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Is your brain actually relaxing on your day off?



3:06 am 16 January 2020

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Eight hours of dedicated work under pressure of deadlines deserves a happy weekend when we can refresh ourselves thoroughly. We work and slog our brains throughout the week to get the weekend to ourselves. This downtime is supposed to be stress-free and relaxing. It is meant to give a break to our ever running minds. But instead of pausing our continuously working brains, we end up overloading it with all kinds of thoughts. So the question is, does your brain get an off on your weekend? These are some of the probable ways that can help you keep a check on your perfect weekend mental detox. Do not think about upcoming deadlines at work When we leave the office premise, we should also leave back the stress and head home without thinking about work. All the unfinished tasks should take a back seat in your priority list. Avoid phone calls and emails as well, if possible. Avoid too much of social media influence Do not waste your relaxing time scrolling through your social media news feeds, looking at celebrity profiles. Too much social media can leave you intimidated or anxious. You may feel that people around you are having a much better time. Instead of following other's activities, focus on making your weekend happy.

Do not cancel out on plans It might be very tempting to cancel all your outdoor plans, get on your couch, and spend the day with your phone or Netflix. But for a mind at complete peace, meeting people and breathing fresh air can do wonders. Attempt to dress up, catch up with friends, or go for an outing with your family. Exercise to rejuvenate Most of our daytime we are in enclosed offices of our homes or offices. At least one day a week, allow yourself a fresh breath of air to rejuvenate. Meditate, take a run in the garden, exercise in an open space or go for an evening walk. Fresh air helps in relaxing and bringing peace to our minds. Catch up with friends, family, or special ones Throughout the week, we indulge ourselves in work to the extent that we often ignore our loved ones. Use the downtime to reconnect with them. Call your friends, get together with them and remember all the times when you have had fun together. Plan a date for your special one and spend some quality time together. Have a meal with your family while discussing a heartfelt conversation. Contribute to your hobby or an activity of your choice Give time to all your lost hobbies or plan a project of your choice. Whether it is a trek or cooking an exotic meal, do it with all your heart. It is not easy to stay away from mobile phones on your days off. So distract yourself with all the fun activities of your choice. Sleep well Have a good morning sleep. Wake up a little later than your regular morning schedule. During the working days, we often sleep with worries and anxieties of office in our minds. Interrupting the routine will allow your brain to take a break. Treat yourself with a nice meal Food can waken up all your senses. While we are busy in the weekly routines of office and work, we often eat our feeds in a hurry just to sustain ourselves. But on your days off, have a meal to enjoy. Cook a meal or plan a dinner at a fancy restaurant

A fresher and peaceful mind can be more productive and creative. It will also enhance the quality of your work. So this coming weekend, plan a full-fledged program to boost your brains with a new dose of energy. Happy weekend!





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Is your brain actually relaxing on your day off?  

We put in every day of dedicated efforts to get a weekend for ourselves to enjoy. But on this day off while we are rejuvenating, does our mi...

Is your brain actually relaxing on your day off?  

We put in every day of dedicated efforts to get a weekend for ourselves to enjoy. But on this day off while we are rejuvenating, does our mi...