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EDITORIAL ILLUSTRATION PROJECT THE SUNDAY TIMES EDITORIAL . PERTH NOW “Jail for 10-year-olds to stop them becoming criminals” By: Paul Lampathakis

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My client is the article about children being put in detention centers as young as ten years old. Many officials think that if given the right this would prevent many of the troubled youth around the area from getting in trouble in the future.


I really dont see a problem with the picture in this editorial other then it is a real picture and the requirements are for an illustration.

SOLUTION My solution to the real picture was to change it to a picture of something that shows that a child may be there. I was going to have a baby hand reaching out of the jail cell but I wanted it to be more of the thought of a child. So I thought a toy inside of the cell would work much better. I think it shows that the child actually plays in the cell and it just make you think of how young the kids could be in these situations.

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Process. I wanted to show a babies hand reaching out of a cell, mostly to get some shock out of the illustration.

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