubok pa ulit ako pero ganun pa rin ang resulta,” Marinel Joy Ramos shared. “Dumating pa sa point na kinwestyon ko ang sarili ko kung nababagay ba ako sa kurso na ito.” Marinel, who was taking up BS Accountancy, was not able to surpass the standards of the program she chose to take in college. Due to the circumstances, she admits to have been filled with doubts about her abilities. However, she learned that wallowing in the disappointments would not help her get near her goals. And so, she decided to get over the frustrating feeling. “Ginawa kong motivation yung pagbagsak ko para lalo akong umangat. Natutunan ko sa karanasan ko na ‘to na hinid hadlang ang mga pagsubok upang maabot ang mga pangarap. Sangkap lang ang mga ‘yun para mas mapaganda pa yung librong sinusulat mo,” Marinel said. Now that you are over your emotions, make the important decisions and put all that you have learned into action. Do not be afraid to try again, or try another route. Using all the wisdom and insights you acquired from your experience, you are now most likely to achieve success. This may be old, but the world is being serious when it tries to show us how we are shaped by our experiences. So, when things get out of our hands, when we lose hold of things, remember that it is just a phase. Let yourself go through it, and then get over it. Moving forward is one smart step to outdo your frustrations. Now

as you take your walk towards a renewed perspective and as you take your exit from what you thought was a hallway of shame, do not miss to bid disappointments a sweet farewell. XOXO!□

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Ella Meiji B. Kobayashi


There had been quite a longrunning rivalry prevailing between the two sexes; and at some points (or most, really), remedy seems rather far-fetched. Apparently.


Women have long held dominion over the earnest past time— shopping. Admit it or not, the male genus have typically been not too fond of visiting malls. Inside the common man's mind, shopping is a necessary evil that if they can avoid, they most probably will. This is evidently so where you would waste at least a hundred or so minutes roaming around a store, your brother or a male companion you try to introduce as your brother is either left alone in a corner or would rather skip the whole affair altogether. Researches, furthermore, showed that men get bored in looking around through store displays in less than half an hour. Men, in general, are averse mall frequenters and are much more focused— shopping only if they intend to buy a specific item. More prominently, they would love to just get in and out of the shopping chore quickly. Meanwhile, a number of research studies show that much of this admittedly stereotypical behavior carries over to online shopping. But as the gents have discovered how to live life at its most comf 'table means, they have gradually been dragged in front of screens to wallow in the spending syndrome. According to digital performance companies, there are 19 million men online, and the vast majority of them are shopping. The figures go m o r e shocking as they unveil the fact that nearly half of these men spend more than what women would typically spend. It was laso revealed that the growth rate of men shopping online has outspaced women by

about 20 to 30 percent. "In my perspective, kaya mas gusto naming mga lalaki mag-online shopping kasi less hassle [kaysa] pagpunta sa mga mall. Less pagod na din. Ang advantage kasi ng online shopping, eh, kahit nakahiga ka lang pwede kang mag-sort sa categories na gusto mo. Tsaka meron kang wide variety of choices na kadalasan wala sa malls," Rolan Michael Yu of BS Accountancy 3A shared. Yu already experienced the ease and comfort of shopping online. Clearly, men are starting to emerge from being reluctant shoppers and are finally heading to appreciate the collective forms of art in shopping. Dare say it: they are getting better at it than women. While women usually see online shopping as an extension of an already classic and fave leisure activity— stressreliever in its simplest terms— for men, it is a single scroll answer to all their longtime murmured prayers. It is a remediation to avoiding long walks and visits to stores with time being wasted.


Evidently, men would never want to spend half the day wandering into the mall in search of a pair of trousers that fit impeccably but they undeniably want to look put-together, neat, and fashionable. Now with little to no effort, a man achieves maximum confidence and style and we can pretty much see why the online trade is particularly attractive to men. The world has evolved, and so was everyone who was in it. So much to speak, men have claimed to share t h e pedestal to vanity. In the past, men are supposed to look mean. And with mean, the society means being too plain and simple with nothing much of amour on self-glory. But in the summit of self-expression we are at a t present,

