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MOST DANGEROUS DEEP SEA CREATURES Viper Fish: Viperfish is the most hazardous deep sea creature, which can be acknowledged as a monster of deep sea. This horror fish appears black and also light as transparent. They live in good and temperate water. Its main goal to capture small fishes like dragon species .It may endure for 40 years. It has a horrible parasite looks. It can encourage itself for months without food. It has a light producing organ which allows it to discover the target fishes.

Gulper Eel: It is the most uncanny sea creature. It has a hefty sized mouth which ingests very big species too. Though it looks lean, it can chomp through large quantity of food inside its proclivity. It cultivates itself up to six feet. We can find this eel at around 10,000 feet depth in water. A big species consumed easily by its special jaw. It has a very long tail, which can be made too many nods.

Coffin Fish: It has a sagging body with spines around both sides. It can be identified at a depth of 6000 feet. It has a horrible body which can become problem for fishers. It discovers itself in an around Indian oceans. It has a scary looks. They grows 9-10 cm in length. It has black lining mouth in nature. It has enormous characteristic features like spaced broader head and body.

Vampire squid: This creature is viscous in nature; bear a resemblance than other squid. It grows up to an inch of 6. It produces light resembling viper fish. It swims in super fast range than other gelatinous fishes. All its arms are plastered with obsession like spikes. It has totally three arms, it extends two of its arm to very large extend than its own

length. It has scary manifestation. It subsists in 3000feet of ocean. In dangerous situations, it makes brilliant moves and get out of hands in fraction of seconds.

Long-nosed Chimaera: It has a horrible irritating body. It has a long nose like structure which resembles dangerous for other species and humans too. It has other identification of “ghost shark�. It survives 0n 8000 feet depth of sea. If human touches their spine which is noxious, may cause to death in next few minutes.

Giant Isopod: This creature of sea is a magnificent creature, I protect itself from harm. It has a shell type body which is very strong and refuges it. They live in sea depth of

2000 feet. It appears to be 16 inches long. It is a very historically living sea creature. It have a multifarious constituents in mouth which mixtures the creature in to infinitesimal particle. All sea particles are its grinding food.

Angler Fish: Some sea creatures are more dangerous and terrify, it scars the fishers in one glance. Angler sea creatures are a same type of sea animal. It lives in a depth of 2.5 to 3 kilo meters. It haunts all creature of sea very inadequately. Males and Females are at variance from each characteristic. Females can produce fresh sperms at any time, while males just depend on females for every act. Males are the world’s smallest species.