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HUMAN CONNECTIONS FOREVER When civilisation began thousands of years ago, the human tribe was formed based on connections. A feeling of belonging emerged in people where they felt connected with certain people. With these people, they could share their feelings of love and fear. Even after all these years of development, we stand on these same grounds of eternal Human Connection that is essential for our existence.

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Consider two work environments. One, a friendly environment where you talk to everyone and connect with. The second, where you work among people that you don't talk to. Both these places will in uence your productivity in different ways. In the former, you will have a better quality of work and in the latter, your work will comparatively be of lesser potential. This establishes that human connections are valuable in our lives. Our psychological needs of love and care are also ful lled by the human connections we make. We share our feelings with some, work with some and have fun with the others. Every relationship we have affects our mental health. Some affect positively, others negatively. However, every human connection we make requires efforts from both the people involved to strengthen the bond of this connection. In school, educators teach young minds about the values of life. But none of these schools teaches children how to maintain their relationships. And that becomes the reason for mental stress at later stages of life. Somehow people loose balance between their work and relationships. We all get busy in achieving our desired targets that even our close relationships become a second priority.

Mastering the art of establishing deeper connections gives power to our minds. We have more control over our mental health. When we show love and affection towards people, we are showing the same towards ourselves. This also helps us make more meaningful relationships. Studies have proven that people with warmer and affectionate relationships live happier lives. If a person does not value human connections he is more likely to be pushed towards loneliness. A state of isolation where they are not comfortable around people. Such a situation weakens the person's health, majorly affecting their mental state. A prolonged period of loneliness could also lead to depression affecting their physical health as well. When the person shuts himself away from the rest of the world, he is more prone to diseases. Moreover, the pain of loneliness weakens the strength of the mind. In the current trends of Social Media dependence, physical interaction with people has taken a backseat. Hanging out with friends to have long conversations is replaced by chat rooms and text messages. People are more connected in the digital world rather than in the real world. This has led to the weakening of the human connection we have in our relationships. In these modern times where the American culture issuccumbing to loneliness, we require desperate measures to revive our human connections. We are in dire need of constant efforts to make a world where everyone feels loved, cared and connected.

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