self-admiration couldn't just be set aside. Thus, its concept was accepted. As the fashion industry continues to intensify its images of what man should look in today's modern era— sophisticated, sleek, and stylish— it shall not surprise us all to walk past by a groomed gent. This and much more drastic changes in the ways we view at things has long been the trend in the emergence of needs for expression. "Parte na ng buhay ko yung ayusin yung sarili ko everytime na feel ko [ay] may hindi maayos. Importante 'yun kasi dun din nakasalalay yung first impression ng ibang tao. Sabihin man natin na hindi 100 percent pero yun ang katotohanan. Nandun din 'yung factor na sobrang confident mo gumalaw kasi alam mo sa sarili mo na sobrang presentable ka na," told John Ernest Reyes, a General Management student. Reyes further shared that being a man must not restrain all of his kindred to be well-groomed. "Kahit makaharap mo yung crush mo okay na kasi ang neat mo at ang linis linis mo tingnan," he added. In a study that was conducted by marketing strategists, it was revealed that there is a dramatic rise in the sale of popular male dresses over the past five years. Accessories, shoes, pants, and a lot of other items have been patronized by men all over the world. That doesn't even include the incontestable ascent in the sale of cosmetics and hygienic products— facial scrubs, toners, skin conditioners— which suddenly lead to the launch of product lines that are geared for men. True enough, the term beauty is currently being shared by all of genders. We have clearly broken the norms that contained us in the distant past. As we take on ventures into a changed society— with a changed perspective— we shall not only speak of what a woman is capable or not of doing, or how a man should or not behave. The world has changed. And so must both genders who share it. □

rape culture | 8

in the emergence

-- the -Quinie A. Demdam


of redefined beau


ping in public and screaming as if tomorrow doesn't matter.) Think of the good things, instead. It will sure clear up all the mess in your face.

5. Realize the world didn’t end.

Like I said earlier, the worst part was feeling as if the world around you kept going even if you do not want it to. Whether it's a bad case at Management Advisory Services, or thesis files you failed to save. You have to realize that life isn’t going to wait around for anyone to cope, even to those who are grieving. You woke up this morning, you are breathing. You've got every chance in the world to start (or restart) what you just missed... or messed!

6. Pick yourself up.

It’s time to start living life again. You might feel as though it’s wrong to go on, especially without the person you lost. However, is that what they would want you to do? What if you were the one who was gone? Would they want you to sulk around, or would they want you to go out in the world and make your life count? Tell yourself that you’re worth it. Your life is worth it, and that life is worth living.

7. Smile at a stranger (or rather not!)

Smiling might seem like a foreign concept given your current state, but trust in the old saying, "it is contagious." Flash someone a smile, no matter how forced, and the one you get in return will no doubt make you feel better even if just for a moment. PS. Just make sure you throw a smile to someone whose feet are on the ground. Just. Make. Sure.

8. Hug.

Hugs are the most underrated gesture of love. Find a friend and focus on the feeling of being wrapped in their arms. These are arms will be there to hold you and catch you when you fall. These are hands to help you get back up on your feet. *Hugs!*

9. Have hope.

Remember that time heals. It might not seem like it right now, but it will get easier. While brushing your teeth at night, remember how unfair it would actually be to a lost friend who will never be able to do the same insignificant action again. You'll lose it, for quite some time. But things will get better and these eventually fade away. There are three things we can never recover: the stone after it’s been thrown, the word after it’s been said, and time after it is gone. The last one is most important. Dwelling in the past might cost you quite sime time that could actually have been spent in more productive terms. Don’t waste the time that you’ve been given, because there are people who would be willing to give anything to pull it back. Claim your life anew, and take that initial step against the flow of misery and disappointments that r u s h e s through.□

NG A G A I N S T T H E . Kobayashi S T R E A M O F M I S C H A N C E S rape culture | 6

“The greatest cruelty is our casu- a l blindness to the despair of others” – J. Michael Straczynski Dealing with loss is never easy, but it is especially difficult in a college setting. There are people whose lives have been torn apart, yet others walk past through them on the same pavements without having even a single clue as to what is going on in the lives of these people. It feels as if the world where you stay is frozen with lethal challenges that are ready to drop from the skies, while the rest of the others' continue to revolve. No one knows. No one seems to care. The biggest test is to control your emotions in front of a lot of people. Being surrounded by people keeps you from just letting it all out in a cry. School activities, though sometimes helpful in keeping you distant from the pressure the world puts on you, seem to be mere burden because you never get these things done in the right manner. So for those who are dealing with grief of any sort, the loss of someone, a bad grade on a test, a rough day in class, a fight with a friend, here are some helpful tips to get you through the hard times.

