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An acronym for Systems Applications and Products, SAP is basically a software package that deals with data processing. This software package is used in some of the major Forbes 100 companies across the world to manage their client, employee, system and all the other types of data. A professional who has SAP training in Chennai will be able to guide the company in using this software. A trained SAP professional will be able to help the company optimize their resources and improve productivity. When you take up SAP training in Chennai, you can learn about different types of consultancies. A functional consultant has experience in one of the following fields: HR, sales, finance or procurement. With their expertise in the field and knowledge of the SAP software package, they will be able to provide suggestions on improving the functional processes of various operations.You could also become a technical consultant after completing SAP training in Chennai. Here, a SAP professional should work on master data management and other infrastructure, so they should have ample technical expertise. You could also become a system administrator after you complete your training. Known as SAP Basis Consultants, they should take care of the maintenance and up gradation of the system. SAS is a sophisticated software system that can be used to collect, retrieve, manage and alter data from different sources. It stands for Statistical Analysis System, which refers to the fact that this software program is basically used for statistical analysis. This software system also helps do a statistical analysis of the collected data. A SAS system has more than 200 components. Some of the SAS components are basic procedures and data management, statistical analysis, Operations research, data mining, clinical trial analysis, interactive matrix language, quality control and more.You can complete your SAS training in Chennai. There are numerous institutes that provide both part time and full time courses. Some of the concepts covered in a SAS training program include data structure, data management, generating reports, Proc SQL, SAS Macros and more. These training institutes may offer courses in form of modules. So, you can complete the basic module first, and then move on to the advanced module when you have time. When you are looking for SAP or SAS training in Chennai, check if the institution is accredited with the approving agencies. Also ensure that the facilitators are experienced and have ample experience in the field.

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