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James Viola’s Creativity at JLABS James Viola spent two decades in the power sports industry before he started working for Johnson & Johnson. The American company manufactures medical devices, pharmaceuticals and packaged goods and is listed as a Fortune 500 organization. JLABS is a unique part of Johnson & Johnson that helps young companies and individuals develop tomorrow’s healthcare breakthroughs. JLABS provides financial and business support so creative individuals can focus on the science.

James Viola handles marketing for JLABS, developing relationships to further product development. Part of his role involves developing programming for investor meetings and conferences so partners can receive the funding they need to impact the future. James develops events using social media, email and partner relationships. He keeps content relevant and engaging to expand JLABS’ reach and brand. Recent events include the Janssen Labs Reception at Minna Gallery and the JLABS reception at the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference. Visit for more information.

James viola’s creativity at jlabs  
James viola’s creativity at jlabs  

James Viola is the most renowned person in San José, CA, United States. To know more about James Viols check out this PDF.