1. Find someplace quiet.

Hard as it may seem in a public place, when it comes to a point where you can’t handle it any longer, try to find some place quiet. Best choice? Cubicle in an empty comfort room— if only the comfort room is tidy enough for you to be comf 'table enough!

2 Be sad.

Realize that it’s okay to be sad. There’s nothing wrong with feeling this emotion. You shouldn’t feel ashamed of it. However, only allow yourself to feel it for a short amount of time. Life is too short to be upset over something you have no control over and can’t change. Try to think of the business implementation that you have to conquer. School works only allow you to be downcast for five minutes.

3. Make a list of things you’re thankful for.

Start to think about all of the things that you have, rather than those that you don’t. It helps to make a list. Friends that are supportive, family that cares, relatives that got your back, decent grades in school, good health— these are just a few of the things to help you collect good vibes. This will also keep you going.

4 As Pooh told us before, "Think happy thoughts."

Is the sun shining today? Did you eat your favorite breakfast? Think about things that make you happy. Listen to your favorite Ed Sheeran songs and try to remember how you sang your heart out with the rest of the world. Get yourself a treat while trying to recall your most kill-menow-it's-embarrassing moments in Heroes' Park ( D o n ' t even try to d e n y ! You sure have experienced that momentous slip-



the world and devoured every ounce of goodness that was there in mankind. And when cheating landed into the earth, there were quite a number of people who fell in line and welcomed deceit with the warmest of embraces. Seemingly, one of the front-liners during such time was Dan, who confessed under anonymity. According to him, he already experienced to cheat on her girlfriend without her knowing up until now. "Ngakaroon ako ng iba maliban sa girlfriend ko. Bale, sabay na dalawa yung naging relationship ko," the future manager confessed. Dan, who is in a year and two months of relationship with his girlfriend, told that he fell for another girl while he was still committed. "Marami kasi kaming common na gusto. And dun nagsimula. Nung una, kwentuhan lang tungkol sa mga favorite na TV series, and then napadalas na yung communication hanggang sa na-develop na ako," Dan shared. "Minsan nagtatago pa kami sa girlfriend ko para makapag-date." While it was obviously and totally unfair on the part of his girlfriend, Dan recognizes the weight of the cheating he was doing. Yet he still struggled with the confusion that gradually crept up his mind. "Nakukunsensya ako, syempre. Kaya lang, dumating sa point na na-confuse ako kung sino ba talaga sa kanila ang mas matimbang. Tapos naisip ko na magkaiba kasi silang dalawa: 'yung isa masarap kausap, and 'yung isa naman laging nasa tabi ko lang. Nahirapan din ako."


Many say that if you place a rotten apple into a crate of freshly picked ones, the others would eventually rot with the mere presence of the decaying one.

Ma y A nn e D B. P e r on a

Such became the case to Bernadeth, identity concealed, when she learned from her classmates that she can get money from her parents. She confessed to have been qualified for a scholarship without her mother knowing about it. As a result, she is being handed money every semester so she could "pay" for the tuition fee. "Hindi alam nila Mama na may scholarship ako kaya kapag enrollment na, binibigyan pa rin ako ng pang-enroll. Kinukuha ko pa rin para may pera ako," Bernadeth admitted. "Ginagamit ko yung pera na extra money ko para mabili ko yung mga gusto ko tsaka para makasama ako kapag may lakad yung barkada." Meanwhile, the girl's dishonesty, in a way or another, equates to thievery because she is taking something in a wrongful manner and intention. Even with the bad film exposed, Bernadeth still chooses to continue on with her act of deceit.


The more we grow and the more we become exposed to the things we have been frequently subjected to, the more we develop the immunity from being rational as to what is right from what isn't. But since the early stage, we have been taught that, by any standard, lying is inappropriate and that its consequences and backwashes could hurt the people at the other end. By all means, everything that we do shall be thought of considerably. To such extent, Jhen, who seemingly mastered the art of chaetong during exams and quizzes realized she couldn't go any further living with lies and that she ought to start organizing the

