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Airports close to San Diego. There are various options when it comes to airports that are near to San Diego. San Diego is a place which is easily accessible from any city in California. Tourist that come to San Diego will not only get a chance to explore the beauties of this place but other places that are near to San Diego.

The main airports that are near to San Diego are: General Abelardo L. Rodriguez International Airport General Abelardo L.Rodrigues International Airport is also known as the Tijuana Airport that is situated in the Baja California.The name of the airport is kept on the name of a former Governor of California. The airport came into functioning in 1958. Since then the airport has served around 3,649,500 visitors till the end of 2010 which is about 7.1% high as compared to 2009 making it the hustling gateway of the country.

Tijuana Airport

At the airport you can take coach transport to go to places like San Diego or other destinations of South Carolina. There are also many companies that rent car at affordable prices.If you have a valid driving license you can hire a car or a van, depending entirely on your objective of visiting the place. San Diego is a place which has several beautiful places where you can visit and have a good time. Having your own conveyence makes your journey a pleasant one as it saves you from hassles and in turn gives you more time to explore places. But if you do not have your own convenyence then you have an option to hire a car and for that you can visit their website where you will get an option to book now a car and get discounts under different plans provided by the company.

John Wayne Airport:

John Wayne Airport

John Wayne airport is an international airport located in the Orange County of California. It is the only international airport of the Orange Country. It serves both general aviation operations and commercial aviation operations but general aviations are more than commercial aviation operations. The runway at the airport is the shortest as compared to other major airports of USA. The airport is at a distance of 14 km from the Orange Country's main attraction Disneyland.

Long Beach Airport: Long Beach Airport is a city-owned public airport that is located three miles to the northeast of downtown, in Los Angeles County, California. It is also known as the Daughtery field. Long Beach Airport has a very low percentage of passenger flights as compared to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) that is 18 miles to the northwest. Due to the enactment adopted by the United States to minimize the noise, the airport is allowed to fly 41 daily commercial flights and 25 commuter flights. The rules are strict and any violation to the laws by the airport is strictly reported by the community groups and activist that raise their voices about any changes in the airport.

Palm Springs International Airport:

Palm Springs International Airport

Palm Springs International Airport is a public airport situated two miles away from the east of downtown Palm Springs, California. The airport covers 940 acres of area having two runways. The airport is highly seasonal, with most flights during the winter. The airport is divided into three parts that comprises of the main building, grand Sonny Bono Concourse. The structure is roofless with passenger gallery.

Airports near san diego  

There are many airports that connect to San Diego which makes it a favourable tourist destination as you can not only get a chance to visit...

Airports near san diego  

There are many airports that connect to San Diego which makes it a favourable tourist destination as you can not only get a chance to visit...