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UnSung Media Pack Rosie Skinner: Editor Maddie Daniels: Deputy Editor Kelly Jones: Sub Editor Carmel Rawlins: Features Editor James Uden: Art Director Mel Battolla: Section Editor

Mission Statement UnSung is for music enthusiasts. We take a look at the music industry as a whole and at the creative minds behind the music. Monumental amounts of work goes into the creation of sound and the development of an artist - from writing to production, artwork to styling and those who do it mostly go undocumented, undisclosed and UnSung. Forget about Lady Gaga, what about RedOne whose production defines her sound? What about Radiohead’s artistic and innovative artwork? Well that’ll be Stanley Donwood. So many intricate details of music are either mistakenly credited to the artist or simply forgotten about, well UnSung plans to change that. UnSung will feature any creative, interesting, ground breaking individual who is behind the scenes in the music industry.

Content UnSung will fit comfortably in between industrycentered and consumer publications. Ultimately, we aim to reach total music enthusiasts and feel we can do this by covering a broad range of people and creative endeavors, all of course relevant to the music industry as it currently stands. Our audiences want insightful and wellresearched information about the music industry and UnSung is the publication capable of providing this. Our reader wants a deeper more extensive look at the creative minds behind the music industry so with well presented profiles, interviews, news features, photography/art and relevant advertisement we feel our magazine is capable of reaching the kind of broad depths that existing publications may not necessarily be able to. UnSung will feature producers, stylists, session musicians, artist, graphic designers, industry moguls, writers - the list is endless. We want to showcase talent old and new, experienced and unheard of and ultimately publish content that accommodates the expectations and interests of readers both young and old.

The Brand UnSung is a quarterly magazine distributed in specialist stores such as record shops like Rough Trade or HMV. It will also be distributed at industry events. However our main source of readership will come from subscriptions. By taking on board current trends in publications such as QR codes, we have the option and opportunity to create a sister site that will include content that delves into published articles further via multimedia etc. whilst also maintaining a space to feature content in addition to what the physical magazine has to offer.

Demographic UnSung is a niche magazine. It serves a unique purpose by identifying creative undocumented bodies in the music industry. Only music enthusiasts and industry professionals will buy into it. However, it is important to acknowledge that, despite this, we do have several indirect competitors within our market. Our first, and main, indirect competitor is Music Week, which is an industry orientated music magazine dealing with economical and business orientated issues. UnSung will look at the music industry in terms of creative bodies rather then the business side. Not only that, but it will also aim toward a mid-way market between that of the industry and of music enthusiasts. It’s apparent that Music Week is aimed towards those already in the industry, and serves more as a reference point. Our publication will aim to not only to inform our readers but also to analyse and give them a more lengthy examination of industry professionals. Our second notable indirect competitors are specialist magazines. Be it magazines for specific instruments or technical magazines such as Tape Op or Sound On Sound, these publications reach similar demographics to UnSung. However, tend to center mainly around equipment rather than the musicians or professionals. UnSung will be less technical in its approach and be about the individual. Another indirect competitor is Future Music Magazine, however, this too focuses mainly on equipment and its direct target market is aspiring musicians and producers. UnSung is for any music enthusiast or professional, therefore reaching a broader reader demographic. We may also face competition from more mainstream magazines such as NME, who have been known to occasionally feature producers and behind-the-scene material. UnSung is all about these individuals and will ultimately be far more in-depth.

Reader Demographic Age group: 20+ Sex: Unisex. UnSung is not a gender specific publication. It appeals to both men and women so long as they have a vested interested in the music industry. Main Interest: The UnSung reader is either personally involved within the music industry or they have an extreme interest in it. They are interested in looking at the different elements that create what we know as music. Our publication could be seen as an ideal starting point for prospective industry talent. Background: ABC1. The UnSung audience have disposable income that they can spend on attending gigs, producing their own music, writing, designing etc. The publication is a paid-for quarterly, ideal for subscription. Our audience are primarily creative types, who have a combination of professional and educational backgrounds/occupations within the industry. Our audience predominately occupy the towns and cities that source the musical content of interest. Lifestyle Choices: Our readers work hard within their chosen professions and live out-going social lives that involve attending gigs and/or creative events on a regular basis. They download music, however feel more inclined to purchase physical content for collective and product value.

Financial UnSung will be printed digitally and will be stapled, as there are less than 100 pages per copy. The magazine will have a circulation of 7.500-15.000 copies that will mainly be sold via subscription, through which the magazine could be shipped to other countries. The magazine will be printed at Kingfisher’s Printing in Devon and advertising will cover the total cost of printing. The strongest brands will be put in the magazine for free, the average brands will have to pay an average fee and the smallest brands will pay a higher fee. Unsung will be distributed through Co Mag Edition in London to music stores including Rough Trade, Sister Ray & Fopp as well as other smaller, independent music shops. The magazine will be sold for £5, so distribution and seller shall receive £2.50 from each magazine.

Advertising UnSung is a magazine for music enthusiasts, therefore advertising can range from anything loosely related to the music industry. This could include: Equipment/ Instruments – Pro-tools, Yamaha, Tascam, Gibson, Pearl, Zildjian, Canon, Nikon, etc,, studio-units,, Fashion – Converse, Vans, Levis, Adidas, Fred Perry, Ben Sherman Festivals – Camden Crawl, Reading/Leeds, T in the Park



Other - studio rental, equipment providers, art shops and many more. We will commit up to 50% of pages for advertising purposes.

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Unsung Magazine Media Pack  

So many intricate details of music are either mistakenly credited to the artist or simply forgotten about, well UnSung plans to change that....

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