an d Qu i n ie A . De m d am

mess. Further, Dan revealed that the affair he had with the girl whom he cheated over her girlfriend with would only be a part of the past he would never again revisit. "Matagal ko nang napagdecide-an na tapusin na yung relationship namin ni [name of the third party withheld] kasi napakaunfair sa girlfriend ko na lagi na lang nasa tabi ko at hindi napagod mag-alala sa akin," Dan shared. On the other hand, Bernadeth decided to do something good with the money she gets from her parents. Though obtained in a morally-challenged way, she still claims that she will be doing the right thing with the amount she takes. "Iniipon ko na at tinatabi (yung pera) para po kapag may babayaran or kailangang bilhin, like books and uniform, hindi na ako hihingi sa kanila," Bernadeth said. One day, you faced the mirror and noticed how far your appearance has become because of the load you shoulder each day. But apart from that, you see the reflection of yourself— a human— who could always welcome changes, and who could always choose to do good and become good ▥

rape culture | 4


One day, you faced the mirror and noticed how far your appearance have become because of the load you shoulder each day. In your desire to dwindle the stress, you find means to ease everything out and lighten the weight that you carry. This is when you begin to know that the world may be cunning and treacherous to those who choose not to give up a fight— that life could unfair if you don't put the game within your hands. Too suddenly you realize you are a part of that world; and you are living that unfair life. When things get all messed up and you are trapped in that web of misfortune, you then discover you could break through and untangle yourself from the shambles you were shoved into— you can resort to cheating. You can choose to build an inner empire which you could fill with all the false yet fulfilling things you could ever muster.


Everyday on a student's life is a series of choices— contrary to how others believe everything is a matter of chances. As students, we are contained in a cylinder filled with a swarm of choices which lends us a room of consequences. One of the few who were

pushed to pursue a choice that will change her principles is Jhen, not her name, from the Entrepreneurship program. To her, cheating during exams was the toughest choice she ever came to encounter but she further tells her reasons constrained her from doing what is right. "Napakadami kasing gawain tapos nagwowork pa ako. Eh yung prof[essors] pa naman namin, mahilig magbigay ng handouts [na] babasahin na lang sa bahay, hindi masyadong nadidiscuss sa class room. Ayun, nahihirapan ako i-manage lahat," Jhen stated. Meanwhile, it became a second nature to Jhen to prepare notes from which she will draw answers from when quizzes or exams go abruptly unmanageable. "Kapag nagrereview ako, nagpeprepare ako ng notes para mas madali ko maintindihan. 'Yung notes na 'yun, nabubuklat ko pa kahit na [on-going] na 'yung exams, kaya nakakasagot ako." In the same manner, Jhen admits to have already been consumed with her coveting for means of surviving college life. The intensity of her cheating was able to morph her into the unstoppable cheating monster that she is at present. "Ang pinaka-malala was when during a quiz sa minor na subject. Eh, hindi talaga ako nakapag-aral nun. As in, no basa. Ang ginawa ko [was] inipit ko yung notes ko sa may gilid ng bintana. Hindi masyadong halata kaya maayos kong nasagutan yung exam."


When Pandora opened the box that the gods gave her for her to safeguard, all the evil that was contained there spilled into

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rape culture | 2






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Postscript Nothing more, nothing less

While most people know how wrong deception is and how it feels to be on the other end of the line, the reason why many still resort to lying is quite unfathomable. To some, it could be to make things easier: to regulate the functions of the world and how people would actually react upon knowing what is unacceptably true. To others, it might be to conceal themselves and make themselves feel better about a compromising situation. It could be the only choice left for these people to opt for.

And to some, it is simply because they can.

It is a cruel culture we all share-- one that inseminates insecurities towards each other, and one that tolerates lying as a reasonable act. We have been bred to carelessly let go of words that are untrue without thinking that the garbages we spew are at the expense of others. And the gist is not really hard to identify: we have been long drowning in an enormous gulf of ego that we resultantly think we are levels above some people whom we don’t even think twice about. And while these people see that we are on the side of privilege, we just stare at them with cold eyes-- with closed minds-- and push them farther away if we see them rising or approaching to meet us.

But we all are humans.

We experience the same disappointments and we go through the same flow of mishappenings. We are all being shaped by the same ciscumstances and we are being fed by the same set of experiences each day.

We all are humans.

We wager all of our values-- ourselves, per se-- for want of change. And we scream for it without knowing we have already been changed by our strong desires. Change changed us. And we have been forged into being senseless creatures with barren souls-- without much integrity left, and with half the credibility at stake.

We all are humans.

And nothing compares to the horrendous trauma after being betrayed and cheated by too many people whom we looked up to. In the end, we all are humans just as rape and lying are sins.

We all are humans. And nobody had been favored upon creation.

We all are humans-- nothing more, nothing less.

Rape Culture  
Rape Culture